Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Double Entendre

Okay ... so it's not like I'm trying to harp on the whole scandal involving Audrina Partridge from MTV's The Hills and her racy, topless pre-fame photos which made their way to the Interweb earlier today but I kinda have to post this one last pic and then move on (er, for today). People magazine posted a pic of Audrina doing a bit of shopping at Pottery Barn in Beverly Hills earlier this past weekend (from the last set of pics taken of Audrina before the nudie pics came out) and they captioned the photo of Audrina carrying a shopping bag in each of her hands very cheekily ... well, here you go, read it for yourself:

I dunno why I think it's funny ... it just seems very ironic to make a joke about Audrina Partridge "double fisting" especially when you consider that in the same day the nekkid pics of Audrina also came out as well:

You know, she had to know that these pics would get released one day. At some point during the first season of The Hills when she started getting more famous ... well, more well-known ... that she had to know that "those pictures" were still out there and they might get released one day. In fact, if you consider the speed with which her statement came out confirming that she is, in fact, the topless girl in the photos you have to think that she's prolly been prepared for their release for some time now. She did the right thing tho ... own up, weather the storm and move on. I can only think that this will do wonders for ratings of The Hills. [Source, Source]