Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Parent/Teacher Conferences are OVER! I got home and managed to catch up on some television. First up, Manhunt -- after tonight's elimination we're down to the final 2 guys:

I'd love for Rob to win (because I tend to root for the homo) but I suspect Jon will win it all in the end. He's very versatile and he photographs very well. My money is on Jon but I really hope that Rob wins.

Then I was able to finally watch last week's episode of Lost:

Now we know who the creepy French lady is but all she brings to the table are more questions and much more mystery. Things are getting gooooood.

Next up were tonight's episodes of The Real World: Philadelphia (where MJ hooks up with a skank and Sarah tries to convert a gay guy -- unsuccessfully)

and Laguna Beach (the graduation episode -- are you kidding me with that shizz about Lo and her brand new car? I hate that girl ... I hate that show ... why do I even watch it?!?).

I still need to watch Sunday's episode of Charmed and then I'm all caught up. Whew! It's time for bed.