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Monday, February 12, 2007

Five For Fighting

So ... yeah ... pretty much the big story of the day is the Grammy Awards that took place here in LA last night. For the most part, it was a pretty standard Grammy Awards show, tho I have to admit that it seemed more entertaining all around than in years past. While I personally felt that the much hyped reunion by The Police was pretty bland (last year's opening performance by The Gorillaz and Madonna was much more exciting, I thought) the rest of the show was entertaining enough ... especially when we get down to who won what. But, first things first ... here are a few arrivals photos from last night's Grammy Awards red carpet:

The usual suspects where in the hiz for the awards show ... along with a few unusual suspects. Jennifer Hudson looked great ... expect her to be picking up Grammy Awards next year. Hilary Duff and Shakira looked in dire need of a few spritzes of Frizz Ease. I love Imogen Heap ... I *love* Imogen Heap ... and I know she has a style all her own and she is a unique and extremely talented individual ... but even I didn't really care much for her outfit. I hate to say it but it looked very much like she was trying to be the new Bjork. I wholeheartedly supported her nomination for Best New Artist (and absolutely believe she is much more deserving of the award than Carrie Underwood) but I do not support this outfit. The boys of OK GO, on the other hand, looked great. Obvs they wore these outfits to bring attention to their new music video (which I don't believe has been released yet) which, apparently, will have the guys blending in with the background wallpaper (a la the gag in the movie Garden State). Incidentally, the OK GO guys won the Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video for their video Here It Goes Again (you know, the one with the treadmills). [Source]

The show itself, as I said, was actually pretty fun to watch. I normally don't watch the Grammy Awards as they air but last night's was pertty good ... well, at least the first half was pretty good. The Police performed their hit song Roxanne ... honestly, I was expecting more -- tho Sting and the boys looked pretty damn good. Here are a few pics from the show:

Mary J. Blige and Xtina Aguilera totally blew me away. They were both simply amazing! Xtina's tribute to James Brown was ... just stunning. Click HERE to watch it again or in case you missed it the first time. Justin Timberlake performed twice ... first he did his current ode to Britney single What Goes Around Comes Back Around and then he performed with unknown singer Robyn Troup who was chosen by the votes of regular people to duet with him. Click HERE to watch their performance. Congrats to Robyn ... she did a killer job! [Source]

BUT pretty much all of the praise and adoration must go to the Dixie Chicks. They were nominated for 5 Grammy Awards and they won every single one of those Grammy Awards ... including the award for Best Country Album (Taking the Long Way) ... despite losing the support of Country Radio for their "anti-war" remarks a few years ago:

In addition to winning the Grammy for Best Country Album, DC also won the awards for Album of the Year (Taking the Long Way), Record of the Year (Not Ready to Make Nice), Song of the Year (Not Ready to Make Nice) and Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocal (Not Ready to Make Nice) -- small minded Country Radio may have abandoned them but the National Association of Recording Arts and Sciences did not -- how sweet it is. I loved their somber performance of Not Ready to Make Nice but I really loved Natalie Maines quoting Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons when she accepted the award for Best Country Album by saying, "Ha ha". Brills! There were other great winners last night ...

... including, Madonna -- Best Electronic/Dance Album (Confessions on a Dancefloor), Xtina Aguilera -- Best Female Pop Vocal Performance (Ain't No Other Man), John Mayer -- Best Male Pop Vocal Performance (Waiting on the World to Change), Justin Timberlake -- Best Dance Recording (SexyBack), Mary J. Blige -- Best R&B Album (The Breakthrough) and others. Click HERE for a full list of this year's Grammy Award winners. [Source]

After all of the awards were handed out ... everyone got to their respective party (or parties) and got their drinks on:

Photo credit: Splash News

Xtina and hubby Jordy looked so happy and Beyonce looked like she squeezed herself into a shiny black condom. JR Rotem looked extra greasy last night and Papa Joe Simpson didn't fail to gross us out by getting caught ogling his daughter Jessica Simpson's behind. [Source]

Speaking of Jessica Simpson, Papa Joe wasn't the only guy ogling her booty last night ... she spent some very sweet lovey time with John Mayer -- and they didn't look shy about being together at all:

John Mayer is THE man. On the red carpet before the show took place he totally made Ryan Seacrest look like an ASS when he was asked the "Jessica Simpson" question. Click HERE to watch it. It's hilarious. Domo arigato, John ... you are a total breath of fresh air. [Source]

Okay ... moving on ... in Anna Nicole Smith news, Entertainment Tonight procured some of private home video moments, among the last, with her newborn daughter Dannielynn Hope and will be showing those moments on ET all week long (along with their exclusive interview with Howard K. Stern). Additionally, more scandalous information is coming out about Anna Nicole Smith's petition to become a Bahaman citizen (in her genius attempt to be able to name Howard K. Stern as the father of her baby on the birth certificate and deny anyone else seeking a paternity test) and how she may have gotten that petition approved:

In the home movies, filmed exclusively by ET's cameras just days before Anna Nicole's untimely death, the 39-year-old mother lovingly dresses her daughter in a pink outfit. "She's got my personality," says Anna Nicole, unaware of what fate will bring just days later. "She's so tall. She's got really long fingers like mine and she's real dainty. ... She rolls over; she's very strong. She holds her head up. She can say a couple words -- she says, 'Ma-ma.' She's tryin' to grow up faster than she is, and she gets aggravated 'cause she can't." Sadly, now that Anna Nicole is gone, a major baby battle is brewing. Little Dannielynn's innocent existence has become a lightning rod of controversy, with several parties attempting to lay claim to her -- and the potential windfall she could stand to inherit. Paternity and the child custody decision could determine what happens to that inheritance. Questionable claims and theories abound -- like how Anna Nicole's half-sister, DONNA HOGAN, alleges in an upcoming tell-all that her sister used the frozen sperm of her ex-husband, billionaire 90-year-old J. HOWARD MARSHALL, to become pregnant with Dannielynn; and ZSA ZSA GABOR's husband, PRINCE FREDERIC VON ANHALT, claims that he is the father of the baby after an alleged decade-long affair with the former TRIMSPA spokesperson. As if the baby biz wasn't drama enough ... now we're getting a better understanding on how Anna Nicole may have gotten her Bahamian citizenship so quickly: In yet another major twist in the saga of Anna Nicole Smith, this morning a Bahamian newspaper published two photographs on its front page -- showing the former TRIMSPA spokesperson in her bed with the Bahamian immigration minister, Shane Gibson -- the same guy who approved her application for permanent residency. Inappropriate? Nah, they were prolly just friends. Can this horribly tragic story get any worse ... I fear the answer is yes. [Source, Source]

I talked about the BAFTA awards yesterday but failed to post these awesome photos of Kylie Minogue wearing an amazing metallic blue funky sleeved mini-dress at the event:

She just looks so damn good! I have to post! [Source]

Victoria Beckham is back in the US and this time she brought along her boys Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham. Here are pictures of the fam making their way thru the airport in NYC:

Photo credit: Splash News

I'm not exactly sure what they are doing in the US this time (maybe scoping out digs in NYC?) but I'm sure we'll be seeing much more them on this trip as the week progresses. [Source]

Selma Blair is rockin' a new blonde look:

Tho it looks more like one of P!nk's old looks. Boo. [Source]

Dita von Teese hosted the opening of the Altoids Chocolate Shoppe in New York and then took a dip in a bathtub filled with Altoids Chocolate Dipped Mints:

What a fun way to take a bath! Tho, I hope she didn't have any trubs getting those Altoids out of any of her hole parts afterwards. [Source]

If you were among the folks who shelled out to see Jennifer Aniston in The Breakup last year then you have already seen what her nekkidness looks like from behind ... now, for the sake of completion, here is what her nekkidness looks like from the front:

Click above to see uncensored NSFW image

Her boobs may have been cut from the movies theatrical release but they somehow made their way into the classy French magazine Choc. And now we know what Brad Pitt is missing. [Source]

The Scissor Sisters have unleashed their third video She's My Man (from their album Ta-Dah!) upon the Interweb:

Believe it or not, the video was filmed in one continuous shot by Japanese director Nagi Noda. It's an amazing video! Just when you thought that treadmills were the end all, be all. [Source]

The new line M by Madonna will be available on March 22 in H&M stores worldwide but here are the latest images from the clothing line to show you what's gonna be in store:

Madonna, 48, said: "I've made no secret of my love of fashion. Working with H&M was an exciting and new creative challenge. I'm happy with the results and look forward to wearing M by Madonna along with the rest of the world." The collection - described as "reflecting Madonna's timeless, unique and always glamorous style" - goes into stores in 28 countries, including the UK, next month. It includes lumber jackets, blazers, kimono dresses, handbags and sunglasses, mainly in white, black, khaki and grey. A Madonna favourite is a stylish trenchcoat in cotton poplin and leather. Prices will range from £7.99 to £149.99. Madonna, who is also modelling the collection for H&M's advertising campaign, apparently displayed considerable talent as a designer. "Madonna has an impressive feel for fashion and trends," said Ms van den Bosch. "She was extraordinarily style conscious, passionate and involved in even the smallest details." So far, the stuff looks pretty cool. It'll be interesting to see if regular folk take to these designs. They're a far cry from her halcion days of lace and jelly bracelets. [Source, Source]

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen think that you want to dress like them:

It's funny, these new MKA designs (called The Row) look a bit like that old Madonna look that I was just referring to. Interesting. [Source]

Kelis is lookin' hella stylish in the pages of Uptown magazine this month:

Who knew she could pull off tweed so well. [Source]

Pink reader Samantha and her friends Sarah and Ramona (who go to D'Youville College in Buffalo, NY) got to meet Mr. Romance from VH1's I Love New York when he visited their campus and sends in this picture for all of us to share:

I miss him on the show. He was totally my pick to make it to the end ... now we're stuck with dudes like Mr. Boston. I think Mr. Romance got robbed! Maybe he'll end up getting his own show. Team Mr. Romance! [thanks Samantha]

And finally, no sooner did Isaac Cohen break up with Britney Spears than he was giving interviews pretty much trashing her to the media. In an interview with News of the World, Isaac essentially sells out Britney pretty hardcore:

In a world exclusive interview, the man who had been sharing her bed since her marriage to Kevin Federline fell apart, tells how her life is in tatters. Worried Isaac revealed how she: MADE him dizzy romping on a revolving bed while watching themselves in the mirrored ceiling, STRIPPED naked and beckoned him to join her for an al-fresco romp in a moonlit Jacuzzi, LOVED all night sex in her marital bed as her wedding dress hung framed on the wall outside and CRUMBLED when the sex stopped, as she struggled to cope with a bitter divorce and the fear her children could be taken away. Their whirlwind romance collapsed just a week ago and Britney, 25, has already found a new admirer. But Isaac, also 25, said: "She loves sex and is incredibly adventurous. She was totally happy when we were locked in each other's arms. But once the sex stopped Britney was like a little girl lost, unable to cope. "She would lie like a limp rag doll in my arms and say, 'Why can't everyone leave me alone?' and, 'What have I done to deserve this?'" ... Isaac said: "By the time I met Britney she was burnt out. She knew she had been drinking and partying as a way to try to banish the bad stuff from her life. Far from the trashy drunk, I saw a very shy, sweet girl who was just desperately sad about what had happened with her marriage. "Yes she enjoyed Jack Daniel's but she was trying not to get in the state she had been in with Paris. Her boys mean everything to her and she worried she might lose them in a custody battle. "It was clear she was not over her marriage. The first time she invited me to her home I saw her wedding dress hung on the wall in a glass box. "As we made love that night it was like Kevin was in bed beside us. She had not even begun to move on with her life." And so when Britney decided to clean up her act at an Arizona health spa, Isaac went along too. He said: "She needed me to hold her and tell her what a beautiful girl she is. We would make slow love until the sun came up. "She has an amazing body and I loved exploring every inch of it." In January Britney surprised him by flying them to Las Vegas to stay at Hugh Hefner's exclusive Sky Villa in the Palms Hotel. At a whacking £20,000 a night the two-storey suite has a rotating bed, with mirrored ceiling and an infinity Jacuzzi spa bath on the rooftop. Isaac said: "Britney is not shy about her body so she slowly stripped off her clothes and beckoned me to join her under the stars in the pool. "It was an amazing view over the Las Vegas strip. But we didn't stay long as we wanted to try out the bed. Ugh ... the details go on from there. Click HERE to read the rest. It's nice to know that Isaac holds his memories with Britney so dearly ... and so willingly gives them up for the right price. What a guy. [Source, Source]

Les News:
Yesterday was just laundry and cleaning. I'm still packing for my extended trip with David ... I am planning on dinner with my friend Tony tonight and then tomorrow I fly off to NYC.

That is about it. I am out.



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