Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Lil' Sis In Crisis

Jamie-Lynn Spears was spotted hitting up the Crisis Pregnancy Center in McComb, MS this weekend with a friend of hers who came along for moral support. It's not entirely clear what the reason for this trip was but JL doesn't look all that concerned as she made her way out of the clinic afterwards:

Thus far, we've yet to get a clear look at whatever state her baby bump is in these days and this puffy jacket is no help. As much as I'm not at all that thrilled that JL is a knocked up 16-year old, I hope that all is well with her health and the health of her unborn baby. [Source]

Incidentally, Hollywood.tv shot video of our dear Britney Spears making her way into a medical facility of some sort with her father and conservator Papa Jamie Spears yesterday afternoon ... but to much more fanfare, natch:

There have been rumors going around that Brit Brit is pregs with photog Adnan Ghalib's lovechild but I don't necessarily believe it ... er, well, maybe I don't want to believe it. The last thing that Britters needs is another baby that could possibly be taken away from her :(