Friday, April 04, 2008

The Last Laugh

Two new photos of the late Heath Ledger (who would've turned 29 years old today) in the role of The Joker from the upcoming summer blockbuster movie Batman: The Dark Knight have emerged today ... check 'em out:

I dunno, I think it's still a bit creepy seeing pics of Heath dressed up as The Joker. By all accounts, Heath did a stunning job in the role of the supervillain but I know it'll be strange seeing him in action in such a high profile role so soon after his death. These pics are a reminder that The Dark Knight is coming at us full force ... once the promo machine for the film gets kicked into high gear we are going to be seeing Heath Ledger everywhere. I still miss him. It's bittersweet that we get to look forward to seeing more Heath despite the fact that he is gone forever. [Source]