Thursday, October 14, 2004


Woo! While today, thus far, has been a somewhat tedious day, I am very excited that Brandon will be my hanging-out buddy this weekend. He has been able to secure Mortal Kombat Deception for us to play! The official site for the video game is so cool. If you are a Mortal Kombat fan at all you have to check out the website. There are tons of wallpapers, video downloads and screen shots to check out. Hello, there are new characters too! Woo!

I cannot wait to play it. This version of the video game brings back one of my all-time favorite characters ... Baraka! The screen shots I've seen so far look amazing ... we are going to have a blast!

Today has been a pretty cool day. My buttons arrived from and I was able to give some away to co-workers. But there are many more people who are interested in showing their support for John Kerry so I ordered an even more diverse supply of buttons from the I will be giving out Teachers for Kerry, GLBT Kerry and the official campaign buttons as soon as they arrive, hopefully next week.

I also hung up a Kerry/Edwards sign on my desk (in the same place that I hung my Gore 2000 sign). The push is on to be visible ... the more people who declare that they are supporting Kerry/Edwards the better it makes others feel who feel the same way. WEAR YOUR KERRY GEAR Y'ALL!

I have to meet with some kids so I'm only going to post links to stories ... check 'em out though ... they're good stories:

Will 'The West Wing' go Republican? -- this would be cool since John Kerry is going to win.

Magazine Names Best, Worst Cities For STDs -- you wanna guess where Detroit ranks?

The No. 1 Drive-Thru Restaurant ... Chik-Fil-A -- Woo! My favorite restaurant!

Chris Rock To Host The Oscars -- is this a good thing?

NICKY'S QUICKIE SPLITSKY -- Nicky Hilton headed for divorce already?

'Strange' to even stranger on VH1 -- a reality show on Brigitte and Flava? Heaven! has the O'Reilly sexual harrassment suit to read HERE.

Gay marriage on the ballot in 11 states -- Michigan is one of them ... Vote NO on Proposal 2!

Comedy Central Darling Jon Stewart Backs Kerry -- well, duh.

Also, Neil Gaiman has blogged about new Tori Amos music, here is the excerpt:

Neil-So the general consensus among the Tori community is that the album is coming out mid-February, which would mean that SOMETHING should leak by now?Have you heard any of it? Anything about it? At all? Is there anything Tori would let you tell us? Because neither the music press nor Epic is spilling anything, and you know how much we love reading your reviews. :)

I'm like everyone else outside of that Cornwall house, including all the people at Epic Records. None of us have heard anything of the actual album yet -- Tori's playing this one really mysterious and extremely close to her chest. She played me seven unfinished songs, last Winter solstice, when I stayed over in Cornwall, and I thought they were very fierce and beautiful; then she called me a couple of months ago to check a few things about Melusine, and sang me the song in which she appears (but has also just told me that that song won't be on this album, and actually is for the one after). She seems to be enjoying having a really intimate relationship with the music. ("We're still dating," she told me. "Going out for coffee together. Just the two of us.") But she's promised that I'll hear it before the next Winter solstice, and I'm very happy to wait and see.

Yehaw! New Tori music!

Ack, I gotta jet ... more later ...