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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Live From LA, It's Saturday Night

Music legend Clive Davis held his annual Pre-Grammy Awards party here in LA last night and a veritable Who's Who of celebs of all statures were in attendance. Jennifer Hudson even skipped the BAFTA awards in London, England to be on hand for this party. Whitney Houston, Clive's most prized jewel, was his date for the evening and she looked stunning:

Photo credit: Splash News

Unfortunately, Whitney did not perform at last night's event ... but her boobies did provide quite a bit of entertainment all by themselves. [Source]

As I mentioned, Jennifer Hudson was in attendance as were folks like Xtina Aguilera, Imogen Heap, John Mayer and former VP Al Gore and his wife Tipper:

Photo credit: Splash News

Both J. Hud and Xtina provided entertainment for the event. Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party is pretty much the biggest show to take place before the big Grammy show takes place itself. With performances by The Police, Dixie Chicks, Xtina and Justin Timberlake tonight's Grammy Awards promise to be a very entertaining event ... despite what Michael Buble says. [Source]

In London, England last nights various other celebrities made appearances at pre-BAFTA and post-BAFTA events ... in addition to the actual BAFTAs itself -- where British actress Helen Mirren, The Queen and Last King of Scotland picked up the most awards. Here are a few pics from the various red carpets:

Photo credit: Splash News

Helen Mirren was named Best Actress at Britain's BAFTA awards ceremony, continuing her run of success on the film awards circuit for her royal performance in "The Queen." The movie itself won Best Film at the prestigious British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) for its portrayal of the British royal family's response to the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, in a 1997 Paris car crash. "The Last King of Scotland" led the field with three awards, along with fantasy movie "Pan's Labyrinth," while hit James Bond film "Casino Royale" picked up just one award, despite being nominated in nine categories ... "Casino Royale" picked up just one award, for Best Sound, though French actress Eva Green, who played Craig's love interest in the film, won the Orange Rising Star award, which is voted on by the public. By contrast, "Pan's Labyrinth" scooped up three BAFTA awards -- Best Film not in the English Language, Best Costume Design, and Best Make-up and Hair. Jennifer Hudson was named Best Supporting Actress for "Dreamgirls" and Alan Arkin won Best Supporting Actor for "Little Miss Sunshine." It is becoming apparent who looks to be on track to win Academy Awards here in the US. I love that Jennifer Hudson is now winning so many prestigious awards that she can no longer be at every single awards ceremony to collect her trophies -- they can start mailing them to her now. I'm still very surprised that Little Miss Sunshine is doing so well this awards' season. I love it tho! Click HERE to see who won BAFTA awards for Film Achievement this year. [Source, Source]

Entertainment Tonight acquired the first interview with Howard K. Stern, the lawyer that foresaked all others and attached himself to Anna Nicole Smith many years ago when she began battling for her late husband's fortune, who tearfully cried as he clutched Anna Nicole Smith's baby daughter Dannielynne Hope to his bosom ... the details of which are being chronicled right now in the blog of ET host Mark Steines and will be stretched out for the next week on Entertainment Tonight:

The next time I was supposed to see HOWARD K. STERN was at his wedding to ANNA NICOLE SMITH in two weeks -- a celebration. Instead, I find myself with him sharing one of the darkest moments of his life. On our flight from Florida -- where Anna still lies in a cold medical examiner's office -- to the Bahamas, our thoughts are on Anna and little baby DANNIELYNN, who we are rushing to see for the first time since her mother's sudden and shocking death on Thursday. Howard, in tears, at times unable to speak, shares with me that Dannielynn is the light helping him go on. As the plane lifts above the clouds, Howard thinks of those his precious Anna Nicole left behind. In a voice barely heard above the din of the jet engines he tells me, "I want her friends to pray that Anna Nicole is safe, happy and with Daniel." It was hard to leave Anna's body behind, but he had to get back to that baby girl. Others are already traveling to the Bahamas with an eye on Dannielynn. One of them is VIRGIE ARTHUR, Anna's biological mother, who she detested. Anna told me in October, "She's not my mother, she's my birth mother." She is not a welcome guest. Howard begins to bristle at the mention of her name. He says, "As long as I have a breath in my body, that woman will not see Dannielynn." I ask about Virgie's quest to assume custody of the five-month-old baby, who takes Howard's last name on her birth certificate. He answers, not as an attorney, but as someone who cares deeply for Dannielynn. "She has no right. She can't take Anna's baby." After the plane touches down in the Bahamas, watching Howard hold Dannielynn for the first time since her mother's death is heart-wrenching. With tears rolling down his face he reveals the depth of his pain: "I wouldn't be here now, but I had to get back to Dannielynn. I held her in my arms and couldn't believe her mom is gone. I know Anna loved her more than anything in the world." The truth of the matter is that I do not believe a word that comes out of Howard K. Stern's mouth. My gut tells me that he is not the father of that baby and eventually will have to give her up ... along with his long sought after dream of Anna Nicole's billions. I'm just completely disgusted by this. I simply cannot believe all of this talk of love ... I suppose it's possible that in the years that he has been working towards getting his hands on Anna Nicole's fortune that he may have been able to generate some feelings for her but to think that that he truly loved her, the woman, is extremely hard to believe. I don't know that it's the right thing for Dannielynne to go with her biological grandmother or not (it seems clear that she should go to her biological father -- who may turn out to be Larry Birkhead) but I do hope that she is able to grow up living a very normal life ... [Source]

... hopefully a life that is vastly different than the one led by her mother. TMZ has obtained a photo of the contents of Anna Nicole Smith's refrigerator (and has verified that the image is real, according to the Bahaman police, stating that TMZ has 100% verified the authenticity of this photo) which shows that she had no shortage of methadone and Slim Fast (not to mention that box of TrimSpa next to the fridge):

Photo credit: TMZ

The refrigerator, which was inside Anna Nicole's bedroom in the Bahamas, contained methadone (5 mg per 5 ml). The small refrigerator contained cans of Slim-Fast-- ironic, since Smith was TRIMSPA's spokesperson. Several bottles of TRIMSPA sat right next to the fridge. The fridge also contained Miracle 2000 (marketed as a nutritional supplement for "today's active lifestyle"), French's Worcestershire Sauce, yogurt and spray butter. It also appears there are vials of injectable medicines. The methadone is compelling, as Smith's son Daniel died from a combination of drugs that included methadone. Law enforcement sources in the Bahamas tell TMZ that at least one witness has come forward and said Howard K. Stern supplied Daniel with methadone just before he died, and flushed the remaining stash down the toilet. That witness is expected to testify next month at the coroner's inquest into Daniel's death. Now Stern is placed in the same home with another stash of methadone -- the home he shared with Smith. It is chilling to consider that everywhere there has been death there has been methadone and Howard K. Stern. I sincerely hope the truth comes out ... either sooner or later. It is all so very ... sad. [Source]

In happier news, here are photos of Jason Priestly and his expectant wife Naomi Lowde-Priestley chillin' with former Beverly Hills, 90210-alum Tiffani Thiessen in The Valley here in SoCal catching up with one another:

Photo credit: Flynet

It's so strange that all these 90210ers are spawning. Heaven help us if Shannen Doherty decides to procreate. Tho, it is nice to see Jason Priestly lookin' so happy as a soon-to-be dad. [Source]

Daniel Radcliffe is having a hard time keeping his clothes on these days ... posing for those Equus promo shots seems to have had a very liberating effect on him. Here are photos of Daniel in The Observer:

As he removes his battered green peaked cap and wriggles from his chunky jumper, blusteringly polite and keen, Daniel Radcliffe wants me to know that no, he is not trying to grow 'a bad teenage moustache'. He has been instructed not to shave before he next shows up for work. 'This is two days' worth,' he says with a hopeful smile, rubbing his barely stubbly face, 'so I'm getting there.' We talk hair for a bit. He's 17 now, and it's something of an issue. As he sheds clothes, stripping to T-shirt, jeans, knackered trainers - I catch an eyeful of the substantial fur running from Radcliffe's navel down to his crotch. 'That's what's annoying!' he shouts. 'It goes from your head then sprouts out everywhere else.' His dad, Alan, has a decent head of hair, but he went grey very young. 'But he's quite a dignified grey, I like to think. I'm hoping that's where I'm going. But women get a rough deal in the hair department - they're not supposed to have any, and occasionally you have women who get to 60 and have a hairy top lip. That's terrible!' Radcliffe's eyes widen at the horror ... Equus is a daring career move for a child actor hitherto known as a speccy boy-wizard ... But why did he decide to do this arduous, psychologically challenging role? 'It is a really intense, sexual and in some ways violent play,' he concedes. 'And some of the audience may be shocked. People may even possibly think that I shouldn't be doing it because of the Potter fans. But I think that would be a mistake ... the person at the centre of all the attention should always be the one to lead where the attention goes,' he concludes firmly and with savvy flourish. And here I see the other side of Dan. This combination, of the gauche and the worldly-wise, is rather endearing. You'd like to have a beer with this chap, you think. When he's legal, of course. I ask Dan what JK Rowling makes of his new adventure. 'She's coming to see it!' he says, beaming. 'She's very excited about it, which is great! I think it will be weird for her because - I'm not sure how true it is - someone said that when she first saw my screen test she said something about it being like she'd found the son she never had. So it's going to be very weird for her to see her long-lost son blind horses! I look forward to hearing what she thinks.' Is it common for interviewers to be inspecting their interviewees crotches? That seems ... odd. In any regard, I really hope that this risk that Daniel is taking pays off for him. If starring in Equus is a horrible failure he may be ruined for life. Personally, I think it's really cool that he chose to take on this role right after garnering fame as Harry Potter Boy Wizard. I am very much looking forward to his performance ... I'm really pulling for him to succeed -- er, and that wasn't meant to sound as dirty as it did. [Source]

Xtina Aguilera has returned to the pages of Maxim magazine this month ... and this time she is keeping her underwear bottoms on:

She looks great. Very sexy ... much classier than her last Maxim photoshoot where she just looked skanky. Me likes. [Source via Source]

Mariah Carey has glammed herself up a bit to become the new face of Pinko, an Italian clothes and accessories company:

Actually, she looks more like old skool Britney than Mariah Carey. Hmm ... maybe that's why I love the pics. [Source via Source]

And finally, it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week ... since I had Diana with me here this weekend I have her the opportunity to choose this week's hot dude ... and she decided on Neil:

When I asked her why she chose Neil she gave me some bullshizz answer about how his muscles appealed to the "classical art lover" in her but I think she just wanted to just lick his chest. So ... there you go ... Neil Hot Dude -- Diana approved! [Source]

Sorry y'all, no Newlinks today

Diana is already well on her way back to Washington DC but we had a great weekend together. It was short but very sweet. Yesterday we tooled around Hollywood so she could take pictures, here are 2 pics that she snapped of us:

And last night we attended the Fall Out Boy concert for AOL Live at The Roxy here in LA last night:

In case you missed the live stream of the concert last night, you can click HERE and watch the whole AOL Live concert in its entirety.

Or you can watch my video of FOB performing Dance, Dance below:

Click HERE to see all of my pictures from last night's show.

Much love goes out to Karen for taking such good care of Diana and me last night.

After the show, we went into West Hollywood for a couple of drinks ... and then frozen yougurt and cookies. Yeah, we're gross ... and we love it! I hope to make my way to DC so I can hang with her on her turf sometime later on this year.

BUT I now have tons to do before I fly off to NYC on Tuesday. So much laundry, so much cleaning ... I will be gone for the rest of the month. David and I will be in NYC for a few days before we leave the country for our 1-year anniversary. Woot!

So yeah ... it's a late-post day ... and I still have tons to do. OY! I am OUT!



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