Sunday, March 30, 2008

Gym Rat

Big pimpin' Jayden James Federline Spears spent part of his weekend chillin' with his posse (comprised of his bodyguard and his nanny) at his friendly neighborhood My Gym Friday afternoon lookin' like a champ. Here are a couple pics of the little tyke, who was also rockin' a rad pair of red Crocs shoes (which, it pains me to admit, don't look so horrrible on young'ns):

Photo credit: X17

I'm not entirely sure why Sean Preston doesn't get in on the My Gym action with his little bro but maybe he's got his own peeps to chill with and doesn't want to be bothered. We haven't heard of any visits with mommy Britney Spears in some time now ... but I'm fairly certain things are going well on that front. I must admit, it's so entirely refreshing to not be inundated with tragic Britney Spears news and to see nice, normal pics of her kids just ... living their happy little lives. I just couldn't be more pleased that things appears to be steadily on track for Britney and her boys ... I always knew that the good would win out over the bad. [Source]