Friday, April 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynne Spears turns 17 years old today so first and foremost, I have to send out lots of Birthday Lurve to her today:

I was really wanting to get a very nice gift for JL today but what does one get for the girl that has it all ... a loving family, a famous sister, a bun in the oven ... really, the girl must really want for nothing.

In fact, her babydaddy/fiancée Casey Aldridge even dug himself out of the hole he's been hiding in to come out and help JL celebrate her birthday in fine style ... here are pics of the happy couple making their way into a JC Penny department store last night ... something tells me that JL was allowed to get anything in the store that she wanted!!

Yee haw! It sounds like JL is gonna have a real bitchin' birthday today. And the gifts keep on rollin' in ... big sis Britney Spears did a bit of shopping at Ed Hardy here in LA yesterday to pick up a few things for herself from Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier himself ... oh and a thing or two for Jamie Lynn. Here are pics of Britney at Ed Hardy yesterday:

Actually, I understand that Brit Brit, with mama Lynne Spears in tow, met up with Christian to discuss the possibility that she might be designing a line of clothing with his company. She left with a bunch of swag including a few bathing suits that she thought were "gorgeous". There may have been a thing or two in her swag bag for Jamie Lynn but I don't believe that Ed Hardy does maternity wear ... yet. In any regard, it's a big day for Jamie Lynn today ... she is now one year older which makes that whole unwed teenage pregnancy thing just a wee bit more respectable. Happy Birthday, JL!! [Source]