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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"I <3 Passing Judgement On People"

The nasty business regarding custody of the two Spederline children continues to unfold this week as the next open court custody hearing looms at the end of this week ... just 4 days before Britney Spears is scheduled to triumphantly release her new album, arguably her best album ever, next week. Lynne and Jamie Spears, Britney's parents, were summoned by Kevin Federline's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan to strategize in preparation for this Friday's custody hearing. Here are pics of the Spears folks arriving to meet with K-Fed at his home while Britney was bizzy shopping at the Beverly Connection in Beverly Hills, presumably unawares:

The parents of Britney Spears have been forced to hold crisis talks at her ex-husband Kevin Federline's house over the future of her two sons - but the singer was nowhere to be seen. Her father and mother, James and Lynne, called a meeting with K Fed's lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan to thrash out details of the custody battle over Sean Preston, two, and one-year-old Jayden James. Britney and Kevin are due back in court on Friday to review the case. Britney is expected to ask for the 50/50 custody arrangement to be reinstated, while sources say Kevin will ask for 70/30, and may even push for full custody. While her family was trying to sort out her sons' futures, Britney, 25, was doing what she does best, shopping and driving around LA. The troubled singer, wearing bright blue contact lenses, headed to the Beverly Connection shopping mall where she was photographed pulling a manic face. She got out of her Mercedes, but minutes later jumped back in, reportedly bumping into a few cars and photographers as she reversed out, and drove to The Peninsula Hotel, then the Beverly Wilshire. The meeting betwixt the Spears folks and the K-Fed camp might not be as ominous as it may seem ... I suspect that they are acting as a friendly conduit between Britney and Kevin and may be trying to facilitate a scenario where Britters might get back some portion of her physical custody of the children. My hunch is that the court will not go back to the 50/50 agreement ... and may try a 70/30 agreement in K-Fed's favor just to see how she handles herself. Of course, this opinion is based on absolutely nothing other than my common sense regarding the situation ... which doesn't really amount to much but there you have it. And so, we wait to see what happens in all of this. I want to believe that Brit is ready to handle custody but ... well ... [Source]

In happy news, I'm thrilled to report that Britney's new album, Blackout, has leaked to the InterWeb and I can share it with all y'all! MTV, VH1 and LOGO are all hosting online streams of the entire album starting today and for the full week leading up to next Tuesday's official release:

Photo credit: X17

I have been able to preview the album for the past few days and I am just loving every track on it. It just pains me to think how much of a mega-smash hit the album might be if there wasn't all the extraneous personal drama leeching away the excitement from the album's release. It is clear that many, many people have been turned off by Britney's antics in recent weeks, months and years and may stay away from this album altogether. I must urge fans to check it out and hear for themselves how amazing it is. Overall, I still think that Britney is my fave album of hers but this one deffo comes in at #2. Y'all have a week to listen to the album in its entirety before you can buy it in stores. I understand the iTunes version will come with 3 extra tracks ... so save those pennies and make sure you get your copy when Blackout gets released a week from today! [Source]


Hmm ... I'm trying not to be worried about how the new season of Heroes is unfolding but it's getting harder and harder to get excited over the show when, week after week, there ain't much to get excited over. By this point last year, I was chomping at the bit for each new ep of Heroes but this year ... well, I'm getting a lot of nap time logged in that 9pm time slot. I keed, I keed ... the show hasn't sunk to the lows that Lost did last season and I sincerely hope it doesn't ... it'd be such a same for the best show of last season to sink into obscurity so soon:

Honestly, I don't even have that much to talk about this week. Obvs, the big news was the introduction of Kirsten Bell's character Elle (which only makes me think of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde and then I can't even focus on her being a real superhero/villain). I gotta admit, I wasn't all that impressed with her superpower either. Apparently, if Elle rubs her feet really hard on plush carpet she can static shock people to death? Bo-ring. Even the way she BBQed that dude at the end of the ep wasn't all that shocking, er, pardon the pun. I hope she's got more up her sleeve than just shooting sparks from her fingers ... I've never been all that interested in Jacob's Ladders. It was a nice little bit learning that she answers to her "daddy" and that we've yet to figure out who he is ... my guess, the nerdy guy who works for the company but, who knows. I like the As Seen on TV superpowers girl ... she's really cute, if also a bit boring. Her interaction with Mohinder looks like it could be interesting but, again, I keep waiting for all that interesting stuff to happen. Eh. I really was hoping for more from the show by this point in the season but ... well, I guess there's always next week to look forward to. [Source]


Now The Hills last night ... woot! I was really entertained by last night's ep ... and it had nothing to do at all with the drama that was unfolding on the screen. I was just really distracted by all the really crappy editing that's going on on the show. Someone at MTV must be asleep at the wheel because they keep letting editing errors slip thru the cracks ... errors which only fortify the fakeness of the entire show:

So LC met a new guy who turned out to be an old guy and she went on a date that made Brody jealous ... blah blah blah. I was more interested in the stuff that MTV prolly didn't want us to notice. How come Brody was wearing his wrist cast at the beach in last night's ep ... didn't he hurt his wrist months ago, over the summer at a previous beach party? He wasn't wearing it in Vegas last week ... and suddenly it's back ...and then gone again. Hmm. A couple of Pink readers -- Melissa, Shivani and Lara -- all noticed that LC was wearing red nail polish on her date with the new guy and then was wearing no nail polish at all later on that night after her date when she invited Brody over to watch a movie. Obvs those scenes were shot at different times, clear evidence that the show is pieced together from different staged settings. In the end, tho, who cares? I love Lo and her honesty, I love Whitney and the way she is so expressive about everything, I love that Heidi is with Spencer because they really deserve each other and I really loved that beefy shirtless guy who got about 2 secs. of screentime last night. He needs to get more scenes on the show ... seeing him more often will distract me from noticing all the shoddy editing that's going on on the show :) [Source]

In other onscreen drama last night, Marie Osmond got herself so winded after her performance on Dancing with the Stars that she passed the eff out and fainted onto the floor on live TV as she and her partner were being judged and right after she jumped around for a bit ... whoops!

Before a stunned television audience, Marie Osmond collapsed after her samba routine at Dancing with the Stars on Monday, but recovered enough to get her scores and apologize. "This happens sometimes when I get winded," a visibly embarrassed Osmond, 48, told co-host Samantha Harris. "I'm so sorry." Viewers watching the show live in the East saw Osmond perform a show-stopping samba, then walk to the judge's table with partner Jonathan Roberts. A visibly winded Osmond then leaned back into Roberts twice before falling onto the floor. Roberts broke her fall, and the ballroom fell silent. Host Tom Bergeron looked down at Osmond and quickly sent the show to commercial. As soon as the show went to commercial two medics and Osmond's manager rushed to her side. The ballroom was silent for more than a minute before Osmond was helped to her feet by Roberts and her manager. The ballroom erupted into applause. Osmond took two steps and curtsied before wobbly walking with assistance from Roberts backstage. Obvs, I am very glad that she wasn't hurt or seriously ill or anything like that but you could tell she was about ready to hit the floor with the way she was wheezing as the judges were rating her performance. Marie insists that she was fine, just winded, and that nothing is wrong with her ... which is good news. That auditorium went DEAD SILENT after she hit the ground ... it's pretty eerie. Again, thankfully she is okay and life can go on. Click HERE to watch video of Marie's collapse if you missed seeing it for yourself. [Source]

A whole mess of celebs convened at the Beverly Hills Hotel for the 11th annual Hollywood Film Festival's Hollywood Awards last night where acting luminaries like Richard Gere, Jennifer Connolly, John Travolta and brothers Ben and Casey Affleck were honored with trophies. Here are a few pics from the red carpet arrivals:

In a night that must have made their mum proud, brothers Casey and Ben Affleck this week scooped top honours at the prestigious Hollywood Awards in LA. While Casey was named breakthrough actor of the year, his more well-known sibling saw his directorial debut praised with the gong for new director. After appearing in the summer blockbuster Ocean's Thirteen and then earning rave reviews for his role in Brad Pitt vehicle The Assassination Of Jesse James, Casey, 32, who is married to Joaquin Phoenix's actress sister Summer, has been steadily raising his profile on the silver screen. But it is his latest film Gone Baby Gone - directed by his Oscar-winning big brother - which is set to propel the actor into the A-list ranks already inhabited by Ben. And with the Hollywoodland star's directorial debut receiving high praise, it could be that he increasingly steps behind the camera while Casey gets his chance to shine on screen ... Jennifer Connelly, accompanied by British husband Paul Bettany, received the supporting actress of the year award for her role in Reservation Road, while John Travolta was honoured for his cross-dressing portrayal of Edna Turnblad in the hit musical comedy Hairspray. The top prize of actor of the year went to Richard Gere for his work in The Hoax and The Hunting Party. I don't know about the other films but I saw Hairspray and I don't know that Travolta really did all that great in the film to deserve an award ... but I guess these things are always so arbitrary. I understand that the Hollywood Awards is the awards show that kicks off the awards season ... which never seems to end so how do we know where it really begins? Ah well ... we'll be talking Oscars before you know it ... and I'm pretty sure we won't be talking Travolta by then. [Source]

OMFG, ROFLOLZ and all those other like InterWeb acronyms in the same vein ... here are the most amazing photos of Mariah Carey that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing with my own eyeballs. Mimi, very unfortunately for her, appeared to allow herself to have her upperlip and her chin WAXED in front of the cameras right before appearing live on the BET show 106 and Park ... behold:

Mariah Carey is notorious for her diva behaviour and moments before appearing on a U.S. TV show, she didn't disappoint. She called on one of her many assistants to perform the unenviable task of patting down her sweaty upper lip and chin. Carey, who is one of the world's highest paid female singers, appeared unfazed about being pampered in full view of the audience at the CBS Studios in New York. Back on track and minus sweat, the 38-year-old singer appeared onstage during the BET '106 & Park' show to promote her latest perfume 'M'. Pshaw ... they say they were drying her lip and chin but those Biore strip looking things really look very suspicious to me. Someone prolly saw a stray hair (or 12) and decided to act quickly before it was too late and she went live on the air. LOLOLOLOL. Whatevs the case, I love these pics ... Mimi is my girl!!! [Source]

Shar Jackson, the newly crowned Celebrity Rap Superstar, paid a little visit to the MTV studios to appear on TRL and she ended up doing a little performance that showed exactly why she was crowned the winner in the MTV celebrity contest:

Photo credit: Wireimage

Shar had some weak-ass and uber-whack competition on that show but I always believed that the final showdown would be between her and Countess Vaughn ... if it wasn't for Countess's early withdrawal, Shar would have really had her work cut out for her. I really wanted Sebastian Bach to win ... I really thought he did a great job week after week and he really knew how to bring his own brand of heat. It should've been him against Shar in the final battle ... but with Countess out of the running, I knew Shar had it in the bag. Now all we have to do is wait for the inevitable debut album to drop. [Source]

Lindsay Lohan continues her dance training at the Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood, CA this week as she prepares for her new movie Dare to Love Me ... and she continues the daunting task of breaking in her new boyfriend as well. Here are pics of L. Lo with Riley (collectively we're calling them Ri-Lo, right?) walking 2 steps behind carrying her bag as she exits the studio and then a couple pics of the pair walking side by side ...

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon & Splash News

... which means he must have been a good boy. The couple have yet to make a single appearance at a club or an event ... could it be that they're really learned the error of their ways? We'll see ... [Source, Source]

Pete Wentz with Fall Out Boy band mate, Joe Trohman and Gym Class Heroes buddy Marc De Jesus, was on hand in Chicago, IL earlier this week for the opening of his new Clandestine Industries store ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Mavrix

This new Chicago store is but the first in what promises to be a whole slew of other stores to open all across the country. Now you, too, will be able to dress like your favorite Fall Out Boy in all of his official clothing. Hair flat irons sold separeately. [Source]

It has been said that The sun never goes down on a Badass ... which is why it's perfectly normal to see Gwen Stefani out and about in the dead of night wearing her fave pair of sunglasses:

Photo credit: Splash News

Corey Hart has got nothing on Miss Gwen. Love it! [Source]

Well now ... what have we here ... Aaron Carter, who is newly broken up from the fiancée that he was so desperate in love with that he proposed marriage to her about 45 secs. after he met her, has updated his official My Space profile with a few pics of him hanging out with Brooke Hogan ... is he trying to tell us something?

Could it be that Aaron has finally found his real true love? Could it be that Brooke Hogan may very soon become an official member of the deliciously dysfunctionally screwed up Carter family? Hmm ... WWHHD? [Source]

Nicole Kidman shares the cover of the new issue of Interview magazine with Jennifer Jason Leigh ... who is all made up to look exactly like Nicki Kidman in much the same way that she was made to look exactly like Bridget Fonda in the creepy-ass 1992 movie Single White Female:

What ... are they making a sequel? Are they calling it Married White Middle Aged Actresses? [Source]

Jennifer Lopez, who looks to be very unpregs, is featured in these amazing new Lux ads for the Japanese hair care company:

If these pics weren't Photoshopped to death, I'd think her hair really did look that luxurious. But Photoshopped or not, J. Lo looks absolutely beautiful in these pics. [Source]

And finally, Best Week Ever has joined the endless joking to come regarding the Harry Potter character Albus Dumbledore's newly revealed sexuality with a spoof they created of Dumbledore on the over of People magazine:

While I don't particularly think that the news of Dumbledore's homosexuality should be a joking matter ... I can't help but have a sense of humor about it all. The quote from Voldemort, "I Knew It" is absolutely hilarious! LOL! Even if there will be a barrage of jokes for the rest of time, I hope this development in the Harry Potter mythos continues to be talked about forever :) [Source]

Les News:
Last night I met up with The GangTM for a quick dinner at Mexicali in Studio City for Mexicali Mondays, mainly because I won't be able to see them for some time since I'm leaving for Detroit soon ... we had a delish meal at the restaurant ...

... and then a delish dessert at Pinkberry afterwards. Incidentally, the first pic that looks like Kirsten and I are suffering seizures is just us dancing in our seats to whatever 80s song was playing in the restaurant. Now, I'm not a big Pinkberry fan AT ALL but since pomegranate seeds are in season now and are available as a topping ... well, I couldn't resist. I love pomegranate. We had a great night together.

Today will be very boring ... lots of errands, laundry and cleaning to do. Whoopie! Have a great day, y'all ... I'm out.



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