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Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Big Birthday, A Big Tour Kick-Off & A Big 12 Championship

Felicitations, Bitches! Before we get things going today, I have to send out OODLES AND OODLES of Birthday Lurve to our very own, dear Britney Spears. Miss Britney has managed to successfully survive another year of life and, today, turns 26 years old. Here are a couple pics of Britney having her cake and eating it too last night at the Scandinavian Mansion of Style event which took place at a private residence in Bel-Air, California:

Photo credit: Wireimage

In fact, the Scandinavian Mansion of Style essentially turned into Britney Spears's unofficial birthday party ... Brit Brit rolled into the estate with her 2 besties, Cousin Ali Sims and the very shady-lookin' Sam Lufti ready to take control of the shindig. Britters was joined by, among others, Paris Hilton to help her celebrate her birthday in style ... er, well, in as much style as could be mustered while wearing a skimpy slip dress underneath a fluffy coat made of Collie fur ... underneath a semi-heinous weave:

Photo credit: Wireimage

But the partying in Bel-Air was only the first stop on Britney's wild night of birthday partying ... after Britters and her peeps had sufficiently exhausted everything they could at the Scandinavian Mansion of Style event, they packed up their shizz and rolled on out to Britney's home away from home (no, not the gas station) ... the Four Seasons Hotel:

Photo credit: X17

The Britney Bunch were doin' it up until well past 4am this morning and they decided to pile out onto the balcony of her suite to mug for the cameras assembled below. I suppose Britters is entitled to a night out of raucous partying in order to celebrate her 26th birthday ... but honestly, this could've been any other night for her. This is basically how she usually spends her Tuesday nights. Ah well ... she appears to have made it thru the night successfully and without major incident so I suppose congrats are in order. It is my sincere wish that she be able to capably navigate the dangerous waters of another year of living so that we can toast her birthday again next year. Let's all hold our collective breaths, shall we? [Source]

In semi-related news, Mark Vincent Kaplan, attorney at large for one, Mr. Kevin Federline, has issued a statement to Extra which attempts to unequivocally deny rumors and reports that K-Fed is only interested in milking more money from his ex-wife, Miss Britney Spears, by way of hauling her into family court at every turn under the guise of their on-going custody battle. Here is the full text of Mark Vincent Kaplan's statement along with a new photo of Kevin Federline from the latest issue of Details magazine which ranks the wannabe rapper turned model father at #7 on their list of the 50 Most Influential Men Under 45:

Every two months, rumors have been raised in the media that Mr. Federline's lawyers are about to go into court to get more money for child support. Persistent questions are again being raised now in the press about the timing of when that will happen. As I've said, I know where to find the courthouse and what to do when I get there. If Mr. Federline had wanted to increase child support, it would be very easy to achieve and would have been requested long before now. There has not been and is not now a request before the court for a modification of child support. Mr. Federline's purpose in bringing this action continues to be one that is based upon the best interest of the children as his highest priority.

- Mark Vincent Kaplan, Attorney for Kevin Federline
November 30, 2007

Well ... I guess that settles that. I suppose it's comforting to know that K-Fed is able to afford his own eye patches and silk robes all on his own without having to request more money from his ex-wife. Wait a minute, no it's not. Ew. [Source]

David Beckham and the LA Galaxy proved victorious over the Wellington Phoenix in their exhibition soccer game that was played in New Zealand on Saturday. Becks and the boys managed to pull off a win in front of the largest audience ever amassed in New Zealand to come out for a soccer game (which says something since rugby is the sport of choice down there). Here are a few pics of Becks from the game, half-nekkid, of course, and showin' off a peek at his Armani undies which he will be advertising in a new campaign in the new year:

David Beckham treated the largest crowd to watch a soccer match in New Zealand to a virtuoso display of midfield play. Beckham scored on a penalty kick and set up three other goals as the Los Angeles Galaxy beat Wellington Phoenix 4-1 in an exhibition game Saturday. The English star said he had bronchitis and during the game clutched his chest several times. But that didn't stop him from thrilling the sellout crowd of 35,000 - the largest for a soccer game in New Zealand - as the Galaxy wrapped up their tour of Australia and New Zealand. He delivered the cross which led to the Galaxy's first goal, laid on the long ball that led to the second, set up the third and drilled a 76th-minute penalty to put his own name on the scoresheet. "I was surprised because I am not a penalty taker but Landon (Donovon) told me to have it and I was happy to," said the 32-year-old England midfielder and former Manchester United and Real Madrid star. "I saw the ball pretty well so I had every chance to score and so this tour's ended up well for us." Beckham stayed on the field for all 90 minutes, supplementing star power with value for money ... Soccer has been a minor sport in New Zealand. The country is fanatical about rugby, at which it has excelled for more than 100 years, winning almost 80 per cent of its international matches. Beckham managed in a few days to give soccer a profile it has never previously enjoyed. Thousands turned out to welcome him at Wellington airport on Thursday and 18,000 people - mainly children - watched him train with the Galaxy at Westpac Stadium on Thursday. The English star heads back to Los Angeles with the Galaxy on Sunday. And we'll be happy to have him back home in the States. It's worth nothing that Becks is finally wearing the Armani underwear that he has signed up to promote. It wasn't that long ago that we saw Becks, shirtless and flashin' his undies, while wearing Calvin Klein underwear ... methinks someone at Armani made it known that he should be wearing their underwear from now on. I am very anxious to see more of Becks wearing less in his much anticipated new Armani underwear ad campaign. [Source, Source]

Becks is flying home today to be back in the states for the official kickoff of the much-hyped Spice Girls Reunion Tour which will take place in Vancouver, British Columbia tonight. Altho Becks has been banned from the Spice's opening night show (apparently, Vicki B. says she'd be too nervous to lip sync in front of him on opening night), I wouldn't be surprised if she showed up anyways ... but if not, he's sure to be at the 2 Spice Girls concerts that will take place later on this week. Here is the first pic of the Spices from last night's dress rehearsal in front of the opening night of the tour tonight:

The Spice Girls kick off their reunion world tour with a concert in Vancouver tonight. The Canadian gig will see Victoria, Emma, Mel B, Mel C and Geri take to the stage together for the first time since 1998. Their last tour date as a five-piece was in Birmingham shortly before Geri Halliwell's departure from the band. Tonight's show at the General Motors Place in Vancouver marks the start of the sell-out Return of the Spice Girls Tour and coincides with the group's Greatest Hits album. The girls have spent the past three weeks rehearsing songs and choreography in Los Angeles and only flew to Vancouver on Friday. They had their first public performance as a quintet in nearly a decade when they sang their new single Headlines for the BBC Children in Need appeal from Los Angeles on November 16. Last night they had a final dress rehearsal in front of family and friends and select members of the press. The girls wore Roberto Cavalli outfits as they fine-tuned their performance for the big night. Wearing co-ordinating copper-coloured outfits they performed three numbers; Spice Up Your Life, where they appeared on stage on raised platforms; Stop and Say You'll Be There. Despite recent media reports of a feud between the girls, they seemed to go some lengths to demonstrate their unity on stage Mel B joked she knew they would always get back together while Mel C said she was delighted to be there. At the end of Stop, the girls embraced each other. And so, we are just a few hours away from the first night of the tour and I can't *wait* to hear reports of how things went down. I'm sure one of the Girls will be blogging on the official site about how amazing their first night of the tour was and, natch, there will be the plethora of pics. I'm not sure how much of the show I want to see before I get to see the show for myself later on this week. Darion and I are going to the first LA show on Wednesday night and then David, who is coming into town on Thursday night, will be going with me on the second show on Friday night. I may look around a bit and I may post a few pics but I really do want to keep as much of the show a surprise until I get to see it for myself. [Source]

Shia LeBeouf continues his residency in Chicago, IL where he is currently bizzy filming his new movie Eagle Eye ... here are a few pics of Shia doin' his thing both on and off the set:

Photo credit: On Location News

I dunno know why but every time I see Shia these days all I can think is how blitzed he looks. Even when he's doing something as normal as sippin' a cup of soup ... it looks like he's hammered. I think I'm still having a hard time gettin' that image of Shia wreaking havoc on that unsuspecting Walgreens drug store a couple of weeks ago out of my head. [Source, Source]

Madonna, the Material One herself, has touched down and landed in NYC this weekend after a long and dangerous trek across the tundra ...

Photo credit: Splash News

... and she looks pretty good. I understand that NYC got its first taste of snow today so it's nice to see that Madge planned ahead and dressed properly for the weather. [Source]

Here are a couple new totally nekkid pics of Xtina Aguilera from the new issue of Marie Claire magazine, the cover of which she also graces with her pregnant nekkidness:

She really does look beautiful all pregs and nekkid. It won't be long now until she'll have popped that youngin' out of her loins and will be pushin' it around in some expensive baby pram all over town. Such is the circle of life. [Source]

Pink reader Kristy gave me the heads up that you can head over to the official website for The Golden Compass movie and answer a few questions to find out what Dæmon would be yours in Lyra's world. I answered the questions and found out that this is my Dæmon:

Folks who have read the book know that Mrs. Coulter's Dæmon is a golden monkey as well ... so I dunno what that really says about me. The site is full of really fun stuff to play around with ... check it out.

I am extremely elated to report that the mighty Oklahoma Sooners handed a sound defeat to the #1 ranked Missouri Tigers last night in the Big 12 Championship Game. OU creamed Missouri by a score of 38-17, natch, to bring the Big 12 Championship Trophy back home to Norman, OK:

Missouri's pain turned out to be Oklahoma's pleasure. The top-ranked Tigers' BCS dreams died Saturday night at the hands - and feet - of the Sooners in the Big 12 title game. No. 9 Oklahoma, a regular at Big 12 titles, showed Missouri what it takes to win one: defense and a bruising running game near the goal line. Oklahoma rushed for three touchdowns, quarterback Sam Bradford threw for two more and the Sooners coolly captured their fifth Big 12 championship since 2000, upending the upstart Tigers 38-17 Saturday night in the Alamodome. The Sooners are the first team in Big 12 history to win consecutive titles. "It's an unbelievable feeling," Oklahoma redshirt freshman quarterback Sam Bradford said after his teammates hoisted their trophy. "It feels amazing" ... The Sooners (11-2) contained the Tigers' Heisman Trophy hopeful quarterback Chase Daniel and three times forced one of the nation's best offenses to settle for short field goals instead of touchdowns. It was the first time this season Missouri was held under 30 points ... the Sooners are known for winning championships and dominating the Big 12. Stoops nickname is "Big Game Bob" and he's 5-1 in Big 12 title games. His team approached this one with "been-there-done-that" swagger, knowing that had already beaten Missouri once this season and 17 of the last 18 meetings. "We took care of the football (and) played physical," Stoops said. Holla!!! The best thing to ever happy to the OU football program was that I graduated and stopped going to the football games ... because when I was a student at OU, I went to every single home game, every single year and they lost pretty much all of them. As soon as I graduated and went back to Michigan they started winning National Championships again ... so I can take full credit for last night's win. Boomer Sooner! [Source]

And finally ... it's that time of the week that we pause to admire the hot bod of the Hot Dude of the Week. Say hello to Bryan ... and his backside:

Photo credit: All American Guys

Bryan is a Hot Dude of the Week that has been featured before but I'm not sure that the back of him has been given its due. I wouldn't want to be accused of playing favorites to just the front sides of Hot Dudes so here you go ... I'm sure that many of y'all will approve :) [Source]

Les News:
Last night I met up with Darion and his friend Erik at his place on the West side of town so that we could hang out for a bit in D's very tidy apartment before heading out for sushi dinner ... before heading out to see Beowulf at the IMAX in 3D:

People, I don't know how to stress this enough ... YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE IN IMAX 3D. I was so bummed that David and I saw this movie in regular format that I jumped at the chance to see it again with Darion, Erik and Kirsten (who opted out of dinner but came out for the flick). I was absolutely STUNNED by how astonishing the movie experience is in IMAX 3D. I was literally ooohing and ahhhing for the first 15 mins. of the film. Every single portion of the movie is in 3D, the opening credits left me slack-jawed. This movie is BY FAR the best 3D anything I've ever seen in my entire life. Disneyland has some amazing 3D shows but this beats the hell out of them ... in fact, this 3D version of Beowulf beats the hell out of the regular version. If you've seen the movie in regular format, YOU HAVEN'T REALLY SEEN THE MOVIE. I promise, you will be blown away by this movie in IMAX 3D (geeze, have I said it enough?). I was most impressed by the hair on the characters' bodies ... which sounds kinda weird. You can actually count the hairs on their heads and faces ... I had to fight the urge to put my hand out to try and pet Beowulf's chest hair (weird, weird, I know). You could even see the hair fuzz on the end of their noses ... just really detailed, really freakin' impressive.

We clearly had a great time last night ... even tho we almost missed the movie cuz we got locked into the parking garage at the restaurant and the gate wouldn't open. We managed to figure it out and the night was saved.

Tonight, I'm meeting up with Darion cuz I'm taking him with me to the Movies Rock event at the Kodak Theater ... the deets of which I'll have tomorrow.

And so ... I'm out ... have a great rest of the weekend.



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