Monday, September 20, 2004

Game, Set, Match

Tonight was fun. Erik and I got tickets for a few shows (Morrissey, PJ Harvey, Melissa Auf Der Maur & The Von Bondies) and had a nice dinner at Zumba. Then we decided to go to a "nice" movie that didn't have zombies or killers or massive amounts of blood or anything negative in it at all. We settled on the movie Wimbledon.

I have to tell ya, it was pretty entertaining. Surprisingly, there was a lot of male nudity in this film. It was a little predictable but I was not too keen on the gay friend, Dieter, not getting any play at all! Ah well, the locker room scenes more than made up for my disappointment. Anyways, this is a great date movie ... it's funny and romantic and completely unbelievable -- you'll love it!

We had such a nice night together ... I love when we have nights like this. I'm really happy we got the concert tickets that we did (while we have the money to spend). We're getting tickets for The Killers and Rilo Kiley this Friday ... woo!

Sooo ... I have to "go to bed" now :) Piece out!