Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mark Ronson Is Coming To LA ... Be There Or Be Square

Mark Ronson has got to be one of the more talented, very exciting new artists to emerge here in the US this year ... which is why I'm very excited that he will be playing his first LA show at the El Rey Theatre on October 3rd -- and I'd like you to be able to see him live for yourself. His album, Version, features some amazing collabos and I am very interested to see how he sounds live. He was the musical master of ceremonies at the 2007 MTV VMAs this year (performing songs with guest singers in between the commercial breaks) so I got a taste of what he might have in store for a live performance. So ... if you're interested in seeing Mark Ronson at his first LA performance then I've got the contest for you:

Mark Ronson is deffo too cool for school, which is evident in every picture he takes, so all you have to do to enter for a pair of free tickets to see Mark Ronson & The Version Players featuring Alex Greenwald, Daniel Merriweather, Kenna, Wale, Stuart Zender & more ... live here in LA at the El Rey Theatre is to submit a photo of YOU and maybe some friends lookin' as cool as can be. I'm talking shades, leather jackets, amazing dresses ... whatever you think sets you apart as the essence of cool will be just fine. Send your submissions to by Wednesday September 26th in order to be eligible. I will randomly select the winning entry and post it later on in the week. Please remember, this contest does not provide airfare or travel expenses of any kind, if you win, you'll have to get yourself to the concert venue on your own.

Of course, you can purchase your own tickets for the show HERE should you want to guarantee your spot at the show. Barring any last minute emergencies, I'm planning on going to this show as well ... hopefully if you win we can say hello :)

Good luck! Have fun!