Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Must See TV

It's no secret that Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are not on friendly terms these days ... but Paris' BFF Brandon Davis (the plus-sized heir who Mischa Barton dumped for Cisco Adler) has taken things to the next level. The Best Week Ever blog has come upon paparazzi video of Brandon saying some very not-so-nice things about Miss Lohan while Paris follows behind him, snickering the whole time:

Brandon asserts that Lindsay's movie bombed because "she is a firecrotch", saying that "she's orange, she's not black or white -- she's orange." He goes on to say that "she tastes like [Brandon's] Turkish father's asshole". He doesn't divulge how he knows what Lindsay tastes like (or what his Turkish father's asshole tastes like, for that matter) but that's beside the point. Brandon even thinks that Lindsay's dad is hotter than she is! You simply MUST see this for yourself. Click HERE to see the whole TMZ video for yourself (make sure you stay tuned to the very last word). [Source]

Don't rich people live such interesting and mature lives? LOLOLOLOL