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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

E.T., Is Your Cell On?

(An old photo of) Britney Spears graces the cover of the latest issue of People magazine where she is Photoshopped next to a photo of her mother Lynne Spears with the headline Britney's Mom to the Rescue. Clearly, I am not the only person who is excited and hopeful that this reconciliation betwixt mother and daughter will mean that things may begin to get better for our dear Britney ... the operative word being "hopeful". Additionally, Britney's lawyer is telling the world that she is successfully passing her court-ordered drug tests with flying colors -- imagine that. Here's what the cover of the new issue of People magazine looks like:

Britney Spears's attorney says the singer has been passing her court-ordered random drug tests. "She's passed her random drug tests," her lawyer, Sorrell Trope, tells PEOPLE exclusively. "There's been more than one. They came up negative." Trope said the singer's chances of regaining 50-50 custody of sons Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, are "good, based on the overall circumstances of the case" ... As far as working with her court-mandated parenting coach, Trope stated, "As far as I know, there have been no complaints." Yeah, I don't know that I believe that the judge will be all that impressed just yet since he seems like a pretty hard-nosed guy. I'm sure that if Britney works hard to please the court and prove that she is serious about regaining her portion of the 50/50 custody then she will be able to do so ... but, again, there are a lot of big "if"s. Thus far, she is complying with the court mandates ... including the latest one that she turn herself in to be booked (and mugshotted?) on her hit and run charges before she can show up to court on October 25th: Britney Spears has just been ordered by a Los Angeles County judge to be booked for August's alleged hit-and-run, before her next court appearance on Oct. 25. TMZ was in court just minutes ago with Brit's attorney Michael Flanagan, who tells us that Britney will comply with the court's decision. Flanagan also tells TMZ that Britney is trying to work out a deal with the woman whose car she hit. Which means that Britney is trying to figure out a way to pay this woman to go away (which could turn out to be a considerable sum ... the woman suing Brit is holding all the cards). Just think, all of this ridiculous drama would've been avoided if Britney had just left an "I'm sorry" note on the woman's dinged car. Showing that she gave a rat's ass in the first place might've helped, too. [Source]

In More Britney news, the "uncensored" version of her latest video for the hit song Gimme More has been leaked to the InterWeb (after speculation that it would be the one to air on MTV's TRL this past Monday -- it did not). This version of the video is very similar to the original one released last week on iTunes except for one tiny change ... in this version, Britney has a few scenes where she is topless, wearing only pasties to cover her nips ... here are a few screencaps:

Troubled Britney Spears reveals a whole lot more in uncensored outtakes from the racy new video to her single 'Gimme More' - as the singer is seen completely topless. The previously unseen shots show a bra-less Britney in her role as a tattoo-clad pole dancer, with her arms across her chest, and her modesty barely protected by a pair of 'nipple flowers'. The raunchy promo, said to be completely Britney's "concept and her vision" was directed by Jake Sarfaty, according to American magazine People. The first-time director was "hand-picked" by Britney to make the 4-minute clip which sees Britney play dual roles as a racy pole dancer and a blonde onlooker watching the raunchy girlie show. Um ... the vid is not cute. Adding these racy scenes only makes it seem trashy. I think it was wise of whoever decided to amend Britney's "vision" for the video to release the slightly more tame version. The video has already been removed from You Tube, unfortch, but I'm sure this booby version will resurface soon enough. [Source]

One last bit of semi Brit-related news ... it looks like Cousin Alli Sims continues to have trouble keeping up with her bills ... her webhost, glowhost, has shut down her official site AGAIN for non payment:

Hmmm ... first Cousin Alli moves out of Britney's home and essentially abandons her, then she isn't seen out with Britney since moving out (thankfully Jamie Lynn Spears stepped in to fill the gap) and now Cousin Alli ain't got no money to pay her webhosting bills. Interesting. Hee hee ... it'd be sad if it weren't so humorous. [Source via ONTD!]

In unhumorous news, everyone's favorite counter terrorist agent Jack Bauer, er, I mean Kiefer Sutherland has worked out a deal with the LA city prosecutor trying him for his most recent DUI arrest and after pleading No Contest to the charges will end up serving 48 days in jail this December while Kiefer's hit show 24 is on Xmas hiatus:

TMZ has obtained the sentencing recommendations in the Kiefer Sutherland DUI case. The sentence is complicated, but Kiefer will do 48 days in custody. Kiefer will do 18 days for the probation violation, surrendering December 21. He will serve an additional 30 days for the current DUI and must complete that sentence by July 1. Based on what TMZ knows about production schedules, that would mean Kiefer is serving the bulk of his sentence when "24" is on Christmas holiday and not in production -- he may have agreed to the speedy disposition of the case in order to protect the show from having to shut down production. Kiefer's lawyer, Blair Berk, would not comment on the case. I'm never quite sure how these things actually work out in reality so it's unclear to me whether or not Kiefer will actually spend 48 days in jail (a la Paris Hilton) or if he'll walk in, get processed and then get released a couple of hours later (a la Nicole Richie). Twentieth Century Fox released the following statement concerning this latest development in Kiefer's DUI case:

Today our friend Kiefer Sutherland resolved his criminal case at the earliest opportunity. Kiefer made clear to us at the time of his arrest that his first concern was the welfare of those he worked with and that he intended to do whatever was necessary to prevent shutting down the show because of his situation. He told us that even if he had to sacrifice more time in custody in order to protect the show and the jobs of those who work with him, he would do so. From what occurred today, it is evident he is a man of his word. We wish him well and look forward to a long relationship with him.

It's very noble of Kiefer to throw himself on the sword in order to help out his friends on the show ... I just wish he would have that same consideration for the other drivers that he endangers on the road when he decides to drive drunk. Hopefully, this 48-day jail sentence will teach him that lesson. [Source]

Jennifer Lopez was very bizzy yesterday heading from one promo event to the next on the day that her new album Brave was released in stores. Here are pictures of J. Lo lookin' like she got lost on her way to a biker bar and ended up at the CBS studios for the taping of The Late Show with David Letterman:

Photo credit: Splash News

You will note that Jenny's Rhythm Nation 1814-style jacket does not cinch at the waist, thereby completely covering her stomach ... which is where she'd be carrying a set of twins if she were, in fact, pregs with a set of twins. [Source]

Sitting in David Letterman's hot seat, J. Lo (wearing another loose-fitting outfit) managed to avoid direct grilling from Letterman concerning her potential pregsness ... which is interesting because David Letterman is famous for asking the obvs, direct questions:

On the same day that Jennifer Lopez managed to avoid the big pregnancy question from Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, the singer faced another tough interviewer – David Letterman. But the host, who relentlessly peppered Paris Hilton with questions about her jail stay recently, kept mum when it came to asking Lopez about a possible visit from the stork. As PEOPLE witnessed during Tuesday's late afternoon taping of CBS's Late Show with David Letterman, the TV host did ask Lopez, 38, about her mother Guadalupe – who parented with tough love, her famous daughter explained. Though clearly respecting Lopez and husband Marc Anthony's privacy, Letterman, 60, nevertheless asked if J.Lo would be as tough a parent as her own mom if she ever started a family. "If I can be as great a mom as she is," Lopez responded, "then I will be all right" ... "So," he went on to ask her, "the idea of having a family is daunting, isn't it?" "Yeah," she answered with a broad grin, "it is." I find it highly unlikely that David Letterman was really "respecting Lopez and husband Marc Anthony's privacy". I tend to believe that J. Lo's people insisted that no direct questions be asked of her concerning the rumors of her pregnancy. US Weekly seems as confident as TMZ that Jennifer Lopez is pregnant, declaring Yes, She's Pregnant! on the cover of their new issue. The mag claims that J. Lo's mother Guadalupe is going around blabbing about the twins but ... I'm still on the fence. There is alot of speculation going around, I'd still rather wait and hear it from the horse's mouth before totally believing the reports. [Source]

After J. Lo finished up with Letterman, she joined her husband Darc Anthony and some friends (including LL Cool J) at Buddakan here in NYC for the official album release party for her new album Brave:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Flowy, flowy, flowy ... tho, she did wear a belt to close the light jacket that she wore to the party. Her stomach doesn't look that big ... so ... I guess we still cannot be absolutely, 100% sure about anything. [Source]

Elsewhere in NYC last night, Madonna randomly showed up at New World Stages to see the Off-Broadway show Celia, which is based on the life of Celia Cruz and is performed entirely in Spanish ... and look, she brought along her rose-colored glasses:

Photo credit: Wireimage

This from Celia is the story of an artist's love for her country revealed through a musical life that spans for more than 60 years. Throughout her career, Cruz faces constant successes as well as challenges. As a young woman, she defies her father's opposition to become a singer and conspires with her mother to accomplish her dream. As her fame increases, so does the price of her success. She shares her victories and disillusions with the love of her life, Pedro Knight, and dreams of one day returning to her country. However, that dream is challenged when she is denied a visa to visit her dying mother, and then realizes that she may never again return to her beloved Cuba. What an amazing-sounding show! It must be good if Her Madgesty hauled her cookies all the way from London just to see this show off Broadway. I had no idea they even did shows like this on or at least near Broadway in Spanish. I think I might have to maybe check it out for myself. [Source]

Here are a few really cute pictures of Alyson Hannigan posing backstage with her American Pie co-star Jason Biggs and his girlfriend and artist Jenny Mollen at an opening reception for her new art show Cut Your Losses at the Em & Co Gallery in LA last weekend:

Alyson Hannigan strikes me as just the kind of celeb who would 1.) keep in touch with all of her former co-stars as best she can and 2.) happily show up in support of those former co-stars and/or their significant others, family members, etc. whenever needed as best she can. I know I've posted pics of Aly's new look recently but I have to reiterate how much I love the darker look. She looks amazing. I don't know that I'll ever tire of posting pics of her beauteousness on my blog :) [Source]

Lindsay Lohan has sprung herself from her in-house rehab treatment at the Cirque Lodge in Utah and ended up walking away with more than just a certificate of completion ... she also walked away with a new boyfriend named Riley who hails from Newport Beach, California (aka the new Laguna Beach: The Real OC on MTV). Here are a few pics of happy new couple:

Photo credit: X17

Far be it for me to question the wisdom of a couple of rehabbers getting involved together in a serious, intimate relationship while both undergoing rehab treatments in the same facility at the same time ... instead, I'll just focus on the positive aspects of this new relationship. Ri-Lo can go to AA meetings together and car pool, they can share sponsors and they can lean on one another if either of them feels that they are slipping off the wagon. I just really hope that Lindsay gets her life together and manages to live a successful life from here on out ... if this new dude can help her with that then great, I'm all for it. I just don't know that a relationship forged in this manner will enjoy a high rate of success. [Source, Source]

The new video for Kylie Minogue's first single 2 Hearts from her new album X has been released to the InterWeb ... here are a few screenshots from the new music video:

The song is not really what I expected ... it's a bit slower than I anticipated and it sounds very much like a Goldfrapp song. Kylie's look is very Marilyn Monroe-esque while the glam band members backing her up in the vid look like Marilyn Manson rejects. The slower tempo of the song reminds me of the first single, Slow, off Kylie's last studio album Body Language ... I anticipated that she would release something more upbeat, more dancey. That said, I really like it. 2 Hearts is Kylie's 40th UK single and it is released on the 20th anniversary of Kylie's music career and comes from her 10th studio album. [Source]

Additionally, has been updated with new information concerning the 2 Hearts single and features this hot new promo pic of Miss Minogue:

2 Hearts will be released digitally on November 5th and commercially on November 12th and will include two new b-sides, I Don't Know What It Is and King or Queen along with 2 new remixes. Woot! I'm totes lovin' all the new Kylie stuff coming out. [Source]

I am just one day away from seeing Tori Amos for the first time on her American Doll Posse Tour here in NYC and am very, very excited to report that has announced that Tori will be participating in an online web chat tomorrow at 12 noon ET (9 AM PT) at her official website. In even MORE exciting news, the announcement has been made that select shows from the US leg of her tour will be available for purchase online just a few hours after the shows take place:

NEWS Upcoming Tori Amos Bootlegs

We are very excited to announce that many of the shows on Tori's Fall "American Doll Posse Tour" will be available online for digital download within a few hours of each show's completion. Stay tuned to this site for details!

Woot! The last time Tori Amos released official bootlegs I was very happy that one of the shows that I attended was among the released recordings ... I just hope that I'll be able to purchase one of the 5 shows that I'm seeing on this tour as well :) I just received som very exciting news from my Epic Records dude ('sup Abe!) concerning tomorrow's concert ... but I'll save the deets for afterwards. Hey, I don't want to jinx anything. [Source]

Here is the cover artwork for the third issue of the new Angel Season 6 Comic Book series that is just about to hit the world. Issue 1 featured Angel (natch), issue 2 features Spike and issue 3 features Illyria:

Love it, love it! I'm pretty excited for these new comic books ... I can't wait to read how they explain how Angel and the crew survived the final battle of the season 5 finale. And I don't care how they do it ... Wesley Wyndam-Pryce better make it to the comics ... dead doesn't have to mean dead in the universe of comic books. Figure it out, Joss Whedon. I'll be waiting. [Source, Source]

And finally, I have to send out lots of Birthday Lurve to The best media gossip website (if I do say so myself) turns 4 years old today:

Little did I know, when I started reading Jossip about 4 years ago today, that I would end up falling madly in love with the site's creator. Life is funny sometimes. I don't know that David and I will be doing anything special for the site's anniversary/birthday but I'm sure the folks at Jossip Initiatives are prolly using this excuse to get hammered at the office. Happy Birthday, Jossip!! [Source]

Les News:
So, yesterday afternoon was my secret date with David that I had been planning for weeks now. I told all of my LA friends what I had in store for him but kept him in the dark up until the very last minute. I took him to see a drive-in movie showing of E.T. right here in NYC, complete with a full restored, fully-functional Ford convertible car and popcorn machine:

Neither one of us had seen E.T. in its entirety before (and never on the big screen) so it was a nice treat for us. I'm just so amazed at how madly the world fell in love with a little alien who looked like ... well, we know what he looks like. It's funny, even tho Drew Barrymore was only, like 5 years old in the movie I'm pretty sure she was drunk for most of her scenes. It really helped her acting, I think.

I heard about this DRIV-In movie thing from the Urban Daddy newsletter. You can visit the site HERE to learn all about this very fun activity. Here is the description from their website:

Cruise downtown and park yourself at DRV-IN—Manhattan's only drive-in cinema. Seven days a week, twice a night, passengers are transported to another time and place. Under starry skies and the foliage of a potted oak tree, guests watch classic films in a one-of-a-kind 1965 Ford Falcon convertible. With seating for six and a full concession stand, this unique theater setting is one of the Lower East Side's most intimate experiences. Starting with films from 1960 and progressing chronologically each night, DRV-IN speeds through four decades of cinematic achievement.

And here are a few pics from our date:

We had so much fun. The whole thing is completely private ... and seats up to 6 people. But it's perfect for a quiet date for two. One can engage in the very same kind of activities that folks engaged in back in the 1950s -- er, you know, necking and stuff. We had a blast. If you live in NYC, you should totally do this ... it's really fun.

Last night, David and I trekked out to Brooklyn to visit with my friend Oriana at her new cute apartment and then we all went out for Middle Eastern food. It started raining while we were out so we had to cut our dessert plans short ...

Tonight, we're meeting up with Monique and Andrea for some In Touch magazine party (Kanye West is expecting us) ... and then ... who knows what. The sun is shining brightly here in NYC and the humidity seems to have gone away. I hope your hump day is going well. I'm out.



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