Monday, September 13, 2004


Well we finally did it. Erik and I finished Buffy season 3 tonight. Man ... I love this show. I am always reminded by how awesome the show is. I know those of you who don't watch the show really don't understand how I can feel so passionately for a TV show but, if you watched it I think you would understand.

The characters are so well played, the storylines are so smart, so witty -- there really isn't a flaw in the show at all. Watching the second half of season 3 really reminded me how solid the whole series is. I cannot wait until we get to seasons 4 and 5 -- and 6! There is so much still to come -- characters that I love so much haven't even been introduced. Good times ahead ... I just wish we could plow through and get them all watched ...

But, that will come in time. We'll have to watch a little at a time and we'll get through them all. Season 7, the final season, comes out on DVD at the end of October. AND we still have the six seasons of Angel to tackle after -- Oi!

That's it for today ... it was a light news day but we finally got the new Britney song to listen to. I shall return in the A.M. hopefully with tons of goss to share. Later!