Monday, June 07, 2004

local detroit news

firstly, i am extremely happy to report that the detroit pistons beat the los angeles lakers 87-75 in the first game of the nba finals! awww yeah!

we are going all the way bay-bee! i can't wait to rub it in jeffy's face when i see him this wednesday ... you know, cuz he's such a huge sports fan ...


secondly, and OHMYGOD!, a woman recognized a wanted fugitive (from america's most wanted) who was operating the ferris wheel at a carnival in birmingham, mi this weekend! he was wanted for the murder of a girl in minnesota. the carnival was right across the street from the birmingham police station ... duh ... anyways, he was arrested and is being extradited back to minnesota.

can i just tell you how freaky this is!?! we were in birmingham all day saturday right near that carnival. i kept trying to get erik to win me an inflatable spider-man that all the kids were getting at the carnival

... he never did tho :(