Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Confessions Of A Broken Mercedes

I just received word that Lindsay was in a really bad car accident ... Here are a few emails that were sent to me this evening:

One of my clients called and said she just saw Lindsay Lohan get in a bad wreck. She was in her Mercedes SL65 and hit a van with Mexican writing all over it. Air bags came out, glass all over - that it looked BAD. Paramedic and Fire trucks swarmed the place... It was on Robertson by Kitson. Her car was demolished. [thanks GM]

Lindsey Lohan has just been involved in a car accident. It was just
now on Beverly and 3rd ... keep yours eyes peeled for the details. It
was her black Mercedes and some junky maroon Astro van. Someone was
taken to the hospital ... not sure who.
[thanks Heidi]

Trent....Hohan just crashed her car in front of the IVY..... [thanks Scott]

I sincerely hope that she is okay ... I will keep my eyes peeled for any more information ...