Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Morning After

Looks like it's going to be a quiet week for goss fun ... eh, it's okay ... with all the parties going on this week and the painful mornings after ... it'll be nice to get a little break. But, there is some news to be had ... let's get to it ...

Britney, Jamie Lynn and Bryan Spears spent Boxing Day rummaging around Malibu, CA looking for the best sales ... here are some pictures of the trifecta doing a little shopping:

I love Britney but she should have been rummaging around for a bra instead. I'm not even gonna mention her horrible extensions because it's the holidays and maybe she was just so relaxed that she didn't feel like brushing ... or washing ... her hair ... [Source]

Great news everybody! Kevin Federline finally has friends on My Space:

He currently has 1,946 friends right now. Believe me, that number will continue to increase ... has the whole world lost its head? Oh wait, I'm actually one of his friends now ... but hey, don't judge me ... I figure he's one degree away from Brit Brit so that's worth something, right? Wait, don't answer that ... [Source]

Paris and Nicky Hilton are still in Hawaii for the holidays ... here are pictures of the mega-rich socialites getting all lovey with the men in their lives ...

... including the mega-large billionaire Jason Davis. I find it very hard to believe that Paris Hilton would spend any time at all with the likes of either Brandon or Jason Davis if they weren't extremely wealthy. See, money can buy you friends. [Source]

Amongst normal humans, Keith Urban is a regular-sized man. When he is with his amazonian woman, Nicole Kidman, he immediately becomes a dwarf:

Oh wait, maybe he is just an elf after all ... I wonder why Nicole feels the need to get involved with short men? I bet she's into domination ... she strikes me as the kinky type. [Source]

Okay ... everyone all together now ... look at these pictures and go ...

... AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Aren't Bennifer so damn cute that you just want to heave onto the floor? Wait ... it's prolly just me feeling the effects of last night's party ... well, these sickeningly cute pictures aren't helping at all. [Source]

With album sales not doing so well Lindsay Lohan has to resort to new measures to try and boost sales:

Hey, that's why God created cleavage. Now go buy her album before she has to take off any more clothing. [Source]

Speaking of taking off clothing to boost album sales, here are pictures of Mariah Carey posing all over Paris, France ... the photospread is for the French magazine Paris Match:

There is something about Mariah that screams voulez-vous coucher avec moi. I think it's the heaving bosom and succulent booty. [Source]

Evangeline Lilly looks smokin' hot in the UK magazine Arena:

She looks very sexy and classy ... which is hard to pull off ... [Source via Source]

... just ask Tara Reid:

Actually, Tara doesn't look terribly horrible in these pictures ... and something seems amiss with the lass ... I can't quite put my finger on it ... do her boobs look smaller to you? [Source]

Ugh ... yeah, Sarah's party was awesome ... there was a lot to drink ... a lot to drink ... I have to go away now ... the movie/TV best of list will come later on today ...