Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Laguna Bitch

OMG ... did y'all catch this week's episode of MTV's Laguna Beach?! What.The.Eff. It was seriously THE BEST EPISODE EVER:

I don't want to give it all away in case you haven't seen it yet ... but oh man ... the drama totally ruled! Everyone knows that I am not on Team LC but I gotta give it up to the girl ... the only thing that would have made me love her any more would have been if she hauled off and punched bitchface Jason in the neck (and Jessica could've used a slap in the face as well) ... you're gonna have to watch the ep to find out what I mean ... incidentally the episode is titled "I Saw You Kiss Her". Um, did I mention that we get to hear Talan sing ... VERY BADLY?! Uh huh ... it's that gooooood. [Source]

If you want to read an AWESOME RECAP of the episode then you have to get your little booty over to TVGasm.com.

So I think I figured out the formula for what makes Laguna Beach such a fun show to watch:

Which means:

So best. I love this dumb ass show ... I think I'm gonna go watch this week's episode again ...