Saturday, April 26, 2008

Look Out, London ... Amy's On The Loose

Amy Winehouse, who was arrested yesterday for simple assault for allegedly head-butting a pub patron earlier in the week, was released from police custody early this morning in London. It turns out that Amy might've been released earlier if she had been in a "fit state" for questioning when she surrendered herself to police on Friday and hadn't needed to spend the night in jail so that she could sober up enough to be questioned:

Amy Winehouse was released from police custody in London Saturday morning, after being cautioned for "common assault," a police source confirmed to PEOPLE. The soul diva, 24, spent the night in the city's Holborn police station after voluntarily arriving for questioning at around 5 p.m. Friday. When she arrived, a police spokesman told PEOPLE, a doctor determined she was "in no fit state" to be interviewed, so she was kept in a cell overnight. Once a doctor gave the go-ahead, she was questioned Saturday morning about a street brawl in which she allegedly attacked a man in the early hours of Wednesday. "A 24-year-old woman today received a caution for common assault and has been released from custody," a police spokesman said. As is the custom, British police do not name suspects unless they are charged. It was an active 48 hours for Winehouse, who met with her lawyers Thursday evening to talk about the alleged assault. She then hit the Good Mixer pub and the Made in Brasil bar, where she was kicked out at about 12:30 a.m.

LOL. So lemme get this straight ... Amy allegedly assaults a person by bashing them with her head one night and then meets with her lawyers the next day to discuss the ramifications of her actions. After she meets with her lawyers on Thursday, she goes out to another pub and parties so hard that she had to be ejected from the establishment. The next day she skips out on attending a hearing for her incarcerated husband (who is currently cooling his heels in jail on the charge of attempting to pervert justice) because she knows that the cops would arrest her right on the spot ... only to finally decided to show up at the courthouse to be questioned (after she picked up her goddaughter from school [why in hell anyone would let Amy Winehouse go near their children is beyond me] and then visited a tanning salon) late Friday afternoon. AND THEN it was determined that she was too wasted to even answer questions so she had to spend the night in jail, only to be released early this morning. I'm amazed the woman is still able to function in a reasonable manner (tho, I suppose that fact is up for debate). I'm even more amazed that she manages to convince the police that she isn't a threat time and time again and is allowed to walk free. I just really fear that Amy Winehouse is going to meet a sad end someday ... whether it be with financial ruin, physical injury or worse. I absolutely contend that if the people closest in her life really cared about her they wouldn't let her get away with this dangerous bullshizz anymore ... she's a mess, she needs help and she ain't gonna get it on her own. Can no one save Amy Winehouse from herself? [Source]