Wednesday, August 30, 2006

MTV VMA Forum: Kelis

Oy ... it's been a long day ... many of the big names didn't show up -- no Justin, no Xtina ... but I'll get my chance again tomorrow from the red carpet. My last interview was with Kelis! She was so damn cute ... I told her how my ringtone is Bossy and she loved it!

She was in high demand so I didn't get much time with her but I did have the chance to congratulate her on her new album, Kelis Was Here. I love it ... every song on the album is hot.

I am tired ... I have to run off to another thing this evening before I meet up with David for even more events ... I think. Sarah arrives tonight so it's gonna be ON! I'm so excited to see her ... we're gonna have fun:

So ... I'm out ... it's been a crazy day. Tomorrow we'll be back to normal!