Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hurray For Heidiwood

Sad news Team Heidi folks ... grand plans for the famed Hollywood Sign to be amended to read Heidiwood as a promotional gimmick for the launch of Heidi's new fashion line next month have been nixed by the LA City Council. Not since the 1993 graduating class from West Beverly High School pulled off their prank has there been a more ingenious plan to use the Hollywood Sign for one's own ends (at least the West Bev kids were successful ... well, on TV that is) ... sadly, Hollywood will not become Heidiwood under any circumstances:

If you are among those who dismiss Heidi Montag as being just another product of another reality show, consider this: Montag has a clothing line, a music career that continues despite a disastrous first attempt at a music video, and she even had hopes of altering the famous Hollywood sign to say "Heidiwood" in time for a splashy April 11 fashion show. According to Us Weekly, Montag's publicity team (who deserves congrats in their own right for turning Montag into the brand she is) wasn't able to make it happen. Los Angeles city council member Tom LaBonge told the magazine, "We rarely accept alterations of an historic monument."

Rats! Love her or hate her, this is the best idea that will never be to come along in some time. Can you imagine the media hoopla that would've ensued had the Hollywood Sign been changed to read Heidiwood? At the very least LC would've blown a gasket. You deffo have to give Team Heidi props for coming up with such a great idea ... but perhaps the way to go is amend the sign on the downlow much like the kids on Beverly Hills, 90210 did. I bet Spencer Pratt wouldn't mind sneaking up to the sign to make the changes himself ... now that would be pimp and a sure sign of his love for Heidi. I bet she'd finally walk down the aisle with him if he did manage to pull this off for her. C'mon Spence, there's still time ;) [Source, thanks Kevin]