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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go To Parenting Class

The ceaseless and unending Britney Spears saga that continues to twist and turn down that ominous downward spiral, which occasionally takes pause to foster hope in the hearts of the dwindling Britney faithful (rejoice, y'all -- the hit and run charge against our dear Britney has been dismissed!), as today we learn that Brit Brit appears to be playing well with the stipulations set forth by the court overseeing her child custody case. Britters met up with ex-hubby Kevin Federline on neutral ground yesterday (only the third time Spederline has been in the same room together since their nasty divorce ... and they actually got along) so that both parents could attend a parenting class called Parenting Without Conflict held at the Beverly Hills Hotel that has been made a requirement for custody of their sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James. The worrisome and disheartening portion of this news is that photographers managed to snap a photo which clearly shows that Britney was carrying the prescription drug Provigil inside her purse. One has to wonder what need Britney Spears has for a prescription drug that is used to treat sleep disorders like narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS), and shift work sleep disorder (SWSD):

Photo credit: X17

With her life in turmoil, troubled singer Britney Spears has turned to parenting guide books - and prescription drugs. While the mother-of-two out in LA yesterday, she was snapped carrying a box of Provigil in her handbag. The drug, which must be prescribed by a doctor, is used to treat daytime sleepiness as well as narcolepsy. She was on route to a Parenting Without Conflict session with Kevin Federline at the Beverly Hills Hotel and had clearly come prepared - she was also carrying a book titled Co-Parent Solutions. But afterwards she was described as distraught and was seen "bawling like a baby" in the bathroom. One onlooker said: "Britney was inconsolable. She was sobbing in the toilet cubicle and couldn't be calmed down" ... New York based neurologist Dr. Mark Milstein told Us Weekly: "This medication won't give you a 'high,' like a stimulant would." He explained: "Unlike a traditional stimulant with side effects such as hyperactivity and inattentiveness, the primary effect of this medication is only to help keep you from falling asleep. Somebody who is living a celebrity lifestyle, who frequently has to be up very early one day and then very late the next, could develop very disordered sleep patterns." Britney, who had a supervised visit with her sons yesterday, is set to be back in court tomorrow where she is expected to ask for a 50/50 custody arrangement to be reinstated. Sources say Federline will ask for 70/30, and may even push for full custody. I have to admit, I'm quite amazed that Britney Spears has any need for this type of severe stimulant. The girl drinks gallons and gallons of caffeinated coffee drinks from Starbucks on a daily basis and she still requires a prescription drug to keep her awake? Truth be told, I'm very glad that I don't really know the truth about what goes on in Britney's private life. Full disclosure of what sorts of activities that she might engage in behind closed doors would be too much to handle I think. I'm quite happy in my naive adoration and, some allege, questionable fandom. [Source]

UPDATE: Pink reader Nancy gave me the head's up that Provigil is also used to treat cocaine addiction in addition to ADD/ADHD (thanks Terry) and bipolar disorder (thanks Amy) plus all those sleep disorders. Apparently it's also used experimentally in weight loss treatment (thanks Valerie) -- geeze, this sounds like an amazing wonder drug! See? This is exactly the kind of stuff I'd rather not know ;( Ignorance is bliss ... I heart her, I heart her, I heart her ...

OY ... as all this INSANE biz is going on in Brit Brit's personal life, the news on her professional life is heaps better. The majority of reviews for her new album Blackout (which will be released in just 5 days) are very good. People magazine gave it 3 out of 4 stars and Entertainment Weekly gave it a B+ rating. Despite what folks think about Britney on a personal level, she continues to come out with great music and projects that proves that she will remain in the spotlight for quite some time to come ... like it or not :)

Last night, the sexy clothier Frederick's of Hollywood unveiled its Spring 2008 collection at the Hollywood Palladium to a mixed bag of celebs ranging from the usual suspects (like Kristen Bell and Vanessa Hudgens), a few unusual suspects (like CSI:'s Jorja Fox and Eric Szmanda) and a few golden oldies (like Ian Ziering and Jessica Simpson). Here are some pics from the red carpet:

I'm a bit surprised at the turnout for this event ... I never quite think of Frederick's of Hollywood as being the type of design house that celebs would flock to. It's strange but cool to see Jorja and Eric from one of my fave shows, CSI:, out at an event ... even if it's an odd one like this. Something tells me that Jorja is trying to go to all the Hollywood parties she can, while she still can, since it was announced that she will be leaving the show for good in mid-November. She prolly cajoled Eric to come with so she'd have someone to hang out with. Ian Ziering needs a new Dancing with the Stars in his life very soon or he's going to pass into nonexistence again very soon. Jessica has been shying away from events for the past few weeks, I almost forgot what she looked like. I understand that she's been away working on a country album which, she prolly hopes, will sell much better than all the pop albums she's been releasing. Something tells me that Carrie Underwood prolly has no need to be concerned. [Source]

And speaking of Carrie Underwood, little Miss Country starlet has been getting some new attention these past few days not from the release of her new album Carnival Ride but from her dating habits. She fluttered onto the gossip radar a few months ago when she was spending time with Tony Romo from the Dallas Cowboys but then fluttered off the radar again when that relationship cooled (Tony is now being linked with Sophia Bush, incidentally). Carrie is getting new attention now that she's been "hanging out" with Chace Crawford of the new hit CW show Gossip Girl (which, initially, inspired me to start out the item by writing, Good morning Upper Eastsiders and then ending with XO XO, Gossip Girl but I thought that might be too contrived):

Photo credit: Splash News

"GOSSIP Girl" star Chace Crawford wined and dined his Southern-bred gal Carrie Underwood Tuesday night . . . well into yesterday morning. The couple dropped into Southern Hospitality to hear a set by the legendary David Allan Coe, after Crawford called to make sure Justin Timberlake's barbecue joint carried Cristal. "He wanted to toast the success of Carrie's new album," said a source. Carrie recently told Entertainment Weekly that she is a very private person and she likes to keep her dating habits to herself ... which I don't think she's going to be very successful with if she keeps this relationship going. I think I can make room on the Hollywood "It" Girl roster for a good ol' country girl from Oklahoma right here on the blog. I have been really becoming enamored of her music lately ... who knew? [Source]

David Beckham was spotted making his way home from the Chateau Marmont this week looking totally forlorn and downtrodden. Could he be mourning the end of his less than spectacular first half-season with the LA Galaxy or, as the reports claim, is he just really super homesick for those lovely British isles?

Photo credit: Celebrity Babylon

"David is miserable here," a source close to David Beckham tells Celebrity Babylon, "and he wishes he could pack up the wife and kids and move back to Europe. If there's a word to describe what he's going through, it's that he's homesick." That's the shocking news our Beckham insider revealed recently about soccer ace David Beckham, only months after uprooting his family to join LA's Galaxy soccer team, he's ready to go back home. Although David, 32, has $250 million reasons to stay (the reported value of his 5-year contract with the Galaxy), he has found he's not happy in Los Angeles. First came his non-stop injuries which kept him off the playing field and the soccer fans out in the cold for almost all of the season. David mused, "I've never had this many injuries (ankle, knee) in such a short period of time." Then there was his father Ted Beckham's heart scare, which had the soccer great hopping on a plane back to London to be at his bedside. Our Celebrity Babylon source says, "It's put a strain on his marriage as well, because Victoria loves it in Los Angeles and is trying to make it work for them." The boys, Brooklyn, 8, Romeo, 5, and Cruz, 2, have adapted as kids do to their new surroundings; but Victoria, 33, is afraid their father's unhappiness will trickle down to them eventually. Says the source, "She tells David that now that the football [soccer] season is over he can return to London or Madrid whenever he wants to, and as he needs to. But the truth is, he doesn't want to visit, he wants to stay there!" Aww, sad face. I hate to think about Becks being all depressed and stuff about having to live in the US but there is no what that I'm ready for him to move back to Europe. I have yet to have my chance encounter with him at The Grove or the Coffee Bean or the Beverly Center so he better not be going nowhere. I'm fairly certain that the LA Galaxy has him on severe contractual lock-down considering how much money they spent on him so I guess he's gonna just have to get over his homesickness. I would be more than willing to spend some one-on-one alone time with him to help with his acclimation of all that LA has to offer. I'm sure I can help get him out of those doldrums :D [Source]

Jessica Biel thinks she's all that now that she's romantically involved with Justin Timberlake. Here are pics of the now all-too-important Jessica trying to hide from the paparazzi with an oversized umbrella and then, when she's unsuccessful, uses said umbrella to attack one of the photogs:

Photo credit: Splash News

Alright, maybe the word attack is a bit strong but she does seem to have a more holier than thou attitude these days. She's gonna really regret shunning the paps once JT is done with her and they lose all interest in photographing her any more. Oh and before any of y'all give me grief for the umbrella - ella - ella caption you tell me what I'm supposed to do with the use of a big ass umbrella like this. Don't blame me, blame Rihanna ;) [Source]

The one and ONLY Wonder Woman Lynda Carter was on hand in NYC yesterday to sound the closing bell at the NASDAQ and, I must add, looked absolutely faboo doing so ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

I simply had to post these photos because I just absolutely *love* Lynda Carter ... I have ever since I first saw her don that amazing star-spangled costume in her very fun, yet very cheesy 70's TV show Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter/Wonder Woman was my first love, true story. I was totally enamored of her and honestly believed that I would grow up and marry her. Of course, I had no idea what that really meant (and I had no idea why seeing Burt Ward dressed as Robin [in that tiny green speedo-thing] on the TV version of Batman gave me a funny feeling ... er, you know ... down there) but I just knew that if I were ever to get married I would want it to be with Lynda Carter ... but only as Wonder Woman. I gotta say ... Ms. Carter still looks hella good ... I think I would still take her as a wife if she'd be willing to slip into those hot tights. [Source]

Hmm ... is there anything cuter than a young Hollywood hipster actor?

Photo credit: Splash News

How about a young Hollywood hipster actor who likes to read like Adam Brody? Le swoon. Le sigh. [Source]

News broke yesterday that Pete Doherty gave his new girlfriend/fiancée Irina Lazareanu the boot because he was still in love with Kate Moss and was hoping for a reconciliation. Today we have new reports that the hot and heavy romance between Kate Moss and her new man Jamie Hince has cooled ... considerably. Could it be that Kate is ready to take back Pete so that PeteMoss can live again?

Is the romance between Kate Moss and new love, Kills guitarist Jamie Hince, cooling? As Kate looked decidedly frosty as boyfriend Jamie moved in for a smooch - but the model only offered him her cheek for an air-kiss. Following a furious row over Kate's closeness to ex-Pete Doherty, and as news emerged that a newly drug-free Pete is hoping to win her back, Kate and Jamie escaped London, for a sojourn by the sea, to enjoy some quality time together. The couple rowed after Jamie discovered Kate had been calling her ex during his stint in rehab clinic, Clouds House. Yesterday Pete was released from a drugs treatment order - after testing negative. And when asked if he'll stay clean, Doherty, 28, said: "I think I've had enough." But despite Jamie's fears over Kate and Pete's relationship, it appears the model is keen to put the past behind her. Whew! That's good news ... I never liked Kate Moss with Pete Doherty. I think it's best for her and her daughter that she just stay away from any romantic involvement with him at all costs. [Source]

Woot! Woot! FOX has released a preview trailer for the upcoming 7th season of my FAVE.SHOW.EVER. 24 to the InterWeb. Introduced by the boozehound Keifer Sutherland himself, this new trailer reveals some very shocking surprises to come in Day 7 of the hit show. Be warned, the following screencaps may be interpreted as spoilerish so if you want to be completely surprised by all of the events of the new season when it airs next January then you might want to skip the next part ... and you deffo don't want to watch the trailer itself:

The rest of you want to be clicking HERE so that you can watch this new trailer in full and then start those countdown clocks 'til the new season of 24 debuts next year. Could it be that Tony Almeida, former CTU supervisor and BFF to Jack Bauer, is not only alive but will be the big villain of the new season? However will Jack be able to save the day now? [Source, thanks Rawa]

Here are a few new amazing photos of Brangelina a couple of their kids (most probably their favorite ones) which were taken by photographer Mario Testino which will appear in his new coffee table book Let Me In:

I quite like these pics ... even tho they appear a bit staged, I think some semblance of love shows thru. This is a very nice portrait of the Brangelina brood that we don't get to see everyday. They're quite nice. [Source]

Friend of the gays and frontman for Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta, was interviewed for the new issue of Out magazine wherein he talked about is fave guilty pleasure, his lurve for Justin Timberlake and his bitchin' dance moves. Here are a few pics from the spread in Out:

If you ask him for the official story, Gabe Saporta will say that he started his band Cobra Starship after wandering through the desert, eating too much peyote and being bitten by a snake who then told him it was his responsibility to save self-important hipsters from their own serious selves. The former Midtown front man made a beeline for infamy with "Bring It (Snakes on a Plane)," the soundtrack single that was a bigger hit than Samuel L. Jackson's movie. While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets, Cobra Starship's 2006 debut, was packed with ridiculous, relentless dance rock interspersed with campy quotes culled from classic movies. He even brought back the keytar. Now fully integrated into the Fall Out Boy pop & pop hit machine -- Pete Wentz signs bands to his label, and singer Patrick Stump produces their records -- Cobra Starship's sophomore album, ¡Viva La Cobra!, comes out this week. Saporta spoke with Out about making out with his boss to end homophobia, the raunchy track he recorded with gay hip-hoppers VIP Party Boys, and why Justin Timberlake will always be his favorite. I have been very fortunate enough to get to spend some time hanging out with Gabe (most recently in a VIP suite at the Palms Hotel and Casino at the 2007 MTV VMAs where we were trying not to notice the girl on the bed who was letting her male companion take camera-phone pictures of her naked crotch just 15 feet away from us) and I gotta say, he is a totally righteous dude. The new Cobra Starship album ¡Viva La Cobra! just dropped this past Tuesday and it's a really fun album ... you have to check it out. Click HERE to read Out magazine's interview with Gabe so you can get a feel for what a great guy he is. [Source]

Mel C. of the Spice Girls is featured in the pages of the new issue of Booklet magazine ... here are a few of her saccharine overload pics:

She actually looks really cute in these pics. Mel C. isn't my favorite Spice Girl but even I have to give her props for these fun pics. [Source]

Here's something I never thought I'd write ... here are a few really cool pictures from the new issue of Country Weekly magazine, featuring my fave new country girl Carrie Underwood:

See, I told you her music has got me actin' weird lately. I didn't even know they made magazines exclusively for Country music artists ... I thought they only read FHM ;) [Source]

Ho Ho Ho ... Abercrombie and Fitch is gettin' ready for Xmas and has updated their official website with some new mancandy to get you in the Xmas shopping mood:

Eh. They've had better (and nekkider). I really miss their old catalog which used to come chock full of hot man-on-man action that really got their clothes to fly off the shelves. The pics also got their clothes to fly off the reader's bodies once they got home with their new catalogs ... um, I've heard ... not that I actually engaged in that sort of behavior, thank you very much. [Source]

And finally, much like Jessica Biel who now feels the need to hide from the paps ... it would seem that other women in Hollywood have taken to hiding away from the flashbulbs of the Hollywood photogs:

Photo credit: Big! Pictures and Mavrix

It would seem that hiding from the cameras is the new smiling for the cameras these days. Click HERE to find out who mysterious woman #1 is and click HERE to find out who mysterious woman #2 is. [Source, Source]

Les News:
Blah ... plans last night totally fell apart (I'm still not sure what happened exactly) but it was prolly for the best ... I got most of my packing done last night so I'm about ready for my trip home to Detroit. This afternoon I'm off to see my boy Josh at Shampoo for a quick haircut and then I'll be making my way to LAX for my red eye flight home. Sooooo ... starting tomorrow and then for the next 10 days, I'll be comin' atcha from the Motor City. Please have a great day ... and I'll be seein' ya from the hearty Midwest. I'm out.



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