Monday, October 24, 2005

Robbie WILLY-ams

Robbie Williams will stop at nothing in order to generate hype over one of his new projects. For years, he has been coyly giving us hints at seeing him in the nude ... and it seems that he has taken that coyish behavior one step further. If you head over to his official website you will see a pretty NSFW flash video of Mr. Williams showing various parts of his naked body:

... before he gives the world a flash of his penis ... by wiggling it around and up and down:

Click the above to see the uncensored image

I, for one, am aghast that he would stoop so low with such a sad attempt at garnering media attention ... Er, I mean I salute him for taking such a bold step forward at garnering media attention. [Source via Oh La La]

Click HERE to see an even LARGER version of the videol

Oh Robbie ...