Thursday, September 09, 2004

Blown Out

Here is how I spent my evening/night with Sarah. She and I decided to hang out and do some shopping/eating/movie watching so I drove to her place in Dearborn. We went to Twelve Oaks Mall and she decided to drive. We almost made it to the mall when we started to hear this noise, she asked me if it was her tire and I wasn't sure. It was her tire making the noise, it had blown out. We pulled over and I inspected her tire-changing tools. She had a jack and a pitifully small wrench/crowbar. There was no way we were going to get the lug nuts off with that wrench. Not 3 minutes after we pulled over an MDOT rescue van pulled over:

Sarah looked on as the guy changed the tire.

He had an awesome air gun (with which to whip off the lug nuts) and a super jack -- he had the whole thing done in about 2 minutes:

We rode the rest of the night on her sad little donut tire:

I had to to do some birthday shopping and I also had to pick up new pants for work. Sarah had her own shopping to do but fortunately she didn't buy this stole:

We were at the mall for a while (found pants at the Gap and Hollister) and then had a late dinner at BD's Mongolian BBQ. We really weren't in the mood for a late movie so we went to an Irish pub instead -- Gus O'Connor's. This place rocked! They had these little booths that were totally private and had their own window that opened so that bartender could lean in and take your order:

We had a great time! I suspect we'll be visiting Gus O'Connor's again ...

And that was our night. It was low-key but fun. And that was that.