Monday, April 28, 2008

A Little Bit Country, A Lotta Bit Rock N' Roll

Country singer Kenny Chesney suffered a painful injury while on stage at a concert in South Carolina this weekend and managed to fight thru the pain so as not to disappoint his assembled audience. It turns out that Kenny had bones in his foot crushed and he *still* managed to put on a concert for his fans ... that's about the most rock and roll thing I think I've ever heard a country performer do. He gets my respect. Pink reader Courtney was in the hiz for Kenny's fateful concert (Pink reader Sydney was there as well) and she sends in her photos from the show of Kenny fighting thru the pain on stage:

Country crooner Kenny Chesney sustained an injury at a Columbia, South Carolina concert Saturday night – but the show went on despite his pain. Bones in the 40-year-old's foot were crushed due to an equipment malfunction as his performance began, CMT reported. Chesney's foot was stuck for about 30 seconds between the stage and a lift that elevated him to the stage at Williams-Brice Stadium, according to CMT. The singer was limping and holding his knee, CMT reported. After the show, doctors from the University of South Carolina cut off Chesney's boot to minimize damage. "I took one look at those fans, and there was no way I wasn't going on," Chesney said in a statement. "Sometimes the energy and the adrenalin pull you through." He added, "They had come to rock, and there was no way I was sending them home with anything less than the best of what me and my guys came to do – put it all out there and give them back at least as good as they gave us."

Props to Kenny for being such a rockstar. If my foot got crushed on stage I don't know that I'd want to perform on stage but he had no problem coming thru for his fans. I may not be a fan of his particular type of music but I say again, he's got my respect as a performer, 100%. Rock on Kenny, you rule!! [Source, thanks Courtney]