Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Now that the Spice Girls Reunion Tour is a thing of the past, we are just now getting out first taste of all the goings-on that took place backstage while Les Spices were on tour. Here are a few really cute, fairly intimate pics of the ladies engaged in various (and harmonious) activities backstage:

Despite the rumours of in-fighting behind the much-hyped Return of the Spice Girls tour, these behind-the-scenes photos of the girls tell a different story. Perhaps in an attempt to deflect comment that the reunion was in fact an unhappy one, the Spice Girls have released amazing photos of them hanging out backstage on their world tour. By all accounts, there are plenty of smiles, and any fighting appears to be of the playful kind. Band member Melanie Chisholm, 34, is seen boxing with a tattooed roadie in her beige rhinestone studded Roberto Cavalli costume before their gig at the O2 Arena in London. And fitness mad Geri, 35, is seen warming up in a thigh-baring costume with a few sit-ups pre-performance. Posh, 33, and Geri are seen wearing silk boxer-style robes with their names emblazoned on the backs. But again no sign of a fight, just a girly chat before their show begins. And in another show of affection, Posh clings lovingly to footballer husband David Beckham for a smooch as the girls wait to go on stage. The Zen atmosphere backstage was helped by a noticeboard which carried motivational messages to inspire the girls such as 'visualize it', 'you can do it', 'thank you' and 'Love'. Mel C has dismissed the reports that the tour was hampered by band rows. Even though the group cut their comeback tour short amid rumours of a rift in the band. Mel told Rolling Stone magazine: "All of us have really enjoyed getting closer again. The atmosphere was fun and there hasn't been time for bickering or the fighting that's always reported about the Spice Girls. It's just like a big family. There's been more laughing than anything else. We've been through something so unique together that even if we don't see each other for a few months, we get together and it's been like no time has passed."

Yeah, yeah ... we get it ... there was no drama between any of them. Whatevs. I wish these photos had come out while the ladies were still on tour ... they paint a very nice picture of what goes on behind the scenes and there have to be more of these pics out there. So now that the World Tour is over and dunzo, things can move to the next stage of financiary capitalization -- I'm sure a DVD of the Spice Girls Reunion Tour (perhaps with an "On the Road" documentary sold separately) will be announced very soon ... maybe with a hardcover coffee table book of photos taken on the tour. I imagine that there is still much money to be made off of this huge venture. [Source, Source]