Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Breaking: Suri Holmes-Cruise Makes Her Debut

Well ... it looks like TomKat got tired of watching all the other celebrity babies make their debuts in magazines all over the world while their own newborn baby girl becomes almost completely forgotten. I actually had to do a Google search for "Tom Cruise Katie Holmes baby" to be reminded what they named their child. Now that Shiloh Nouvel and Kingston James have debuted in their own photoshoots, it looks like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are finally ready to show off their beautiful baby in the new issue of Sham! magazine:

Katie Holmes is positively ravishing and Tom Cruise looks so proud. I know I have previously said some pretty critical things about TomKat, their alleged baby and their relationship as a whole but I have to admit ... Suri is a beauty.

Here is a picture of the precious little thing slumbering quietly in her Scientology-approved sleep chamber dubbed the X-Thetan Slumber 4000:

Isn't she precious? It appears that I was right all along ... this is pretty much what I expected her to look like.