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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

She Walks Among Us

Britney Spears must be in a hella good mood these days ... at long last she decided to love herself enough to have her old, ratty hair extensions ripped from her head so that they could be replaced with a new set of lush, clean, fake hair ... behold:

And no, thine eyes to not deceive thee ... that is make-up that she is wearing in the first two pics. Shocking, I know. But, for some reason, the girl seems incapable of operating a motor vehicle without introducing some semblance of hazardous behavior while she is behind the wheel. I guess I don't understand the rationale of putting the lives of others in danger while driving a car on the public roadways in order to try and hide behind things so that one's photo won't be taken. The pictures get taken anyways irregardless of whether or not a person hides while driving. Dumb. But at least the girl's got some nice, new hair for us to enjoy ... the old ratty stuff was gettin' kinda rank. [Source]

Huzzah! Huzzah! The good news doesn't stop there, folks. The Spederline lawyers met in a closed hearing yesterday to try and hammer out which Spederline parent would get to enjoy Xmas day with the children, Sean Preston and Jayden James, and it turns out that Britters will get to spend Xmas morn with the lads. As always, Mark Vincent Kaplan represented Kevin Federline and Britney Spears was repped by her hawt new female attorney, Anne Kiley (who is basically a Laura Wasser clone ... much prettier than her previous, old male attorney) ... here are pics of the legal eagles as they made their way into court yesterday:

Photo credit: Splash News

Lawyers for Britney and K-Daddy have worked out an arrangement for who gets the kids for the Xmas holidays. We've learned, under the deal hammered out by Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, and Brit's disso-cutie, Anne Kiley -- Spears will open presents with the kids on Christmas day, and eat whatever best accompanies a Fanta. It's only fair, since K-Fed got the kids for Thanksgiving dinner. You know, for all this legal-wrangling going on back and forth, the interested parties are pretty much behaving appropriately ... well, now that Britney is actively complying with the stipulations set forth by the court. Something tells me that this legal back and forth will continue on for some time ... I don't see eiter side caving into the other any time soon. Isn't it great that the Spederline custody battle is doing so much to keep the court dockets nice and full? [Source]

In absolutely ABSURD news, Kevin Federline graces the cover of the new issue of Details magazine as he is named as one of the mag's picks of the 50 Most Influential Men under 45. Coming in at #7 on the list and labeled as a "Good Father", here is K-Fed's cover photo:

Kevin Federline, father of the year? Well, not quite, but Details magazine has deemed Britney Spears' famous ex one of its "50 Most Influential Men under 45." To be specific, Federline, 29, is listed in the No. 7 slot as a "Good Father" alongside Larry Birkhead. Federline, a father of four to be exact, tells the magazine that "To be a father is ... everything. It shows me how little I am." Little as he might be, his acting career is getting bigger, at least by Federline's standards. One lament: "I'd actually like to play somebody other than a bad guy or an ass," he tells Details. And although the decisions in his ongoing custody battle with Spears speak for themselves, Federline reveals a snapshot of life inside his household. "My TVs are pretty much G-rated right now. Anything from "SpongeBob" to "Finding Nemo," and you know, I’m still trying to decide which one I like more." I guess the question becomes, what is it exactly that qualifies Kevin Federline as a "good father"? Is it the fact that he takes custody of his kids 5 days out of the week? Is it that he isn't really seen hitting the party circuit like he used to when he was married to Britney Spears? Is it that he no longer has the money to blow on expensive toys for himself so, instead, he buys diapers and food for his sons? Well guess what ... THAT'S WHAT HE'S SUPPOSED TO DO! This title and rank is an absolute joke. Where were these platitudes regarding the joys and wisdom gleaned from fatherhood when he abandoned his other children with Shar Jackson? And who, exactly, is K-Fed (or Larry Birkhead, for that matter) influencing? At best, these two sorry excuses are influencing other deadbeat dudes who are looking to make a quick buck and attain instant fame by latching themselves on to more successful (or famous) women long enough to impregnate them ... give me an effing break. Clearly, Details magazine doesn't know what the shizz they're talking about ... and only put K-Fed on the cover to generate buzz for the magazine. Obvs it worked but it's just a really gross display. Click HERE to see who else made the cut of Details Power List for 2007. [Source]


Ugh ... let's move on ... last night's ep of Heroes was pretty good ... a few more pieces of the puzzle were revealed and we are set up for the big finish which will air next Monday night. At long last, we finally got some decent Sylar in this ep (and half-nekkid Sylar at that) who has been sorely missing pretty much all season thus far (and we *still* don't know what happened to him that stripped him of his powers) and, I believe, our first major character death of the season with the promise of more on the way next week ....

Last week's ep really set up the question, "Who is Victoria?" and last night's ep gave us the answer ... she is the scientist who developed the Shanti virus back in the 70s and was believed to be the person that unleashes it in the future (when we know it should be Adam who is playing Peter like a fiddle). I kinda expected more from her revelation but ... at least she's dead and out of the way now. Adam tried to unleash the virus in the 70s and will, apparently, be successful in the future unless the Heroes can stop him ... which is, I'm sure, where next week's ep will take us. It's about damn time that Sylar got more screentime last night ... he has been sorely lacking all season long ... and our patience was rewarded with a half-nekkid shot of the sexy beast. While I was bummed that Peter didn't have any shirtless scenes this ep (a first for this season, I think) nekkid Sylar made up for it. I really hope Sylar did kill Alejandro ... who has to be the most pointless Hero ever created, with his black tear-stained sister Maya right behind. These 2 are deffo the Paulo and Nikki (from Lost) of this season of Heroes ... they suck, they shouldn't have been added to the cast and their exit from the show will be totally meaningless. I kinda wanted more from the Claire and Elle face off but that should come next week ... as should the showdown between Hiro and Peter. The preview for next week promises that "2 Heroes will fall" so I guess there will be more Peacing the Spork Out to come. Woot! [Source]


Again, I was hoping for a little more oomph from last night's ep of The Hills as well. The promise of She-Spencer slithering up from the depths of Hades to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting people of LA was intriguing ... in the end, it turned out to be nothing more than a minor annoyance. Eh, I enjoyed, nonetheless:

I was really disappointed in the non-importance of She-Spencer and her lackey Roxy (seriously ... her name is Roxy!). The two drama queens did their best to whip up some conflict but were both shut down by LC and Brody. Man, I don't think I've ever respected LC more than I did last night ... she was basically all, Beyotch, you don’t know me so get the eff out of my face without saying as much in any sort of confrontational way. The looks on their faces after they were completely shut down was awesome ... it was funny how She-Spencer was trying to talk up the confrontation the next day ... saaaaaad sad sad. You know, LC should let Audrina borrow her spine ... it would've saved her a lot of heartache if she could've gotten rid of Justin Bobby ages ago. Doesn't it seem like Audrina was just holding on to Justin Bobby for fear that she couldn't get anyone else? Blah ... I'm over his Johnny Depp-wannabe ass ... I hope he is gone for good. I dunno ... it really feels like they are running out of ways to make Speidi interesting for the show ... introducing Spencer's pointless sister got them some screentime last night ... and their new fight next week promises some more ... but it just seems so contrived. Wait, what am I saying? The whole show is contrived ... but you see what I'm saying. I will say, tho, that I never thought I'd ever see the face of true evil incarnate ... heaven help us all. [Source]

Ew. Hayden Panettiere seems to be picking up some very bad habits from her fellow Hollywood "It" Girl Britney Spears ... check it out:

Well, as far as bad habits that could be picked up from Britney Spears, I guess this one isn't all that bad after all but still ... I really hope we aren't faced with months of seeing Hayden wearing those same boots day in and day out in Britney fashion. [Source]

David Beckham and the LA Galaxy faced off in a friendly match against Sydney FC in Australia last night and the good news is not only did Becks score a goal in the game but he also looked damn good doing so ...

... the bad news is that the Galaxy ended up losing to Sydney FC 5-3 and poor Becks got a little boo boo along the way. Ah well ... better luck next time, Becksie poo. [Source]

Nicole Richie met up with her on-again BFF Paris Hilton for a nice lunch at Forte restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA yesterday ... here are a couple of pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

Yeah, I guess Nicky Hilton was included for lunch as well but does anyone even care? In fact, I doubt that many folks really care about the whole Paris and Nicole thing anymore either. I am very much looking forward to new mom Nicole staying in with her new baby in the new year ... which I think might help make Paris Hilton irrelevant. Maybe she can be put out to socialite pasture ... never to be heard from again. Ahh ... it's nice to dream. [Source]

Robbie Williams has had to deal with persistent rumors that he has been hiding behind a beard for the course of his career (in regards to rumors about his sexuality) but, in this case, the rumor is finally true. Here are new pics of Robbie rockin' a full grown beard of his own growing:

Robbie and his new chick, actress Ayda Field, are trying to lay low in Amsterdam ... which may explain the bearded disguise. Honestly, I think it's a good luck for him. I hope he keeps the beard ... er, the facial hair, not the chick. [Source]

Johnny Depp and his BFF for the past few years, director Tim Burton, were spotted doing some Xmas shopping together at comic/sci-fi shop Forbidden Planet in London, England this week ... here are a few pics:

Photo credit: Splash News

While I'm sure that Johnny was picking up a few things for his daughter Lily Rose, I wouldn't be surprised if some of those toys were for him too ... he just strikes me as the kind of guy who likes to collects stuff like that. [Source]

Britney Spears isn't the only person in Hollywood sportin' some new hair these days ... actor Brendon Fraser, who terrified the world in recent years with his nearly entirely bald head, has been seen with a full head of lush, thick hair once again ...

... just in time to begin shooting scenes for the latest installment of The Mummy movie franchise titled Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, which has just begun production in Shanghai this week. Brendon will deffo be a shoe in at Oscar time for the award for Best Wig. Wow ... what a difference a rug makes. [Source]

New mom Salma Hayek has finally gotten around to introducing the world to her new baby daugther, Valentina, in a press release photo that was unleashed yesterday afternoon ... take a look at Salma's darling little girl:

SALMA Hayek has released a picture of her baby girl Valentina Paloma, and it looks like the little bub has taken after her. Hayek, 41, gave birth to little Valentina in September. The father, Francois-Henri Pinault is the billionaire boss of the Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent fashion empire and PPR luxury brand. They plan on getting married early next year. Valentina is the first child for the actress but it's been rumoured her fiance is the father of former supermodel Linda Evangelista, who has never publicy revealed the father's identity. That little girl is cute ... and Salma looks great. I'm glad to know that she wasn't hiding away this little bundle of joy for any unfortunate reasons ... cute cute cute. [Source]

Here is the just-released promo poster artwork for the Dr. Who Xmas special which will air on the BBC this weekend and guest stars our very own Kylie Minogue:

Unfortch for me, I have no idea what Dr. Who is all about but I am hoping that BBC America will air the special here in the States this weekend as well so that we can see Kyles in action on the show. [Source]

In other Minogue news, here are a couple of super sexy pics of Kylie's little sister Dannii Minogue wearing a Team Minogue t-shirt ... and not much else:

Bless Dannii's heart ... the dear lass always resorts to using her sexiness to get attention. She is a sweetie, tho. And she does look really hawt in this t-shirt so I guess we can cut her some slack. [Source]

Here is the cover artwork for the new issue of Entertainment Weekly which features JK Rowling as the magazine's Entertainer of the Year:

I don't know that this cover is the most flattering photo they could've used but the honor remains the same. JK totally ruled this year ... she deffo deserves the accolades. [Source]

And finally ... the little online game that Empire magazine started yesterday that promises to reveal, bit by bit, a new photo of what was presumed to be The Joker from the new Batman sequel The Dark Knight has already been plundered. Here is the cover photo for the new issue of Empire magazine which features a new, very cool picture of Heath Ledger as The Joker:

Click above to see the larger full size image

What a great photo. It might've been more fun if the reveal was able to play itself out with getting spoiled but ... I guess I'm all for instant gratification. Click above to see the magazine cover artwork in full size. [Source, Source]

Les News:
I pretty much spent the day inside yesterday, out of the cold rain, but went out for dinner with David and our friend Monique (who just flew in from Buenos Aires, Argentina). We had a great meal at Yama before coming back home to watch a whole bunch of TV.

I think David and I are gonna lie low again tonight (it is our fave thing to do) but I might venture out to SoHo for a bit later on this afternoon.

Tonight is my last night in NYC for some time ... so I hope to make the best of it. And ... that is all ... I'm out.



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