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Thursday, February 15, 2007

"The Universe Has A Way Of Course-Correcting"

After my hellacious day yesterday I was ready to just drop dead when I finally arrived but David and I managed to have a nice romantic pizza dinner last night. I had worked up some material to use in yesterday's post (which was going to be themed Things I <3) so I'll use the relevant stuff today in addition to some new stuff. It's cooooooold here in NYC by the way ... let's get to it ...

That Other Blog (which grew from the closing of World of Britney) scored a communique from Felicia Culotta, Britney Spears' one time most trusted friend and personal assistant. It never occurred to me that Britney and Felicia were no longer working together but, in hindsight, it does make sense. Here is the full text of an email that Felica wrote to Ruben, the webmaster of That Other Blog in response to Britney's latest antics:

Once again–I commend you for your Honesty and Integrity. I have been reading your new website daily and am grateful to have that to go to, to check on the antics of Britney. Britney doesn't have a Publicist for me to clear this thru first, so it will come directly from my heart to you!

I am writing in response to "Where is Felicia?" on your editorial. I am home in Mississippi ... I am now a trained Corporate Flight Attendant and fly with a tiny jet company out of Georgia. I am also a substitute Preschool Teacher at the Church Preschool in my town. I LOVED being with Britney for the past 9 1/2 years. I enjoyed being a part of HER dream, but now, am living my own dream.

I cherish ALL the incredible opportunities that came my way thru my job with Britney and am crushed/saddened/heart sick by the way her life is unfolding ...

I want you to know Ruben that WE (as in her Family and nearest and dearest -- ALL of whom are NOT on the payroll anymore!!) are doing EVERYTHING in our power to get help for Britney and all in our power to NOT pad the bottom or move the bottom, so when she does indeed hit rock bottom, she'll stand up and walk away from this whole fiasco a new, confident, changed, career driven Britney like we all knew and loved.

There's just so much you can do to help a person -- I don't dare want to be an enabler, and I cannot love her enough for the both of us. I cannot convince her in ANY way to love herself. All I can do is be a friend, someone that loved her for MANY years unconditionally, and PRAY. That, I have decided is the most and best I can do for my friend. I cannot save her from herself, nor can I commit her to any type of treatment program against her wishes and will. I am throwing my hands up and realizing that I am helpless over another -- ANYONE!

It's been a hard reality for me to face. I have lived my best example daily, and that is ALL I'm capable of. To see what’s transpiring now, makes me feel a failure, defeated. I LOVED and BELIEVED in what I was a part of for the past 10 years and was so incredibly proud of Britney and all she'd become.

All that to say this Ruben -- I'm so Southern, and the BEST way for me to tell you how I feel is to say -- You can just kick an old Dog so many times before he gets off the porch. I, FELICIA, am OFF the porch!!

Thank you for ALL you've done -- ALL the love and support over the years. ALL the non-judgment and ALL the Honesty!

PLEASE let me know if there's ANYTHING I can do to repay your kindness. With as much sincerity as I can Muster,


This is such an interesting insight at how her former friends/family look upon her actions as of late. Felicia and Britney were together constantly all thru the most sucessful period of her career and I can believe that Felicia is very disappointed with the way things have been going for the past few years. If memory serves, the last time I saw Felicia with Britney was around the time that Brit hooked up with Kevin Federline (tho, I don't recall Felicia at Britney's wedding a few Pink readers reminded me that Felicia was included in the Spederline wedding) ... but maybe she was out of the picture before that time. It is hugely unfortunate that Britney traded in the people that best took care of her for people who only managed to ruin everything she worked so hard to accomplish. [Source]


I almost didn't want to stay up long enough to watch lost at its new 10 PM airtime but I thought it best to watch it while I had the opportunity. Finally ... things are happening again ... the show has that old feel again and, once again, much confusing information is heaped up on us to decipher. I really hope this remains the norm for the rest of the season ... I'm back to wanting to watch the show again:

Screencaptures courtesy of Lost Media

Last night's episode featured a Desmond flashback ... but it was a flashback unlike any we saw before. It appeared that Desmond actually went back in time to relive his flashback. It is becoming clear that the theme of Time & Space (and its manipulation) is prevalent this season and last night's episode may have been the first peek at how the producers of the show intend on using that theme. I gotta say ... with all the "brother"s being thrown around by both Desmond and Charlie I was beginning to get that A Clockwork Orange feeling that we were introduced to in the last episode (and if you've never seen the movie A Clockwork Orange you MUST watch it immediately -- it's brilliant). There were many things in the flashback that reminded us of the island (the microwave beeps, the numbers, the music, the painting in Daddy Widmore's office that featured the word Namaste [which is used in the training videos], a polar bear, a statue [perhaps the statue is the same one that we saw only the one big foot of last season] and mountains [like the ones on the island]) and it's hard to tell if the clues are just reminders for Desmond of the future (the current past) or they really existed in the past and foreshadowed his future -- see, all this Time & Space stuff can get very confounding ... as any fan of Star Trek can attest to. Also, it occurred to me that the old chick must've gone back in time to school Desmond because she couldn't have already interacted with him in that way the first time around (she even said so herself, he was "doing things wrong" this time around). We also learn that Desmond is only the latest person on the island with Daddy Issues ... or in his case, Daddy-In-Law Issues. The color red was prevalent in the ep (the paint, the shoes, the shirt) so that must be significant (tho, maybe it was just Lost's way of saying Happy Valentine's Day). While I commend the producers for giving us some storyline to work with, I couldn't help but recognize that it's the same plotline from the Final Destination movies ... you can't cheat death no matter how much you try. Death will find a way ... the universe has a way of course-correcting. Thruout the ep, we're supposed to think that Claire is the one who's meant to die but it turns out that Charlie is the one who's doomed ... but will he really die now that we know he's supposed to? My guess is that someone else will die (Claire?) in the course of Desmond's attempt to help save Charlie. I gotta say, I was very happy with last night's ep ... at last things are happening again! [Source]

The Brit Awards were held in London, England last night (the British version of The Grammys) and The Killers and Arctic Monkeys were the big winners of the night each taking home two awards. Here are some pictures from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Las Vegas natives The Killers, who broke out in Britain before finding success at home, were named international group of the year at the British equivalent of the Grammys. They also took the international album prize for "Sam's Town." Infectious rockers the Arctic Monkeys — who released Britain's fastest-selling debut album after building a cult Internet following — were named best British band. The Sheffield quartet also took the British album prize for "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" ... Canadian songstress Nelly Furtado took the prize for international female act. Gravel-voiced singer-songwriter James Morrison, 22, was named best male British act. The former busker topped the British album chart last year with his debut album, "Undiscovered." "This one's for every singer-songwriter still playing in pubs," he said as he accepted his award. Justin Timberlake took the prize for best international male, while Los Angeles-based band Orson were named international breakthrough act. Angsty rockers Muse were named best live act, while Glasgow trio the Fratellis were named British breakthrough act. The British single prize, decided by viewers' votes, went to "Patience" by Take That, the former 1990s boy band whose chart-topping comeback — minus original member Robbie Williams — was one of the biggest British music stories of 2006. Oasis, who dominated Brit rock in the 1990s, received a special award for outstanding contribution to music. Hee hee ... I think Oasis' outstanding contribution to music is that they've been not making usic for the past few years :) It's very cool that Take That won the British single prize ... what a nice way to cap off their comeback. I bet Robbie Williams now wishes he had reunited with his former band mates ... then at least he would've won something this year. [Source]

Jim Carrey, Virginia Madsen and others were on hand for the Hollywood premiere of their new movie Number 23. Here are some pics from the red carpet:

Photo credit: Splash News

This movie appears to be Jim Carrey's latest attempt to be a "serious actor". From what I gather from the movie's trailer, Number 23 is pretty much The Butterfly Effect meets Stranger Than Fiction ... or something like that. Eh, I think I might have to pass on this one. [Source]

Valentine's Day is day for lurve ... and apparently, for reunions ... Denise Richards and ex-hubby Charlie Sheen put aside their differences in order to spend VDay together with their children:

Photo credit: Splash News

I am assuming that Denise and Charlie are just temporarily playing nice for the kiddies ... after all, do you expect Denise to give up her big hunk of man (and I mean *big* hunk) Ritchie Sambora? [Source]

Additionally, estranged (and oftentimes very bitter) couple Travis Barker and Shanna Maokler have also put aside their differences in order to suck on each other's tongues:

The possibly on-again couple were snapped getting mighty cozy together at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas where they were promoting Travis' Famous Stars and Straps Fashion Showcase. I'm not sure I expect these two to stay together but I'll be watching their My Space profiles for further information. [Source]

Victoria Beckham has made her way to Los Angeles again, with her boys in tow, and ended up spending her Valentine's Day with them while hubby/daddy David Beckham was left behind in Spain:

Photo credit: Splash News

Now, I realize her kids are really cute and all but ... if you had the opportunity to spend VDay with David Beckham wouldn't YOU make sure you were spending VDay with him? This does not compute, robot. Get your circuits checked out. [Source]

Pink readers Melanie and Dakota both forwarded me a bunch of photos of Jessica Simpson and John Mayer lookin' all cozy as they hung out together with some friends in a Sports Bar. The photos were taken last week in Minneapolis ...

I'm not sure how Jessica and John's private photos always tend to get leaked to the Internet (much like their widely circulated New Year's Eve photos) but I suspect other people in their party have a hard time keeping a secret. Does this mean that we have to start calling them Johnica now? [thanks Melanie & Dakota]

Beyonce was the belle of the ball at yesterday's event to celebrate the release of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit 2007 Music issue:

Photo credit: Splash News

She looked pretty nice and very happy. Finally, something she can be proud of that has nothing at all to do with Jennifer Hudson. It must be rough living in her shadow. [Source]

Here are a few of Beyonce's swimsuit photos from the mag:

Click HERE to see the full gallery of photos. [Source]

Additionally, Sports Illustrated enlisted the help of musicians to also appear in the magazine ... posing with the real swimsuit models:

Kanye West and the men of Gnarls Barkley look very comfortable with their beautiful models. Kenny Chesney and the dudes from Panic! At The Disco look completely out-of-place and look like they have absolutely no idea what to do with their women. C'mon, who are they trying to fool? [Source]

David Beckham has unveiled a new ad for his fragrance called Instinct:

It's simple and hot ... just like Becks. [thanks Mary]

Here are even more M by Madonna promo photos that feature Madge lookin' hot in her new H&M designs:

I just love the whole look of this campaign. It'll be very interesting to see this stuff in the stores. [Source]

For Valentine's Day, Nine Inch Nails leaked a new song, My Violent Heart, off their new album titled Year Zero ... and the album's website has been updated with the full tracklisting and a few more hidden photos:

Trent Reznor looks so hard at work and so melancholy ... which is a good thing. [Source]

I'm actually surprised that NIN decided to leak new music at all ... Trent is very anti-music piracy ... it seems a strange move. Tho, Pink reader LDF informs me that NIN are going all out to hype this album's release. Here is an analyzed view of the track My Violent Heart that shows that the feedback heard at the end of the track shows up in the image as what appears to be a hand on a keyboard:

Viral marketing agency 42 Entertainment has created a network of Web sites to promote the forthcoming album Year Zero from industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, Digit has learned. The network is based around a series of homepages and messageboards from a dystopian future, where the US is a fundamentalist Christian-controlled police state and many people are hooked on a new synthetic drug called Opal. The network begins from, where visitors can peel away a positive veneer using the mouse to reveal a darker world underneath. In true viral fashion, the link to original site was in a message hidden in a picture of a tour T-shirt, with certain letters highlighted. This was allegedly picked up by fans, who passed on the information to others at fansites such as Other techniques used to intrigue fans include codes to crack such as Morse and references to Biblical verses. Other sites in the campaign include,,, and All of the sites have a distorted overlay, a graphical technique used many times on Nine Inch Nails' packaging and materials. Interesting. There is quite a bit of info to mine from those sites but I love the concept for this campaign. I am horrible at sniffing out new material on these sorts of websites but I'm very interested to see what comes of all this over the coming months (click HERE for more info on these viral marketing websites). Incidentally, the song My Violent Heart is pretty damn good ... it's different but very NIN. Head on over to Symphony of Noise for further info about the song. [Source, thanks LDF]

And finally, the genius folk at Motorola have unveiled their latest masterpiece, the MotoKRZR, in a new color called Fire just in time for Valentine's Day ... specially packaged KRZRs were sent to a few famous Hollywood couples yesterday in celebration:

Celebrity couples who recieved these hot ass phones yesterday include Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore, Nicole Richie & Joel Madden, Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale, Heidi Klum & Seal and Kristin Cavallari & Nick Zano. I, for one, love this new color. I'm not sure if the phones are available yet for the common folk but I'm sure they'll be very well received once they are available. Sooo hot. [Source]

Les News:
Blah! While I'm happy to have arrived in NYC (you have no idea) I'm totally not feelin' all the crappy snow that is piled up everywhere. UGH! This is exactly why I moved to LA, y'all ... to get away from this mess.

Tonight David and I are going to see Imogen Heap play a special concert performance of her debut album iMegaphone. Pink reader Tim gave me the head's up earlier this week and we were able to score tickets. I was lucky enough to see Imogen on her first US tour (in support of iMegaphone which was released in 1998) when she opened for Rufus Wainwright. It will be amazing to get to hear her perform songs off that album again.

And ... that is all ... I am out!



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