Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Hills: No LO-ve For Audrina


Finally ... the drama returns to The Hills. Despite the fact that LC doesn't have any boy drama going on in her life, she has managed to stir up some of the dramz with her once BFF Audrina now that her eternal Best BFF Ever Lo is back in her life. On the Speidi front, Heidi continues to spread her wings and Spencer is left to yell at his sister about it ... good times are back again:

Okay, I'm just gonna say it ... Lo seems to hate Audrina. Apparently, there is only room for one BFF at LC's side and Lo wants to make sure she gets that spot, meaning Audrina is on her way out. The new house (plus servant's quarters in the back) continues to be labeled "Lauren, Audrina and Lo's House" but I don't think it'll remain so. Now that Justin Bobby has cleaned up his act, started pretending to care and keeps putting ideas in Audrina's head, Audrina looks ready to fly the coup and separate from LC once and for all. I think the new dog is a big hint that Audrina's about to be replaced. Poor thing. I love how Heidi's big pink Derby hat made a cameo in last night's ep ... I wonder how long she's had that thing before she was able to wear it in public this past weekend in Kentucky. It's curious that on the show, Heidi and Spencer are never together and never seem to know what the other one is doing and yet, on a daily basis in real life, they're absolutely inseparable. Hmmm. Ah well, suspending belief in reality is part of the fun, otherwise how else would we be able to actually believe that Justin Bobby is interested in being Audrina's "boyfriend" rather than just using her to get on TV? I'm still waiting for a major blow-up to occur ... between someone ... anyone. Maybe Audrina will end up torching the main house on her move out day ... maybe Lo with slash Audrina's neck with her razor sharp nails -- you can see that Lo is very proud to show off her razor sharp nails, especially the one on her middle finger:

Wee! This is the sort of the thing I'd love to see more of on The Hills. Bring it!!! [Source]

Oh yeah ... they are deffo gonna hafta bring it, now that they've just announced The Hills will be back for a 4th season which just started taping and will debut on August 19.