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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Di, Another Day

Okay ... so y'all are prolly getting a wee bit tired of hearing about Prince Harry's secret military tour of duty in war-torn Afghanistan (which has been talked about ad-nauseum for the past couple of days since the report broke ... including by me) but it's been a couple days since I've done a Britney Spears item (you're welcome) so indulge me for a moment (besides, there are some hawt shirtless pics coming your way). Anyways, we've been hearing about how dangerous Prince Harry's mission was and we've seen photos of the lad carrying rifles, strapped with ammo and riding atop huge military vehicles ... but today I present to you the softer side of war with these pics of Harry playing in the Afghani desert (sometimes sans shirt) and a very charming tale of how His Royal Princeness was using the military radio waves to flirt with a female comrade in arms ... hmmm, war don't sound so bad after all:

To the fighter pilots and the crews manning spy planes above the battlefields of Afghanistan he was just Widow-Six-Seven. Another radio call-sign, a reassuring voice of authority, a brother in arms, a bit of a wag ... and an incorrigible flirt. He may have spent the past ten weeks in strange and hostile lands but, in some respects at least, Prince Harry's deployment to the Helmand Province covered more familiar territory: flirting with girls and indulging in some laddish banter with the guys. Within days of arriving at his posting, 23-year-old Harry was given the daunting responsibility of setting surveillance tasks for experienced pilots and giving final clearance for bomb drops with the crisp confirmation: "Cleared hot. And soon after taking up his position as emergency air controller, Widow-Six-Seven had become a voice that at least one female fighter pilot looked forward to hearing over the airwaves. Much to the amusement of his colleagues in the control room, Harry could be heard chatting to the female Harrier pilot about the snow-covered mountains over which she was soaring and commenting how perfect they would be for a spot of skiing. Moments later, a separate radio channel crackled into life with Harry's laughing comrades telling him to "get a room" if he was planning on pursuing that line of chat. According to Harry's commanding officer, Battery Commander Major Andy Dimmock: "We were obviously giving him the mickey. "We said, 'Flirt with her any longer and you have to get a room.' He said, 'Does that count as the Mile High Club?'" You can take the boy out of Boujis [nightclub] but, it seems, there will always be a little bit of Boujis in the boy ... A world away from the luxuries and distractions of home, Widow-Six-Seven was just another soldier happy to share in the good-natured humour that punctuated the tedium of long hours scrutinising surveillance footage from the spy planes at work over southern Afghanistan. After all, a war wouldn't be a war without a pin-up or two, and for the Facebook generation of which Harry and his comrades are a part, the days of saucy playing cards, viewed by torchlight, have been replaced by internet downloads and live video feed ... During his time in Helmand, Harry relished the fact that his "game face" was not prefaced with an "HRH". For those weeks he was a soldier first and a prince second.

Welp ... I know I feel safer knowing this is what goes on during war. I keed, I keed ... it sounds like Harry did a great job of fitting in nice and normally with his solider buddies ... besides, any excuse to get half nekkid is a good excuse in my book. It's unclear if Prince Harry is to be deployed clandestinely to another war-torn region of the world but we're hearing that Prince William (the elder Prince) is lookin' to be stationed in active military duty so that he can attain some of this war glory that Harry has been enjoying this week (er, that and to help protect the world from the forces of evil). But Prince Wills's tour will happen on a Navy ship which means there may be a lot less half-nekkidness. Then again, those ships do offer some very close quarters so ... you never know. [Source, Source]

Now that the Writer's Strike is over some of our favorite shows are starting to return to the air ... and Saturday Night Live was among the first to hit the airwaves with new eps (new eps started airing last weekend). Academy Award nominated actress (and everyone's little indie movie darling of the moment) Ellen Page was the host of last night's ep and provided a few good laughs for the viewing audience. I haven't been able to watch the entire ep myself (David and I were partying with Diana and co. all last night/this morning) but I have been able to watch a couple of fun vidclips that are making the rounds today:

Click HERE to watch Ellen's opening monologue where she plays against Andy Samburg who plays a pretty passable drag version of Academy Award winning Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody (the writing is so spot on in this bit, I have to wonder if Diablo actually had a hand in its writing). But I think the most telling (and marginally entertaining) skit of the show (that I've seen thus far) has to be the "lesbian" skit that Ellen stars in (which you can watch HERE). Clearly she's poking fun at all the rumors going around that she is gay but still ... could she be telling us something by actually telling us something in this skit? Hmmmm. In any event, the clips are pretty good for a few yuks but don't expect outright hilarity. Even tho SNL is back on the air after so many weeks it's still not as funny as it used to be a few years ago. Boo. [Source, Source]

Senator Hillary Clinton, who is facing a few extremely important primary showdowns against front runner for the Democratic nomination this Tuesday, made a "surprise" appearance on Saturday Night Live last night. In an attempt to reach out to a wide audience on the eve of Tuesday's primaries (especially the audience in Ohio and Texas), Hillary showed up in the opening skit to poke a bit of fun at herself and to be the one to utter the famous line, Live from New York, it's Saturday Night:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton dropped off the campaign trail to make a guest appearance on "Saturday Night Live," reveling in a skit that lampooned media bias for Barack Obama and poking a little fun at her own laugh and her 11 straight losses to Mr. Obama. Probably her best line (and well-delivered to boot) came when Amy Poehler, the comedienne who portrays Mrs. Clinton on "SNL," asked the candidate how things were going. "Oh the campaign is going very, very well," Mrs. Clinton said in a syrupy tone. Then, with mock suspicion, she continued: "Why, what have you heard?" ... The show opened, as it did last week, with a skit parodying the recent Clinton-Obama debates; Mrs. Clinton did not take part in the reenactment, with SNL players squaring off and interacting with the moderators. Last week's skit featured CNN moderators fawning over Mr. Obama; Saturday night's had the NBC panelists, Brian Williams and Tim Russert, doing the same, with Mr. Russert laying it on thick as he described Mr. Obama's eloquence. "I get it Tim, he's eloquent," the faux Hillary said. A quick aside: The real Mrs. Clinton had referenced last week's skit during the real debate with Mr. Obama in Ohio on Tuesday, complaining that she seemed "to get the first question all the time." She continued: "I don't mind. I'll be happy to field it. I just find it curious if anybody saw 'Saturday Night Live,' maybe we should ask Barack if he's comfortable and needs another pillow." Back to SNL: Another memorable line by the faux Hillary came as she said, about oil companies, that "pretty speeches are not going to get them to give up power." Rather, Poehler-as-Hillary said, taking on the special interests required someone like Mrs. Clinton: "Someone so annoying, so pushy, so grating, so bossy and shrill, with a personality so unpleasant, that at the end of the day the special interests will have to go enough! We give up! Life is too short to deal with this awful woman! And I think the American people will agree," she added, "that someone is me" ... When the skit ended, the SNL announcer introduced an "editorial response," and there was the real Mrs. Clinton seated at a desk, wearing a familiar chocolate-colored vest of hers that Ms. Poehler wore a version of for the skit. "The scene you just saw was a reenactment – sort of – of last Tuesday's debate, and not an endorsement of one candidate over another," she said. "I still enjoyed that sketch a great deal because I simply adore Amy's impression of me," Ms. Poehler then appeared and they complimented each other. "I love your outfit," Mrs. Clinton said, and then dead-panned: "I do want the earrings back."

By and large, I thought Hillary's appearance was cute ... but she is very stiff and it didn't seem all that natural for her to be funny like that. That said, I think it's really smart of her to show up for things like SNL ... I'm sure it went a long way to soften her up a bit for some voters -- who may make the difference for her on Tuesday. [Source]

Okay ... moving on ... the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is in full swing down under this weekend and a couple of very cool performers were on the bill to provide the entertainment for the amassed revelers down in OZ this weekend. Olivia Newton-John, arguably the First Lady of Aussie Pop, was among the performers at the Sydney Mardi Gras this weekend ... and Pink reader David, who hails from Sydney, Australia, was on hand to witness the event:

Photo credit: Splash News

David writes: Well that's the last Mardi Gras I will ever attend. I've waited my whole gay life to see Olivia do that show and she did not disappoint ... Coming out in tight back pants and a gold sequined bat wing jacket with her hair super straight and face glowing, she was simply STUNNING. New York based DJ Hex Hector provided the best remix of, what else but XANADU. The 8000 screaming fans almost drowned out her song and you could tell she was over the moon with response. GOOD ON YOU GIRL!!!!, you just made a lot gay boys dreams come true!

I love it! Year after year I hear that the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras celebration is an event not to be missed ... and year after year, I miss it :( Much love goes out to David for taking the time to write in this fun report of Olivia's performance. [Source]

Additionally, Cyndi Lauper was also on hand to perform at Sydney Mardi Gras this weekend ... here are a few pics from her performance

Photo credit: Splash News

I love the whole powdered-wig Victorian theme she had going on for her performance. I'm sure the gays really appreciated Cyndi's efforts to entertain. I've been fortunate enough to see Cyndi live on stage and I can attest -- she is an awesome performer. I just may have to make plans to be in Oz next year ... I'm not sure I want to miss experiencing another Sydney Mardi Gras. [Source]

Oh ... and one more thing ... Pink reader Kristen was in the hiz for Mardi Gras this weekend and she ran into an old friend of ours:

Well, you gotta know that Lance Bass is not gonna miss the Sydney Mardi Gras if he can help it. Love the pic ... thanks for sharing Kristen!! [thanks Kristen]

In happy couple news, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo appear to be still going strong in their loving and committed romantic relationship ... here are pics of Jessimo as they made their way out of Villa nightclub and thru the swarm of waiting paparazzi:

Photo credit: Splash News

To be honest, I wouldn't expect that Tony and Jessica would break up now that football season is over and their relationship can't further damage the Dallas Cowboys. That being said, I'd be very surprised if the love affair between Jessimo will survive another football season. I'm pretty sure that Dallas Cowboys fans will make sure that it won't ;) [Source]

Uh. Here are a few new pics of ... um ... Paris Hilton hanging out with ... a Buddhist monk ... like, together:

Photo credit: Mavrix

Always one to take the road less travelled Paris Hilton has stepped out with the latest fashion must-have - her very own Buddhist monk, complete with flowing orange robes and a mane of grey hair. The bizarre duo were spotted wandering around LA, taking time to pop into a spiritual book shop and a luxury hotel. The 27-year-old went for and understated look, with a demure white outfit as she browsed the shelves of the Bodhi Tree bookstore. The hotel-heiress has been attempting change her party-girl image and it looks as if the ageing monk is giving her a helping hand ... Paris and her "guru" sat down to read a book called "The Path to the Painted Shaman" and the Hollywood celebrity appeared to be listening intently to what he had to say. The monk also persuaded Paris to give away a piece of diamond jewelry as they wandered the streets together.

Er, pardon my skepticism but I find it highly unlikely that this show of spectacle is anything more than more attention-seeking behavior on Paris Hilton's part. We've heard it all before ... she made vows and promises to give up the party lifestyle after she was released from serving a 22-day jail sentence last summer and yet, no discernable change in behavior has been witnessed on my part. That being said, there is always the chance that people can change ... so I guess you never know. Honestly, my money says that we'll be seeing this monk dancing on the banquettes at Les Deux in no time. [Source]

Mariah Carey is featured on the cover of the new issue of Allure magazine:

It's a lovely pic ... but nothing all that interesting. Mimi has been away for some time now ... she needs to start coming at us with some edgy, interesting magazine coverphotos. I really expect more from That Chick than just a regular ol' faceshot. [Source]

Alanis Morrisette is featured in the new issue of Canadian magazine Chatelaine where she opens up about her new album Flavors of Entanglement (due out on May 20th), life after Ryan Reynolds and her feelings about his new relationship with Scarlett Johansson. Here are a few pics from her photospread in this magazine:

When [asked] her about the news that Reynolds, the star of Smokin' Aces, Blade: Trinity and Van Wilder, is heavily involved with the bombshell actress Scarlett Johansson her response is heartfelt: "I wish nothing but absolute joy for him, I want him to be as happy as he wants to be." As for her own dating life, Morrissette will only offer and impish grin and say, "I'm having a lot of fun." [Of her new album she says,] "The album chronologizes me and my personal relationships; it's hard for me not to write about them. It captures the rock-bottom moments, the phoenix-rising moments, the insights that are derived from excruciating pain. The overarching theme is growing up ..."

Good for her ... I wouldn't necessarily expect another You Outta Know song to stem from her failed relationship with Ryan Reynolds but I fully expect that there may be a song or two of pained angst expressing her feelings on the break-up. I just love Alanis ... especially when she's got some anger to work out. I can't wait to hear what this album sounds like. [Source, thanks Edie]

And finally, it's time for the Hot Dude of the Week ... since I'm down in sunny San Diego, CA and since it's practically swimsuit weather elsewhere in the land (er, maybe not the Midwest, East Coast or Mountain Plains .. okay, so I'm basically talking to you Florida and SoCal) I think it's a great excuse to showcase a speedo-clad hottie like Jon:

Photo credit: All American Guys

Wee! Summer cannot get here soon enough for me ... I'm dying to get my cookies back to the beach so that I can sun my buns in the warm California sunshine :) Looking forward to actual bikini-clad hot dudes like Jon is another great advantage of trips to the beach in the coming months. So, until the weather heats up enough for sun bathing, here's hoping that pics like this of Jon can warm ya up a bit. Enjoy!! [Source]

Les News:
Yesterday afternoon, David and I hit the road and made our way down to San Diego, CA so that we could partake of his bestie Diana's going away dinner, party and after party. San Diego is the furthest South I've ever been in California and I have to say, I really liked the drive. It took us a little over 2 hours and there was a lot of great scenery to enjoy. I like that the highways here aren't cluttered with billboards ... all you have to see is rolling mountains and ocean :) We arrived just in time to check into our scary hotel (the Holiday Inn at Sea World -- eep!) and then meet the 35+ people dinner party at Mamma Mia's Italian restaurant. The after party was at Tiny's bar (where I got to meet Pink reader Samantha) and then the Catalina Lounge ... here are a few of my pics from last night:

The food was absolutely OUTSTANDING ... it was just to die for. What a great way to send off Diana (who is headed for Ghana to do some service work with the people there). Incidentally, I understand that Pink reader Emmi was also dining at Mamma Mia's last night -- so I have to send her much lurve!! While the food was delish the service was superb ... our very Italian waiter Francesco was really very fun and very entertaining.

Here are a couple pics of me with the Canadian contingent from last night's affair:

I love me some Canucks and that is why I had to get into The Claw action that they love so much. As hard as it may be to believe, the chap in the red shirt is NOT the guy from the You Tube video My New Haircut ... but the lovely blonde I'm posing with in the second pic is, in fact, the hairdresser from that vid.

The after, after party was at Diana's place where her roommate Triton orchestrated the loudest, most raucous game of Rock Band I've ever encountered. I kept expecting the cops to bust thru the door at any moment. It was damn fun ... fun that lasted well into the wee hours this morning.

So, this afternoon we had back up to LA ... we're planning on dining with our friend Gillian once we get back to town.

And so ... that is all ... I hope y'all are having a great weekend :) I'm out.



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