Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sean Preston Spears Federline, Finally!!!

See ... this is why I should never, ever leave my computer ... I go out to dinner and come home to find out that pictures of Sean Preston Spears Federline have hit the Internets ... here is the cover of the new issue of People magazine with Spederline, the full version, on the cover:

This is picture is a full size, clearer version of the tiny picture that leaked the first time and started the whole uproar last month. The kid is cute ... Britney looks happy and Kevin ... well, his corn rows are tight and he's set for life ... what more could he ask for?! [Source]

Whatever! It's about damn time this picture came out ... but doesn't it seem timely that the picture is being released the same week that Xtina's wedding pictures are due to come out ... Oh Britney ... stealing Xtina's thunder ... again.