Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jared Leto Is Talkin' Crazy

Jared Leto brought his foppy new haircut to the Angelika Theater in NYC, NY earlier this week for one of two screening events for his new movie Chapter 27 (which opened in limited release on March 21) where he participated in a Q&A with theater attendees (which was transcribed, at least in portion, on the official Angelika Theater blog) ... here are a couple pics of Jared at this week's event:

Photo credit: Splash News

Here are a couple questions and answers from Jared's movie discussion:

Q: You obviously put on a lot of weight for your role as Mark David Chapman. Was that a difficult decision to make? Why did you choose not to just wear a "fatsuit"?

A: It wasn't a difficult decision at all. I would say the difficulty came after the decision was made. It was important to take on the physical challenges of this transformational experience as well as the psychological/emotional. The weight helped indicate many things about the character for me. Although it was a very important and obvious part of the process it was still just one part of the overall journey. And one that I am definitely very happy to be finished with.

Q: Why do you think CHAPTER 27 documented only the weekend before John Lennon’s murder as opposed to delving further into MDC's life or psyche?

A: Probably best to ask director Jarrett Schaefer about this but he had a very specific vision for the film which I thought was incredibly interesting and non-traditional.

Click HERE to read the rest of the questions that were posted on the Angelika Theater blog. From what I've seen of this film (and Jared's performance) thus far, I really like what I see. While Jared Leto's musical talents are ... questionable (tho, personally, I think they're adequate) ... I have always been impressed with Jared's acting abilities. His performance in Requiem for a Dream is stunning. He even did a great job with his small role in Fight Club. Hell, he even rocked balls as Jordan Catalano in My So-Called Life. I'm convinced that Jared Leto will win critical acclaim for this role ... despite the fact that he stars opposite Lindsay Lohan. I can't wait to see it for myself. [Source]