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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Brotherhood

Britney Spears's whirlwind trip to Atlanta, GA is already over as she was spotted back in SoCal yesterday afternoon. It seemed odd to me that she would fly all the way across the country when she would need to get back in order to take custody of her children after only a couple of days ... apparently, that was exactly the case because as soon as she returned home to LA she picked up her kids and hit the town:

Photo credit: Splash News

Are you seriously kidding me? How cute are these pics of Sean Preston and Jayden James holding hands in the backseat of that car? It's as if they know that, in the end, they've really only got each other to depend on and they're gonna take care of one another. Such brave little fellows ... well, I guess they'd have to be with the last name Federline. [Source]

Um ... but that's where the cuteness ends ... earlier in the day, Britters was photographed engaged in a few of her favorite activities ... showing off her new weave, pickin' up some fast food and paying a visit to the closest public toilet:

Photo credit: Splash News

Imagine that ... she did all of that stuff in one fell swoop. Yeah, I'll just be over here shaking my head in disbelief, hoping for more positive information to share tomorrow. [Source]


SOOOO .... last night was the long-awaited season premiere of Heroes and, I gotta say, I was generally underwhelmed. There was a lot of stuff going on in last night's first ep ... we were getting reacquainted with old characters, meeting new characters and trying to get our bearings on where things stand 4 months after the events of last season ended. I'm still very excited to see where the season takes us, I know there is a lot in store, but the premiere really didn't wow me like I hoped it would:

Right off the bat, I'm impressed with where things are going with the parents being marked for death. I'm not sure if Hiro's father is really dead or pretend dead or will be saved from the dead ... I hope something happens cuz I'm not done with Commander Sulu on the show. I love the new Latin Wonder Twins Maya and Alejandro. As I understand it, they both have powers ... and I liked that we didn't see exactly what she did to her captors. There aren't enough Latinoids on TV (and that lame new show Cane does nothing for me) so I'm glad to see them added to the cast. The revelation that Hiro's hero is a "fake" was a nice twist, too. The fact that he's a white dude/scam artist is brills. I think Hiro is going to play a more active role in his life so that his legacy turns out the way it needs to in the future (which is how Hiro ends up a scary, serious Samurai). Seeing Peter Petrelli all nekkid and locked up more than made up for the slowness of the ep ... the amnesia thing is way overdone but we'll see how it plays out. The new flying kid is interesting but, again, too much all at once so we couldn't focus on one thing. I'm anxious to see more ... I know it will get better once the pace slows down and they don't try to throw everything at us all at the same time. [Source]

Additionally, new old pics of Milo Ventimiligia have made their way to the InterWeb ... here are a couple pics from Milo's high school yearbook:

Yeah, I know that the second pic looks like an American Eagle ad but that's his yearbook. I love that no matter how young someone is, their yearbook photos look like they were taken in 1985. [Source]


And just because ... here are a few caps from last night's ep of The Hills. I realize the spoiler warning may be unnecessary (since the show airs 24/7 on MTV, MTV2, MTV TR3S, MTV Canada, etc.) but for purity's sake, there you have it:

The show was light on the facial expressions ... Whitney really let me down. If we don't have her expressions to look forward to, what is her purpose on the show? Even LC's face was unsatisfying after she found out that Jason had a girlfriend ... but, again, that's Whitney's responsibility and no one elses. I bet Lisa Love is disappointed in her, too. AND SPEAKING OF LISA LOVE ... what the hell ever possessed her to go on TV showing off that huge bald spot? Thankfully someone got her to comb that shizz over ... she's never gonna get the lurvin' if she's emphasizing her baldness. Speidi keep lookin' for any way to get screen time ... I'm starting to think that Spencer only asked Heidi to marry him so that they wouldn't get cut out of the show ... wait, doesn't that make total sense? They irk me ... but that's why I love the show :) Oh and if someone could just nudge Jen Bunny in front of a speeding bus, I'd be greatly appreciative. Thanks! [Source]

PS: Please do not push anyone in front of any bus, I am just kidding ... no matter how good an idea it sounds ... don't do it.

Ruh Roh! Another day, another celeb got busted for drunk driving ... and this time, the arrest hits very close to home. Kiefer Sutherland, 24's own Jack Bauer himself, got nabbed for drunk driving in West Hollywood after he pulled an illegal U-Turn in front of the cops. Whoops:

TMZ has learned that "24" star Kiefer Sutherland was busted on suspicion of DUI in West Hollywood last night, after allegedly blowing more than twice the legal limit of .08. This is the actor's second DUI in the past five years -- he was arrested in 2004. By California law, if he's convicted, he must serve a mandatory minimum of five days in jail. Police sources tell TMZ 40-year-old Sutherland was pulled over around 1:35 AM PST on the corner of La Cienega and Beverly. Sutherland was at the FOX Fall Eco-Casino party at Area nightclub earlier that evening. The photo in this story was taken at the event. Sutherland, who was stopped after making an illegal U-turn, was arrested for misdemeanor DUI and transported to the Hollywood Police station. He was booked at 4:09 AM and released at 5:42 AM on $25,000 bail. We're told Sutherland was "cooperative and mellow" while he was in custody. OOOOH, he got busted for DUI coming from a FOX event? Naughty Naughty. It's interesting that police described him as "cooperative adn mellow" since I would've pegged Kiefer as the "crunk and disorderly" type. And ... it's not that I wish he was drunker or anything but wouldn't it have been totally interesting if he had blown a .24 on the breathalyzer? Boo. When will celebs ever learn. [Source]

In happy news, Whitney Houston has been spotted alive and well and hanging out with her homie Clive Davies in NYC:

Photo credit: Wireimage

I believe the pair met for lunch ... perhaps to discuss her WAY OVERDUE comeback album. You gotta admit, Whitney looks great in these pics. It's as if no time has passed; as if no crack has passed thru her system. Happy Day! [Source]

In celebration of the reemergence of Whitney Houston (alive and well), I dug out an old graphic of Whitney that I used to use quite often on the blog in the early days:

Sing your praises to the Lord, Whitney Houston is back! Holla-lujah!

David Beckham must have been in a bit of a hurry as he sprinted his way out a boutique in West Hollywood this week:

Photo credit: Flynet

I hope it wasn't anything serious ... like the runs or anything ... cuz that would just totally undo all of his massive sexiness. [Source]

While Becks was shopping, sprinting (and running?) his way around WeHo, his plasticine wife Vicki B. was making her way to the far East while wearing her favorite military ensemble:

Photo credit: Splash News & Wireimage

Vicks arrived at the Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan this morning (there) and only managed to scare a small number of diminutive Japanese children ... which is actually a pretty good feat for her. [Source, Source]

George Clooney and his injured girlfriend Sarah Larson made their first public appearances in NYC last night after they were involved in a motorcycle accident over the weekend. Broken ribs and feet aren't going to keep this famous couple down:

Photo credit: Splash News

Both Clooney and Larson have revealed that they are not going to give up motorcycling after this incident ... so I guess it's just a matter of time before they end up breaking or injuring something else. [Source]

Hilary Duff was spotted in the crowd at a New York Islanders hockey game this week ... curiously, just a few short days after word got out that her new boyfriend, Mike Comrie who plays for the New York Islanders, bought her a brand new Mercedes G-class SUV for her birthday ... which hasn't even happened yet:

Multi-platinum recording artist and actress Hilary Duff was on hand to watch the preseason tilt between the Islanders and Rangers on Monday night. Ms. Duff, a friend of Islanders center Mike Comrie, sat in the middle of the Coliseum crowd to catch all of the action close-up and she wasn't disappointed. Along with a slew of fights and hard hits, Comrie also scored on the power play for a thrilling evening of hockey. Yes, it was nice of Hilary to show up in support of her "friend" Mike Comrie, especially after he gave her such a nice gift. I never knew she was a hockey fan ... tho, truth be told, I'd go to every single NY Islanders home game if Mikey hooked me up with a Mercedes SUV, too. [Source, thanks Lauren]

Lindsay Lohan thinks she's cute in this new customized track jacket that she's wearing in these pics:

Photo credit: X17

And, honestly, she's right. It may not be as cool as John Mayer's BAPE Batman hoodie but ... it ain't bad. [Source]

In other Lindsay news, the Canterbury Institute, which is an addiction treatment center in New Jersey, has unleashed a new ad campaign which seeks to garner attention in the most subtle manner possible:

The copy for this ad reads: While the rest of the world is going in and out of rehab, Canterbury Institute is changing the rules of addiction

Huh. And while the ad doesn't specify which "Lindsay" they are referring to, I think we all get it. According to the institute's website, they have a medical procedure for curing the disease of addiction:

The PROMETA Treatment Program is an EXCLUSIVE, MEDICALLY BASED, OUTPATIENT treatment modality designed to address the neurological imbalances that occur in individuals that abuse alcohol, cocaine/crack and methamphetamines. These imbalances cause the overpowering cravings which ultimately lead to relapse. The Prometa Treatment Program integrates cutting edge medical treatment with nutritional support and psychosocial counseling – all on an outpatient basis. The program is designed to help relieve cravings and anxiety, restore nutritional balance and improve mental clarity so you can focus on your recovery.

I dunno if this is the type of treatment that would interest L. Lo ... there hardly sounds like there's time for river rafting and suntanning. [Source]

Two years after saying "I Do" to her newish hubby Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore has decided to change her last name to Kutcher as well:

Demi Moore has officially changed her name to Kutcher, two years after getting married to Ashton Kutcher. According to In Touch, Moore has now changed her name on all of her official documentation, including her passport, her driving licence and her credit cards. The actress will continue, however, to use the name Moore for professional purposes. A source told the magazine: "Demi did this for Ashton. She knew that this was something he wanted, so she finally made the switch." Yeah, Demi Kutcher doesn't have a nice ring to it at all ... ah, the things we do for lurve. [Source]

Previously, I posted the cover artwork for the new Kylie Minogue single 2 Hearts, the first from her forthcoming new album X, and today I bring you ... different cover artwork for the same single:

There is a decidedly more 80s feel to this artwork. I like it ... it looks like it belongs in a frame on Sonny Crocket's wall back in the Miami Vice days. [Source]

And finally ... here is a new PETA ad which features Dita von Teese. Get it? PETA. Dita. With all the rhyming?

Anyways, not since the days of Bob Barker's daily admonition to "Have your pets spayed or neutered" has the topic of fiddling with the reproductive behaviors of animals been brought to the forefront. I have no idea why Dita is wearing lingerie in this ad but ... if it results in more spaying an neutering of animals then I guess, mission accomplished! [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday was a pretty chill day. I got some housekeeping done, managed to make my appointment on time (even tho I'm constantly arriving exactly on time when I always try to get there early ... and it kida irks me) and also managed to pick up a new BlackBerry Curve from T-Mobile. The newest, greatest BlackBerry yet is only the latest gadget that I had to get my hands on ... but it does rule.

Last night, Mike and I went to Chili's for dinner (where 100% of the profits were donated to St. Jude Children's Hospital) and then we watched last night's new TV shows.

Tonight ... I'm meeting up with Darion for dinner and a movie (ResEvil:E) ... nothing too exciting ... just a regular ol' Tuesday. Hope you have a great one, too! I'm out.



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