Friday, February 16, 2007

Et Tu, Britney?

It is now being reported (first by Extra) that Britney Spears has been admitted into an unknown rehab facility, possibly spurned on by that letter that was written by her former personal assistant Felica Culotta, only to check herself out one-day later:

"Extra has learned exclusively that after months of hard partying, pop princess Britney Spears has entered rehab. Our sources tell us that Brit, who has been notably absent from the paparazzi scene in recent days, is seeking professional help at an undisclosed location. This comes after the emotional letter that rocked Britney's world, composed after her non-stop partying took her from coast to coast and back again. Those close to Brit were fed up, frustrated and pleading with her to seek professional help; it appears they finally staged a long-anticipated intervention. Brit's former assistant of nearly 10 years, Felicia Culotta, just posted her plea to the mother of two on ... On Friday, OK magazine Entertainment Director Rob Shuter told "Extra," "People are speculating that the force behind this letter may in fact be Britney’s mother reaching out to Britney."

TMZ has learned that while Britney Spears checked-in to rehab, she refused to stay and checked out -- less than twenty-four hours later! As "EXTRA" first reported, the pop star entered a rehab facility two days ago. Now TMZ has learned that the center was located outside of the country, and she refused to stay. TMZ is told that Britney checked in at the urging of friends and family, after being seen intoxicated in public places and was so "exhausted" on New Year's Eve she collapsed. Extra reports that Britney Spears' people have NOT denied this story ... thus far, they are only issuing a "no comment".

This story is EXTREMELY light on actual details but it is very possible that it's true. For better or worse, I just hope that Britney Spears gets the help that she needs -- one way or the other.

UPDATE: Access Hollywood is reporting that Britney Spears' people are now denying that Britney was ever in rehab.