Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Year In Becks

Early in 2007 word broke that David Beckham would be moving to Los Angeles to play professional soccer for the LA Galaxy ... and from that point on, Beckham Mania swept the country. It was a very big year for David Beckham and his fans ... here is a look back at all the Becks High Points of the year:

The annoucement was made that David Beckham was coming to America and my love affair with Becks jumped into full swing:

Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum updated their Beckham display to have a more American feel:

Disney chose to use David Beckham in their Year of a Million Dreams campaign, making him the hawt living embodiment of Prince Phillip:

David Bekcham launched his first fragrance, Instinct:

David Beckham was featured on the cover of Details magazine:

I started paying attention to Becks in action on the soccer field and discovered how hot a sport it can be:

Details imagines what Becks would looke like on a box of Wheaties:

Becks was prone to many injuries this year ... which would, sadly, become a trend:

But his ads for Adidas kept coming out ... not matter how ridiculous they sometimes were:

Becks sat down to get a full sleeve of tattoos:

The LA Galaxy started printing their own money -- in the form of soccer tickets, preselling out many of the games:

Having healed from his last injury, Becks quickly got back to work ... lookin' hawt:

Then he decided to dye his hair blonde:

He bought a new mansion in LA for his family to live in when they moved to America:

And he kept on doing what he is most famous for ... that's right, lookin' hawt:

The blonde hair got old so he shaved it off:

And managed to look even hawter:

But still, the injuries came:

Becks tearfully said goodbye to his adopted home of Spain:

But not before he helped his team, Real Madrid, win one more championship:

After Spain, Becks began his Americanization -- trying his hand at football:

He appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine:

Then he and Vicki B. appeared in a steamy photoshoot for W magazine:

The LA Galaxy revamped their uniform to help welcome Becks to the family:

Becks gave us a sneak preview of what he might look like in his undies ... real or not, Becks was packin' heat:

In July, David Beckham and his family make the final move to America: goes online:

Becks quickly acclimates to living in LA, sporting A&F clothing and making daily runs to the Coffee Bean:

Becks begins to train with his new team, the LA Galaxy, despite still nursing a pretty serious ankle injury:

Becks appears on the cover of ESPN magazine:

Becks ends up having to sit out most of his first game as an LA Galaxian but he does manage to play for about 12 minutes:

Becks ends up having to sit out quite a few games, which was a huge disappointment for fans, but Vicki B. and his sons were in the hiz at the Home Depot Center to cheer him on nonetheless:

Nonetheless, Hollywood welcomes the Beckhams to America in fine style:

Even tho Becks wasn't able to play, he still came out to support his new team mates:

Injured or not, Becks still manages to use his hotness to promote Motorola products:

Despite their love for him, soccer fans around the country start to show their displeasure that Becks sat out so many games:

Feeling the pressure, Becks starts to train so that he could get back onto the soccer field:

But he was still able to do Motorola ads:

Yet, the injuries kept coming:

The new fragrances kept coming too:

As did the new calendars:

And even more fragrances:

But with hawtness like this, can one really be all that angry with him?

Becks did manage to play in the final regular season LA Galaxy game:

Becks appeared on the cover and in the pages of Arena magazine:

Oh yeah, and he was still hawt pretty much on a daily basis:

Becks and the Galaxy went overseas to do some promo work and play some soccer games:

Everyone loved it when Becks came to town:

And to wrap up the year, the famous David Beckham for Armani Underwear ads started to leak to the InterWeb, much to my intense pleasure:

The official Armani Underwear ads featuring David Beckham are set to debut on January 1, 2008 ... I can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store.