Monday, April 28, 2008

Knight-ly News

A few new posters for Batman: The Dark Knight were released over the weekend ... the first came by way of the viral website Why So Serious? which has been having fans running all over the place in order to participate in one of the movie's viral campaigns. The other two come by way of a Christian Bale fansite ... check them out:

The poster artwork is very ominous ... and I understand that a new trailer may be released online this week once participants of the online game figure out the clues and unlock the trailer online. While I think the viral stuff is very cool, I don't have the patience to be an active participant. I love reading about all the fun stuff that folks have been doing tho ... the interactivity really seems to be working for the film (not that promotion of any Batman movie really needs gimmicks to get the job done). I'm weary of seeing any more footage from the movie so long before the movie will be released ... but that doesn't mean I won't watch ... and that's prolly the point. [Source, Source]

UPDATE: Here are 3 more Batman: The Dark Knight posters which have been released to the international market:

These international posters are much cooler than the domestic ones that were just released. Love them!! [Source via ONTD!]