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Friday, February 16, 2007

One Year Down ... Forever To Go

Today is a pretty great day. David and I are celebrating our 1-year anniversary today. We met exactly one year ago today in Amsterdam while we were both on the Bloggers in Amsterdam trip and here we are, one year later, completely happy and totally in love:

This picture was taken last Spring here in New York City when David and I attended the Time magazine party for their 100 Most Influential People issue. It is one of my favorite pictures of the two of us (I have a copy framed in my apartment) and I just wanted to post it, again, today for our anniversary. I normally don't start out a blog post with personal info but I think today is a special enough occasion. Let me be the first to wish you all a happy David & Trent Day!

Okay ... moving on ... OK! magazine has apparently scored the first clear picture of Jayden James (well, pretty clear ... the lower half of his face is obscured), Britney Spears' second son, from Britney's most recent trip to NYC. I'm actually very surprised that this is the first we're hearing about/seeing this photo ... I would've imagined that there would be more hoopla surrounding our first good look at little Jayden James:

I suppose it's entirely possible that this isn't really him (he is wearing a pink jacket) but we have no way of knowing since we've never gotten a good look before. One would hope that OK! got it right and this is, indeed, a picture of Jayden James. He is cute ... and he does look a bit like Sean Preston. [Source]

Reno 911!: Miami had its Hollywood premiere last night in LA and here are a few amazing photos from the movie premiere red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Love it! I don't get to watch Reno 911! very often but I do enjoy the show whenever I am able to catch it. I absolutely love the movie trailer for this movie. This movie is deff on my must see list. C'mon ... with all the super serious Academy Award nominated stuff out there I think it's high time that we get to indulge in a little ridiculous humor. Besides ... you know you want to see Deputy Raineesha Williams in a thong-back swimsuit just as much as I do. [Source]

Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendez and others were on hand for a little movie premiere of their own ... their new movie Ghostrider premiered in NYC last night and here are a couple pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Even tho I am a huge comic book fan, I am not exactly sure how I feel about this movie adaptation. Nicolas Cage pretty much plays the same character in every movie ... so I would expect to see that same character again in Ghostrider except his head will be on fire every once in a while. I have a bad feeling that this movie will suffer the same fate that Daredevil did. I'm sure the diehard fans will go see this movie but it remains to be seen if anyone will as well. [Source]

Scarlett Johansson was honored at Harvard University yesterday afternoon as she led the annual Hasty Pudding Parade in Cambridge, Mass. on her way to receive the Hasty Pudding Theatricals Award. Pink reader Vassili was also at the parade and sends a picture to share with us:

Photo credit: Splash News

"Everything I ever dreamed of when I was a little girl is happening to me right now," Johansson joked as two flamboyantly dressed male members of the theatrical troupe kissed her while she rode down Massachusetts Avenue in a Bentley. The troupe named Johansson, who appeared in films including "Lost in Translation" and Woody Allen's "Match Point," its Woman of the Year for her "lasting and impressive achievement to the world of entertainment." Actor Ben Stiller, the troupe's pick for Man of the Year, will be honored next week. Both honorees receive a golden pudding pot, a tradition that dates to 1795 when 21 Harvard students pledged that each member of their new club would, in alphabetical order, provide "a pot of hasty pudding" for every meeting ... While hundreds of Harvard University students and locals turned out to see the 22-year-old starlet and the annual spectacle, some of the troupe's dozen members in the parade admitted their skimpy costumes were ill-suited to the freezing conditions. "I had second thoughts about these heels," said Brian Polk, 19, of San Diego, who was dressed in a floor-length gown, wig and high-heeled shoes. "I can't even dance in them, let alone walk on ice." Johansson told reporters she admired the actors for going on with the show. "I wouldn't be caught dead in a bra and panties on a day like this," she said. "They were really suffering for their craft." The actress, who did not attend college, noted that her mother still pesters her about seeking higher education. "This is the closest I'll ever get to a Harvard degree, for sure," she said as she hoisted her pudding pot. Congrats Scarlett! She is really having a great time these days. Let this be a lesson to all you college drop-outs out there ... you've still got a chance at Harvard University if you become a plump-lipped mediocre actress ;) [Source, thanks Vassili]

Victoria Beckham is back into the LA swing of things it seems ... as soon as she got to LA she made a bee-line for all the usual hot paparazzi spots. It appears that her bodyguard is taking quite a keen interest in guarding all parts of her body. Here are a few pictures of Posh in a melee of photogs as she tries to make her way out of The Ivy in West Hollywood:

Photo credit: Splash News

He looks very interested in checking out her non-existent booty in those last two pictures. Hmm ... you don't suppose something is going on betwixt these two, do you? Is it possible that he is into robotic women just like poor David Beckham is? Will somebody cue the song I Will Always Love You already! [Source]

Paris Hilton has taken her media circus to Vienna, Austria for their annual social event and she donned a lovely yellow gown just for the occasion:

I suppose she looks very nice despite the fact that her eyeballs are scary as hell. You call it red-eye, I call it ... the window to her soul. EEK! [Source, thanks Eva]

Earlier in the day, tho, Paris wasn't quite so warmly welcomed by the Viennese folk. At an autograph meet and greet at a Vienna mall, Paris was pelted by pieces of trash by members of the crowd:

The session was cut short when several objects landed on the stage and Hilton was whisked away by security guards. Richard Lugner, who is Hilton’s Vienna host, said the flying objects included cigarette packs, tissues and lipsticks. The 74-year-old married construction magnate invites a celebrity to the city’s prestigious Opera Ball each year. His previous guests include Geri Halliwell, Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra. The Austria Press Agency reported that sheets of paper that floated onto the stage were fliers from a communist youth organization. Hilton later dismissed the incident as "no big deal" and said she loved her fans, APA reported. Um, LOL! I'm sure it was "no big deal" to her that people were hurtling pieces of trash at her ... the poor thing. Click HERE to watch video of the incident. [Source]

Even earlier still, when she arrived in Germany on Wednesday, she answered reporters questions and revealed that: "loved" classical music and that she grew up listening to it. As a little girl, it really helped me fall asleep at night," she said, adding later that she "really loved" old Michael Jackson songs, Madonna and hip-hop. Later she added, that she is planning a trip to Africa because there are "a lot of people who need help. As a celebrity, you can really make people aware of what's going on in the world," she said. Um ... seriously? I think the suffering people have been thru quite enough without Paris Hilton's intervention. The poor things.

Pete Wentz was on hand in Chicago, IL on Wednesday night (his hometown) to perform a DJ set at Debonair Social Club ... here are a few pics from his gig:

Pete got a little help from his friend Paul Blair with the DJing and Pete offered Paul some help txt flirting with a few of his emo fangirls. Sounds like a pretty rad event. [thanks Allison]

The amazingly entertaining soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful is celebrating its 5,000th episode today! This special episode will feature only four of the original cast members in today's 5,000th ep. Here are pictures from the cast party that was held last week on set:

The Bold and the Beautiful" celebrates its 5,000th episode today by showcasing the original stars in their very own episode. "The four main characters go up to the cabin to discuss the problems of the business and the family," says Ronn Moss, who has played Ridge Forrester since the show's inception on March 23, 1987. "They hash everything out. It's nice, and unusual, based on the fact that it's just the four of us for the whole episode." Those four are Ridge; his wife, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang); his mother, Stephanie (Susan Flannery), and his father, Eric (John McCook). Well, okay - Eric turned out not to be Ridge's father, and Brooke was once Ridge's stepmother, but you get the gist. "We have staying power, what can I say?" says Moss of his "family's" longevity. As for today's show, "There's the usual fighting and jabbing at each other with knives," says Moss. "They're just slowly cutting away at each other. But there's an aspect to this episode that's kind of cool. They're going to flash back in a retrospective way to the beginning of the show." Cue the shoulder pads and big hair. "It's both endearing and completely horrifying," says Moss, "but it shows us in our youth. You kind of forget what everybody looked like back then. Some people in the office were absolutely blown away by the way they edited it all together, making everything flow and giving a real flavor to it. What's also interesting is that it's the same dynamic between the four of us." I hate to admit it but I still love this show after so many years. I will forever blame my mother and sister for getting me wrapped up in both B&B and Y&R. It's insane to think that the show has been on for 5,000 episodes ... and pretty much everything is still the same. The same enemies are still enemies, the same star-crossed lovers are still in love, Stephanie Forrester is still a flaming beyotch. Here's hoping the show makes it thru another 5,000 eps. [Source]

Donald Trump must be getting extremely desperate for media attention ... he has lowered himself to dipping into Kevin Federline's bag of tricks and is now using the WWE to drum up publicity presumably for his failing TV show(s) ... and it's sooooooooooo sad:

In a matter of moments, the sports-entertainment world was turned upside down during Raw. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon was humiliated and embarrassed on his own turf by fellow billionaire, TV star and owner of one of the most bizarre heads of hair in all of show-business, Donald Trump. The shocking events unfolded at the opening of the show, as Mr. McMahon ordered the capacity crowd at Portland's Rose Garden Arena to welcome his "close personal friend" Donald Trump to the ring. A few moments later, the frenzied Raw crowd bared witness to a historic scene as two of the world’s largest egos managed to occupy the same squared circle. Prior to becoming the star of NBC's hit show The Apprentice, Trump appeared on WWE programming on several occasions. The real estate tycoon hosted WrestleMania IV and V from his world-famous Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. However, until "The Donald" walked the Raw ramp on Monday night with Playboy cover girls Ashley and Torrie at his side (whom Mr. McMahon subsequently forced to leave), the controversial media icon had never stepped foot in a WWE ring. That ring, which is a second home to the McMahon family, was intended to be the backdrop of one of the Chairman's proudest moments. Seeking revenge for Trump’s actions of a few weeks ago on "Fan Appreciation Night," the delusional billionaire had planned to bestow upon The Donald one of sports-entertainment's most degrading honors: immediate membership and forced entry into the dubious Mr. McMahon Kiss My Ass Club. Little did good ol' Vinnie Mac know that just a few minutes later, the tables would turn and he would suffer his own ultimate humiliation ... "I am here to challenge you to a match at WrestleMania," said Trump, "and I am going to kick your ass!" Despite WWE fans' overwhelming approval of Trump's challenge, the Chairman immediately rejected the offer. Suspiciously citing "doctors orders", Mr. McMahon claimed that his "damaged pelvis" and "broken coccyx" would prevent him from any further in-ring combat. However, The Donald's brazen challenge apparently jarred something loose as McMahon responded with an offer of his own. "I have a proposal for you," muttered the Chairman. "Why don't I find someone to represent me, and you find someone to represent you? At WrestleMania, if my guy loses, you can shave my head," said the fired up billionaire. "But if your guy loses, I'm going to shave your head!" "You're on!" responded Trump. Is this seriously the best thing that Donald Trump could come up with in order to resurrect the failing ratings to his show? Weak! When you start using a K-Fed business model you know you're incredibly desperate. [Source]

Tonight, the play Equus goes into previews in London's West End theater district and Daniel Radcliffe will appear on stage, fully nekkid, for the first time. He will be nude for 10 minutes in the play ... I can't wait for the photos to come out tomorrow. But in the meantime, here is the newest promo picture for the play that was just released today:

This is the view theatregoers will get tonight of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe. And the question some are asking is: will he end up wishing he had brought along Harry's cloak of invisibility? It won't be for reasons of modesty - Radcliffe, 17, has shown himself to be remarkably relaxed about exposing his naked body to the world - but there are those who wonder whether this full-on display, in the West End revival of Peter Schaffer's play Equus, could prove ultimately damaging to the teenage star's career ... In the play, enjoying its first major revival since it was first staged more than 30 years ago, Radcliffe plays stablehand Alan Strang, who blinds six horses with a metal spike after a disturbing sexual experience. Executives at Warner Bros, the studio behind the film versions of J K Rowling's books, are said to have been "utterly dismayed" by publicity shots of Radcliffe naked, as well as the fact that he spends a full 10 minutes on stage without his clothes. He will not be the only performer in the nude: there is also Joanna Christie, 24, who plays the stablegirl with whom he has a relationship. Studio chiefs are said to fear the scenes could damage their multi-million-dollar film franchise and could even lead to Radcliffe being replaced as the young wizard ... One was quoted as saying: "Warner Bros have been building up their publicity machine for Harry's first - chaste - screen kiss when the next Potter film (Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix) comes out in the summer. "Now our star is out there doing full-frontal sex. We've been blown completely out of the water by this." LOL! I love it! Daniel Radcliffe is THE man! He is totally throwing caution to the wind in order to take on this daring on stage role. And if his pasty white butt is any indication, we're going to be treated to some interestingly entertaining photos very soon. [Source]

In other entertaining photos news, here are new pictures of David Hasselhoff getting his drag on as he prepares for his role in The Producers:

Er, these photos aren't really that interesting so much as they're extremely horrifying. Blech! [Source]

And finally, Jennifer Hudson has scored yet another magazine cover in her exploding career ... here are pictures from her covershoot for Life magazine:

Hot. The girl is on fire ... and mere weeks away from becoming a bona fide Academy Award winning actress. [Source]

Les News:
Despite the FREEZING temps here in NYC, David and I are having a great time together. Since we are celebrating our 1-year anniversary we're taking the time to make sure that we make it to many more years of happily joined bliss. Tomorrow we are leaving for a special trip (barring any travel delays) together and we couldn't be more excited ... more deets tomorrow.

Last night David and I were extremely lucky to catch a special performance by Imogen Heap at a super tiny club called The Box (in the East Village). Imogen performed her entire debut album iMegaphone solo on her piano. In between each song she explained what each song was about and utterly charmed the crowd with her stories. I was horrified to discover that my camera battery was completely dead and the only pictures I was able to take were with my BlackBerry:

The photos are not great but you get the gist of the intimate nature of the show. It was simply an amazing time.

Tonight David and I will be flying solo for our ani ... we got some romantic junk to do. Have a happy weekend! I know I will! I'm out.



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