Saturday, March 29, 2008

The TV Guide: Takin' It Easy

Yesterday evening David and I met up with my friend Mike G. who is visiting SoCal from Detroit this weekend for a sumptuous sushi dinner at Koi where we pretty much ate and ate and ate until we couldn't any more. I wanted Mike to have a great dinner with us and I think it was mission: accomplished. After dinner, we made our way to WeHo to meet up with Mike's friend Amy for a couple of margaritas at Fiesta Cantina ... here are a few pics:

Happily we ran into my friends Michael and Ben who were also hanging out at Fiesta. Mike, Amy, David and I talked about going out afterwards to Akbar for dancing but we ended up drinking ourselves into submission. Needless to say it was an early night for David and me.

Tonight I'm trying to get as much of Le GangTM together as I can for a fun dinner together. Steph and Alek will be leaving for France for about a month tomorrow and we want to send them off in style. I hope the night won't end after dinner ... I'd like to do some bit of dancing this weekend but we'll have to see how the day plays itself out.