Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Music Snippet Of Truth: Rebellion Without A Cause

Pink reader Heather alerted me to the fact that BritneySpears.com has been updated. If you go to the Love B section of the site you'll hear a short loop of a lyric from a song called Rebellion:

Here are the lyrics for the music loop:

You'll find it in rebellion
You'll finally start breathin
They're not believin' what they're seein'
'Cuz you're rebellion

Uh ... is she serious? The beat sounds a bit like one of her last "new" songs Mona Lisa -- but worse. I think perhaps the Miami heat is getting to her senses ... or something. Yeah ... it's not that good but check it out for yourself. [Source, thanks Heather]

UPDATE: Detroit radio station Channel 955 just debuted a new song by Jessica Simpson titled Fired Up. It sounds *exactly* like a Britney Spears song circa the Brintey album era. It looks like Jessica is trying to step in and try to take over Brit Brit's music career ... I mean, why not ... it's not like Britney has any further use for it. Boo.