Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sub Standard

Prince Wills spent part of his day yesterday touring the HMS Alliance during his visit to the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport, England. It was also announced yesterday that Wills has been named the patron of a multimillion-pound appeal to conserve the HMS Alliance -- Britain's last remaining Second World War submarine. Here are a few pics of Wills touring the sub and examining the cramped control room and engine compartment ... which is kinda hot for those of you who may enjoy Navy sea men fantasies ;)

The prince, who is on a two-month attachment with the Royal Navy and is Commodore in Chief of Submarines, toured HMS Alliance on Tuesday. He said it was of "great importance" that maritime heritage was safeguarded. HMS Alliance, launched in 1945, was in service for more than 25 years and is now on show at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport, Hampshire. The 25-year-old prince said it was important for future generations to understand the sacrifice made by submariners. The submarine has been on display at the museum since 1981 but urgent restoration is needed, which is expected to cost millions. Prince William said: "I am delighted and honoured to become patron of the HMS Alliance conservation appeal. "It is of great importance that such heritage is safeguarded to help future generations to understand the past heroism and sacrifice of Britain's submariners. I wish the appeal every success in its crucial efforts to preserve this historic submarine for the nation." The fund was started in October 2007 and will run for two years to try to raise enough money for the vessel's conservation ... During his visit to the museum, Prince William - known as Sub Lt Wales - opened a memorial dedicated to submariners who have died defending the UK. An area of remembrance lists 5,300 personnel who have died between 1904 to the present day.

See ... Wills looks sharp in a suit and all but I think he should've worn his Navy uniform. What kind of Sub Lt. who has just been named patron of a conservation campaign to save such a revered vessel as the HMS Alliance would tour the sub out of uni? Well, he's lucky he's an heir to the British throne otherwise he might've gotten a stern talkin' to by one of his superiors. Isn't it fun watching the Royal Princes of England play military games? Harry goes to Afghanistan and gets his face dirty while Wills gets his hands dirty by swabbing the poop deck of his assigned ship and they're suddenly heroes. It must be real nice being Royal. [Source]