Friday, May 02, 2008

Lost: Home Is Where The Heartache Is


OK ... so Lost was good ... but ... is it wrong to want more? I totally get that small pieces are being laid into place so that the overall story can be serviced (and so huge, shocking moments in the future will have a groundwork to build on) but sometimes there ain't enough OOMPH to make me want to jump off the couch. Dead folks came out in last night's ep (well, one dead folk, at least) which means that the dead may be coming back pretty regularly now -- or not, who knows:

I'm pretty sure the big shocker in the early part of last night's ep was supposed to be finding Kate showering in Jack's shower, appering to make up a very happy couple. But honestly, I was more surprised by Jack's rotundness that was popping out of that towel he was wearing. It looked like homie made a beeline to Dunkin' Donuts as soon as he got off the island. Bless his heart. Anyways ... Jack, Kate and Aaron tried to make a happy life together off the island but it never stuck -- mostly because control freak Jack couldn't deal with Kate's lingering feelings for Sawyer (who stayed on the island) and maybe a little bit because he turned into a pill-popping addict due to all the frequent visits from his dead father. We still don't know why Kate calls Aaron her "son" but we did get a hint that something heinous might've happened to Claire -- she disappeared at the end of the ep after she saw her dead father (who is also Jack's dead father) holding Aaron by the camp fire. Ominous. Yeah, not exciting enough for me, tho. Sadly, we learned that Rousseau and Carl really did die in the sniper attack (I hoped that maybe Rousseau would survive the bullet wound) so that means that either of them or Alex could come back as dead people (like Charlie, Boon, etc. have done in eps past). We learned that creepy Miles is clairvoyant or something ... he senses dead people -- and then digs them up. Yeah, you knew his creepiness had to go further than just those buggy eyes. Jin got tough, Lepetis showed that he's really a good guy, Charlotte revealed that the "rescue team" from the helicopter have their own "list" and that Keemy is still a badass lookin' to shoot island folks. Yep, it was a typical Thursday night on the Lost island. This ep, more than most others, really struck me as very soap opera-y ... which isn't really a good thing. It had a very Passions feel about it ... both have really dramatic scenes (like Jack insisting to watch his own appendectomy, Jack crying to Kate that he knows she is lying to him, Jack being Jack), both have lots of dead characters and both have little toy dolls that suddenly come to life. Okay, so Lost hasn't gone down that road just yet ... but I wouldn't be surprised if it does. Next week's preview didn't look shocking at all (tho there is a return to Jacob's cabin which will prolly involve a lot of scene flashes to confound us) ... let's hope they're just keeping the good stuff under their hats for the time being. [Source]