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Monday, April 24, 2006

Do What You Like

I don't know about you but I just can't get enough of Kevin Federline and his lusciously moist arm pits ... thank the GODS that he is always so generous to his admirers in that he is so free with showing off his pits ... here are more pictures of The Federline rockin' his body at his cd listening party at Pure nightclub in Las Vegas over the weekend:

He absolutely had his throngs of fans in an absolute tizzy (minus his wife Britney Spears who, apparently, had better things to do than stand around and smell his pits) ... altho ... [Source]

... there appeared to be at least one chick in the audience who wasn't down with his PopoZão:

LOL! She made her way all the way to the front of the stage so that she could show K-Fed how much she loves him. I don't think he got the hint tho ... [Source, thanks Pink readers]

The family-friendly movie RV had its premiere in Hollywood last night ... the movie stars teeny bopper JoJo, who opted for a Lolita-look on the red carpet:

Wowie ... I was under the impression that JoJo was only about 10 years old but I guess she's actually 15 ... she looks way mature for her age. [Source]

The onslaught of mission:impossible:III is now fully underway ... the birth of Suri Holmes-Cruise has set into motion the blistering ad campaign for Tom Cruise's new movie. Here are pictures of the non-insane cast members of m:i:III at a photocall for the move in Rome, Italy:

Altho ... Keri Russel, Maggie Q and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers do look a little dazed ... I really hope that they haven't been infected with Tommy's Xenu Juice. I sincerely hope they all escaped from the clutches of Tom's cruiseaziness ... but I guess that remains to be seen. [Source]

Hmmm ... Jake Gyllenhaal has shaved off the beard that he's been sportin' for the past few days ... I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it:

He looks cute as always but I kinda like his Daddy Look when he's wearing a beard. I do love that he's tooling around NYC by skateboard ... it's hot. [Source]

The moment that y'all* have been waiting for has come ... yes, that's right ... the long-awaited reunion tour of the early 90's boy band Take That is finally underway. Here are a few pictures from the show's opening night:

Of course by *y'all I mean those of you outside of the U.S. who even know who Take That is (they were the New Kids on the Block outside of the US) ... oh and the spattering of gays here in the U.S. who lusted after the band mainly because they were usually nekkid in their videos and photoshoots (you seriously need to click on the semi-NSFW links to get the full Take That experience). ANYWAYS ... it was nice of Robbie Williams (the most famous member of Take That) to appear on stage with is former bandmates even if he only did so as a hologram: And after months of speculation ROBBIE WILLIAMS joined former band-mates Howard, MARK OWEN, GARY BARLOW and JASON ORANGE on stage for their first gig -- as a ghost-like hologram. He helped out his old pals by re-recording lyrics to Could It Be Magic before heading to South Africa to kick off his solo world tour. The boys had been so nervous beforehand that they banned people from rehearsals. But on stage it was like I had slipped right back in time to 1995. Awww ... I'm glad the lads found a way to work together again. Yay! [Source]

Kylie Minogue is making herself right at home in NYC these days ... ArjanWrites reports that Kylie showed up at the Scissor Sisters concert at the Bowery Ballroom last night. Here are a couple of pictures of Kylie stepping out into the rain as she leaves her hotel:

Scissor Sisters performed two concerts at New York's Bowery Ballroom this weekend. I assume these gigs were used to play some of their new music to gauge the audience response and to stir up some momentum for what's to come. Even some of their peers were in attendance. Kylie Minogue (yes! Kylie Minogue!) was at their show last night. I love it! Apparently Cher showed up at the Sisters show on Saturday night. I'm so glad that Kylie is feeling well enough to attend concerts ... this is all great news. [Source]

Here is a picture of Jean Paul Gaultier (who is, once again, designing Maddy's tour wardrobe) and a couple of backup dancers from the tour rehearsals for Madonna's Confessions Tour:

Take note of that cross in the background ... if you want to be spoiled, head on over to to find out how the cross will be used in the show. I will be VERY interested to see if the cross is, in fact, used according to the rumors. [Source]

Oh no ... Lisa Kudrow appears to be having a problem with the forces of gravity these days:

I love how the paparazzi always seem to be around to catch the most unflattering photos of our beloved celebs. God bless 'em. [Source]

Ah Linds ... are you throwing in the towel so soon?

When a Hollywood "It" Girl resorts to going out in public wearing a blanket I think it's time to worry. What's wrong L. Lo? Do you wanna talk about it? [Source]

Hmmm ... what exactly is going on here? Why are Sienna Miller, Jude Law and his kids all hanging out again ... are they getting back together again ... again?

Over the last six months, we've seen her in the arms of other men and we've even seen Jude out on the town with a mystery blonde and chilling out on the beach with ex-wife Sadie Frost. But now the former golden couple have been seen hanging out together again ... Together with Jude's kids, they were seen leaving a cinema and getting into Jude's car - splitting up when they spotted the photographer. Also with them was a nanny - although it has to be said that, bless her, she isn't as young (or nubile) as THAT nanny. So, are Judienna (it saves on space) back together or just hanging out, buddy-style? That's a good question ... I would not be surprised if they did get back together ... I really miss all their drama. [Source]

Paris Hilton is ... well ... not a very smart woman ... and apparently she's not a very good poker player either. It seems that Miss Hilton decided to gamble with her precious Bentley ... and lost:

The partying heiress is apparently a poker aficionado, and says she always wins the game in Vegas. But the buzz is that she doesn't always win -- and actually lost her beloved Bentley -- valued at over $150,000 -- in a recent game, according to various reports. LOL! That's our Paris. [Source]

P!nk is featured on the cover of the new issue of Seventeen magazine:

Do you think they only put her on the cover if she promised to cover up half of her face? ... What? I'm just asking. [Source]

And finally, here is a new picture from the much-hyped movie Superman Returns ... apparently Superman is taking his emo lifestyle to the next level ... check out the mysterious black Superman costume:

I'm gonna not even comment on the fact that it looks like Ma Kent is trying to feel up her adopted son and focus on how cool that costume looks. Wee! Love it, love it, love it! Have I mentioned how great Brandon Routh looks in those super-tight tights? Wee! Love it, love it, love it! [Source]

Les News:
Last night I was able to spend some great quality time hanging out with Tracey and my precious baby Zakiya ... she is growing up so fast ... she has all this new curly hair and she is moments away from taking her first steps. Tracey gave me a few new pictures of Zakiya from recent weeks to share with all y'all, including some adorable pictures from Easter:

Yeah, I know ... she is the cutest baby in the whole world. The pictures of Baby Z sleeping (or trying to sleep) were taken last night ... I just couldn't resist. Tracey and I had such a great time hanging out together -- she is amazing and I love spending time with her.

I have a few things to take care of today, not the least of which is planning my next trip out to LA, so I have to jet. I have to send out a Happy Birthday to Pink reader Biz who turns 25 years old today. I hope you have a great birthday :)

I'm out.



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