Friday, July 02, 2004

gonna soak up the sun

in very sad news it seems that another screen legend, Marlon Brando, has passed away. man ... there have been a lot of deaths this year already ... the flags are still at half-staff for former-president reagan.

but the news isn't all sad today ... there is ... well it's not necessary good news ... it's news news ... well it's news to me ... oh whatever, here it is:

Lachey Gets Bewitched for 'Charmed' Arc

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - In his first major acting commitment, pop singer-turned-reality TV star Nick Lachey will join the cast of the WB Network's veteran witchcraft drama "Charmed" for six episodes next season ... Lachey will play a guy hired as a ghost writer for witch Phoebe Halliwell's (Alyssa Milano) advice column when she goes on a sabbatical and ends up romantically involved with her.

i love charmed ... but i'm not sure how i feel about nick lachey joining the cast. they are prolly giving him a 6 ep. stint to see how it plays out with viewers ... we'll see.

so yesterday i spent the whole day at home ... i didn't get dressed, nor did i shower ... i was either on the computer or on the couch ... all ... day ... long. don't get me wrong, it was niiiiiice, but today i'm going out. i need to do some shopping or something. abercrombie & fitch sent me an email altering me to the fall clothes they just received

i perused the site ... they have a new catalog or something that they are offering for sale online. not sure if it's being offered in the stores so i ordered one. their regular catalog was pulled out of production because of complaints so i made sure i got a copy of this new catalog ... or book ... or whatever it is. i think i'm going dancing tonight at necto so i might have to pick up a new outfit ... something like this

erik is hanging out with mike in ann arbor for some "top secret" stuff ... whateva ... i'm gonna go dancing!

PS: tonight is the first full moon of july ... there will be another full moon on the 31st (which is called a blue moon) ... cool huh?