Wednesday, March 05, 2008

JC Chacez Do Vegas

The seemingly inseparable new duo made up of JC Chasez and Chace Crawford spent their weekend partying it up together in Las Vegas, NV where the festivities ranged from chillin' at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to hangin' with the Playboy Bunnies at the Playboy Club at the Palms Casino Resort (where, reports Marc Malkin, Chace happily suffered a little corporeal punishment from some of the Bunnies on the dancefloor). Here are a few pics of the dynamic duo (who appear to dislike being more than 5 feet apart from one another at all times) enjoying their weekend together:

Chace Crawford needs a spanking. Okay, he might not need one, but he got one this weekend. I'm told the Gossip Girl eye candy, 22, partied with buddy JC Chasez and an entourage of about a dozen at the N9ne Group's Playboy Club at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. After being seated at a table at about 11:30 p.m., Crawford & Co. did shots of PatrĂ³n and started mixin' up Ketel One cocktails, a source reports. At one point, Crawford hit the dance floor with not one but three Playboy Bunnies. "The Bunnies started spanking Chace," the source reports. Chace, Chasez and their friends took off at about 2 a.m. No, there were no Bunnies in tow. That's a good thing, 'cause we all know how Crawford's "Before He Cheats" singer girlfriend Carrie Underwood can handle a baseball bat.

UHHHH ... yeah, I don't think that girlfriend Carrie Underwood needs to really be worryin' about Playboy Bunnies more than she needs to be worryin' about Chace's bestie JC Chasez. These guys have been practically joined at the hip for weeks now ... do you recall the last time you saw Chace with Carrie? There does seem to be an awful lot of manlurve going on between these two lately. Not that I really mind all that much ... I think that JC and Chace make a perfectly fine couple ... you know, of friends or whatever :) [Source, Source]