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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Equus Opportunity

First, a little housekeeping to get out of the way ... a few industrious and very observant Pink readers (among them Letisha and Kelly -- thanks!) noted something in yesterday's post that escaped my eye ... it turns out that Britney Spears (in the photos from Millennium Dance Studio) and Kevin Federline (in the Nationwide Insurance commercial) are both wearing the same white Christian Audigier hoodie festooned with the same gold chains:

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

It seems a very strange coincidence that they are both wearing the same hoodie in these two instances. Obviously, this white hoodie is a fave swag item from Christian Audigier clothier (I'm sure Isaac Cohen has one too) but what does it say that both Brit and K-Fed still have the same taste? On second thought, don't answer that ... I don't want to know. [Source, Source]


When last night's episode of 24 began I had forgotten that we left things with Jack Bauer suffocating his own brother in order to get information out of him. I was happy to see that the action picked up right there and proceeded to stay on point. While this episode didn't have as many OMGs as the previous episodes from this season (I mean, how to you follow up on detonating a nuclear bomb?), I think we now see that things getting very interesting:

I was pleased to see that Jack has no problem cracking his brother like a nut. Jack is the best torturer around and I'm glad to see that he was able to get the info he needed from his brother. I find it a bit ironic that Jack Bauer is our country's ultimate savior and his family seems involved with his most dangerous adversaries to date. Chad Lowe made his appearance in last night's episode and I hate his "yes man" ass already ... I really hope he goes the way of the chubby Hobbit from last season. I really hope that Tom Lennox, the Ally McBeal guy, dies a horrible, horrible death. I think I hate him faster this season than I grew to hate the President last season (tho, it's a tough call ... they both irritate me to NO end). I'm glad they kept the Karen Hayes character for this season ... I love rooting for her and something tells me that she ain't done with that weasel Tom ... but after she goes off to LA to get some lurvin' from her hot Mr. Bill Buchanan. Does she remind anyone else of a younger Helen Mirren? I'm not sure that she's as stacked as Helen is but if we get to see her loosen up that suit of hers we might get a better perspective. It's horrible but I do not completely trust Nadia ... it's obvious we're supposed to feel sorry for her for being racially profiled but I think that's only to get us off the scent. As soon as that whole camp of Muslims were revealed as innocents I became convinced that the true bad guy will turn out to be Nadia ... or Morris! OR maybe even Walid ... they really want us to feel sorry for him ... a little too much perhaps? In the end, what we really got from this episode was how effed up the Bauers really are. You just know that Daddy Bauer ain't as squeaky clean as they would have us believe ... I bet he's in cahoots with Graem. I find it laughable that Graem Bauer would kill the CTU guys and not kill Jack as soon as he was able. It looks like from next week's preview that he's going to live to regret making that mistake. [Source]


Well now ... things just keep getting curiouser and curiouser on this show ... will they never stop introducing new characters? I keep waiting for this show to run out of surprises but they just keep churning them out ...

I really like the invisible guy ... I don't totally trust him but he is very interesting ... and I think it's clear that he will play a pivotal role in the rest of the story. I'm glad that Sylar is back in the mix. He's way too cool a villain to put on the bench. I really hope he gets to tear Claire's dad a new a-hole for what he did to him. I'm not sure how I feel about Hiro's dad getting introduced -- are they kidding us with that Lt. Sulu biz? LOL! He better have a great reason for being on the show. I love the little Hero kid Micah ... it looks like he's got himself a pretty cool power. I was actually waiting for a firestarter character to surface ... funny that it turns out to be Claire's biological mother. I think it's clear that she is the one responsible for the fire that "killed" her and her baby ... and Claire was just able to survive it ... the teaser for the next episode has got me very intrigued about her biological father ... could he be indestructible as well? Is he someone we already know about? Alls I know is ... I can't wait for this family (who look to be a little trashy) to get reunited. [Source]


Props to the PB peeps for keeping me interested. I was sure this convoluted story of the escapees on the lam was going to get old and uninteresting but they keep evolving the story so much that I am just hooked:

The show is getting more cleaver when I never thought it was possible. I was sure that I would get bored this season very quickly ... instead they've kept the story going in such a manner that things I never knew to worry about are now causing me to worry ... I love it! I like the video release idea. It was very smart ... absolutely something Michael would plan. The AA coded message to Sara is much smarter. I somehow doubt that Lindsay Lohan would've caught that message if it was meant for her ... see, she should stay IN the Wonderland Clinic and learn a thing or two. I'm just glad that Sarah is back in the mix ... and you just know that she ain't gonna like working with Kellerman, who we now can't even trust. It's clear that he's got a wet one for the Lady Prez ... will her promises to him make him betray the bros? Something tells me that he's smarter than to believe what the Prez tells him ... but I guess we just don't know yet. [Source]


Okay okay ... I know that the latest episode of Ugly Betty is way old but I just got around to watching it yesterday and I have to say ... the show has finally grabbed me. The introduction of Rebecca Romijn's character is BRILLIANT! It totally caught me off guard and made me go from not really caring about the show ... to a new die hard fan:

David is a big fan of this show so I've been keeping up with it in the hopes that it would get good. I really hated all that Salma Hayek bullshizz and was sure that I was going to give up ... this new development about the woman in bandages actually turning out to be Daniel Meade's supposedly dead brother who is now a transexual (instead of the dead Anna Wintour rip-off who we were fooled into believing in) is just genius. I feel so dumb for not even seeing it coming ... I gotta give props to the show. I'm a total convert now. OH and I think someone should alert Alexis Arquette's lawyers ... it seems very clear to me that she was the inspiration for the Alex Alexis Meade character. [Source]

Okay ... enough TV for one week ... let's move on ...

Last night, in Las Vegas, a new Miss America was crowned ... and for the second year in a row (which I'm not sure has ever happened before) Miss Oklahoma proved to be the most beautiful woman in all the land (er, at least for this pageant) and was crowned the new Miss America ... by Mario Lopez (which is supposed to be an honor?):

Photo credit: Splash News

For the second year in a row, Miss Oklahoma was named Miss America when aspiring Broadway star Lauren Nelson was crowned on Monday. "I watched Miss America as a little girl since I was 2 years old and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would be one of those girls on that stage, and never did I think that I would be Miss America," Nelson, 20, of Lawton, Okla., said after her name was called at the ceremony in Las Vegas. A student at the University of Central Oklahoma, Nelson – who will receive a $50,000 scholarship – wants to get a master's degree in musical theater, the Associated Press reports. During her yearlong reign, she hopes to promote protecting children online. Shilah Phillips, the first African-American Miss Texas, was first runner-up, and Miss Georgia, Amanda Kozak, was second. The others in the top five were Miss Mississippi, Taryn Foshee, and Miss Alabama, Melinda Toole, whom viewers named Miss Congeniality. Personally, I've always been more partial to the Miss America pagent over the Miss USA pageant and with all this Tara Connor bullshizz ... well, you can see why. I, too, used to watch every pageant when I was little (tho not as young as 2) but not because I ever dreamed of being Miss America but because my mother always made me watch (and by "made me watch" I mean that she put it on and I was too lazy to change the channel ... year after year after year). I always rooted for Miss Michigan (after all, isn't that what we're supposed to do? We root for our home state representatives?) but in recent years (since attending university at OU) I've also been rooting for Miss Oklahoma. Soo ... I guess a WOOT WOOT! is in order. Congrats Miss OK America ... do us all proud, ya hear? [Source]

Sienna Miller, Guy Pearce and others were on hand for the NYC premiere of their new movie Factory Girl ... here are a few pics:

Is Sienna, like, incapable of taking a good photo these days? What is with those dumb facial expressions? And what the hell is wrong with Mena Suvari? She looks like Fergie Ferg puked all over Gwen Stefani ... I'm not sure what I'm more repulsed by ... that coat or those bangs. She deff gets a double POOP SANDWICH with an extra side of POOP SAUCE for this outfit. [Source]

Jessica Simpson has managed to dislodge herself from John Mayer long enough to have a nice dinner with her little sister Ashlee Simpson at Mr. Chow this week ...

... not that it was a very pretty sight. Honestly, if I were Ken Paves I wouldn't want the whole world to know that I was responsible for their gross hair-dos. I'm sorry, but wet dog should never be in fashion. [Source]

Elsewhere in Hollywoodland last night, various celebs made their way to the sanctuary known as Hyde nightclub:

It's clear that these able-bodied celebs has no problems traversing the scared velvet ropes so that they could mingle amongst the in-crowd. [Source]

Curiously ... Tara Reid was not among the celebs who partied at Hyde last night ... but she did have a nice lunch at The Ivy ...

... not that that really means anything, you see. Well ... at least Tara managed to finagle her way into Hyde at least once (after many, many attempts to get in only to be brutally rebuffed at the door) so she should be happy about that ... but one thing she should not be happy about are those scary frown lines ... yikes! [Source]

Kate Moss and Pete Doherty were spotted spending some great quality time together this week in London ... doing the usual supermodel/rocker things ... talking, laughing, checking out rehab centers:

KATE MOSS and junkie lover PETE DOHERTY went to a drug rehab unit together yesterday to battle their demons side by side. The supermodel and the shambolic rocker checked secretly into the discreet Capio Nightingale Hospital just half a mile from her home in North West London. They met staff who cleared a 12-place unit at an annexe behind the main hospital building off busy Marylebone Road. The pair were recognised by passers-by as they arrived but registered for treatment using false names. Kate, who has previously been in rehab after being caught snorting cocaine, has told pals she is determined to support the troubled BABYSHAMBLES frontman. She is said to be battling to help Doherty come off drugs. A source said: "They arrived together and will be supporting each other." Kate is discussing her relationship feelings while Pete has a much harder fight on his hands to sort himself out. The source added: "They looked very much a couple as they came in and she is clearly worried about him." Good for them! Now, this way, they might both actually live long enough to eventually get married to one another :) Yay! [Source]

Seriously ... any time that Gwen Stefani goes out with her son Kingston James it is definitely worth talking about ...

... but really, what else can be said other than AWWWWWWWWWWW! She is such a good mommy. [Source]

You know ... it was bound to happen sooner or later ...

... after all, Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen has to eat sometimes. Hee hee, y'all should know by now when I think it's MK it's actually Ashley ;) [Source, thanks Meggan]

Aww ... poor Eragon (played by British actor Edward Speleers) ... it would seem that the season really isn't ripe for dragon hunting anymore ... and after all, one must put food on the table somehow:

A BRITISH teenager catapulted to fame in Hollywood dragon movie Eragon is now working on a building site. Ed Speleers was the fantasy hero of 20th Century Fox's Christmas blockbuster. But weeks after starring with Jeremy Irons and John Malkovich, Ed, 19, is earning £7 an hour as a labourer building a Morrisons store in East Sussex ... A fellow worker said: "It's a far cry from the red carpet. Edward is very much the brickie when he is here. He's chiselling walls and puffing cigs in a hard hat and fluorescent jacket. He's a nice, down-to-earth lad." Ed quit his A-levels at Eastbourne College after Eragon director Stefen Fangmeier chose him from 18,000 hopefuls, calling him "a young Harrison Ford". Screaming fans greeted him worldwide. But despite grossing £165million worldwide, Eragon got mixed reviews. Now Ed's slot on film guide the Internet Movie Database says he has no projects on the go. Ed's agents refused to discuss his labouring job. But his grandad said from the family home in Essex: "He is on a building site for the next couple of weeks. He is reading scripts and having some interviews." Aww ... well, I'm sure something will come along sometime soon ... it's too bad Ed wasn't able to rocket to superstardom like another young British actor by the name of Daniel Radcliffe. [Source]

And speaking of Daniel Radcliffe ... if you didn't get your fill of his semi-nekkidness in the first 2 promo posters for his new stage play Equus that were posted yesterday, feast your eyes on these bad boys:

I'm still pretty much at a loss for words. It's a bit creepy seeing Harry Potter like this ... but the boy did grow up pretty quick ... and how. [Source]

And finally, Heroes hottie Milo Ventimiglia and his fabulous hair are on the cover of the new issue of Player magazine: Milo needs to be on more magazine covers ... can someone out there make that happen? Thanks! [Source]

Les News:
I spent most of yesterday waiting for my art piece to arrive and now it hanging beautifully in my living room. I am so pleased with it ... I am so pleased with my whole apartment actually. My good friend Diana is coming for a visit next week and I am picking up the last few things that I need to make my place a home. I just recently got a toaster and a blender ... I don't even have salt and pepper shakers yet -- just a drawer full of fast food condiments ... and I know I'm not the only out there like this :)

There was so much TV to be had last night that I didn't make it out to the movies but I got a ton of really great movie recommendations from a lot of you so I think I'm going out to see one of them tonight.

I hope y'all have a great day ... I am OUT!



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