Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Million Dollar Baby: The SHAM! Continues

Welp, it finally happened ... after months of waiting, we finally get to see what Suri Holmes-Cruise looks like. No, she doesn't have antennae, nor is she a Martian shade of green ... TomKat is too smart to show off a baby that looked like that. She's just a cute little blue-eyed baby with, what has been described over and over again as, "beautiful black hair". Katie Couric, on her first night as the first ever solo-female news anchor of a major broadcast network, gave the CBS Evening News viewers the first look at the Vanity Fair pictures of Suri Holmes-Cruise ... here are a couple screencaps from tonight's broadcast:

I'm not sure where this baby came from but I still doubt it came from a union between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. If anything ... don't you think the baby bears a striking resemblance to Chris Klein, Katie's boyfriend before Tommy?

I still contend that this thing is still a SHAM! Either this baby was bought, borne of Chris Klein or came from planet XOLTON ... at any rate, she's really cute. It'll be fun watching little Suri grow up ... hearing her first word, seeing her first steps, watching her morph into a ginormous beast-like creature that will pillage our planet of its rich resources ... yeah, something like that ;) [Source]

Um ... I had no idea that they made wigs small enough for babies! What's Suri hiding underneath that rug on her head?

Maybe she's got antennae after all? C'mon now ... this has to be a joke, right? [Source, thanks Jen]

This issue of Vanity Fair hits newsstands tomorrow.