Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Madonna Covers Another Elle Magazine

Yesterday we got to see Madonna's coverphoto for the new issue of Elle UK magazine ... and today we get to see her on the cover of the US version of Elle which comes with more photos, a different interview and a short behind the scenes video of her covershoot for the magazine:

The portion of the interview posted on doesn't really give much away ... the first 2 pages of the online excerpt is a rambling exposition on the Elle interviewer's trek to LA to interview Madonna in her Hollywood Hills mansion with a short Q&A where she reveals who the disciplinarian in the family is ("Oh, definitely me. Guy's a softie when it comes to our kids."), discusses how shopping incognito never works for her ("Lola likes us to do that. The incognito never really lasts very long, because everyone knows I wear baseball caps. So I guess I don't really have an incognito."), confesses what her favorite hobby is ("Jujitsu. I don't get it—grown men throwing each other around. But he loves it.") and remains mum on what she and hubby Guy Ritchie talk about in bed ("None of your business!").

But her interview in the UK version of Elle gives a bit more insight as to what Maddy and Guy might talk about in bed ... in fact, in her interview with the mag, Madonna reveals much about her bedtime activities with her husband:

She may be almost 50, but Madonna has no problem bearing all – when it comes to interviews, at least. For May's U.K. issue of Elle, the still-sexy singer ... chats candidly about her kids, her sex life and her tempestuous marriage to Guy Ritchie. Madonna and the 39-year-old filmmaker have been dogged by rumors of marital strife, culminating last month, when the singer's rep was forced to release a statement saying, "Mr. and Mrs. Guy Ritchie remain happily married." In the interview, she talks frankly about the struggles they face as two strong-willed halves of a Hollywood power couple. "I had to marry a challenge because otherwise I would just get bored," she says. "Whatever else Guy is, he's never boring ... We're both there to help each other and challenge each other." In fact, Madonna tells Elle, Ritchie inspired her new song "Miles Away," in which she laments being forced to spend so much time apart. "So many people have to deal with long-distance relationships," she says. "It's not easy. You have to work hard to make it work." And in the bittersweet love song, "Incredible," the 49-year-old croons, "sex with you is incredible." Is that also a tribute to her husband-of-seven-years? "Absolutely," she tells the magazine. "Sex with Guy is incredible ... And surprise, surprise, it's his favorite song on the album. Actually, maybe it's not his favorite song, but it's definitely his favorite line." Still, she seems bemused by all the media speculation surrounding the state of her union. "I'm sure people aren't that interested in my marriage," she insists. "Posh and Becks are much more interesting."

Oh, that Madonna ... always trying to shock us by revealing too much personal information. But this time, she does sound softer ... talking about happy sex with her husband isn't shocking or risqué, it's actually very nice. And despite what she may think, people are insanely interested in every portion of her life ... I would argue even more so than Posh and Becks. [Source, Source]

Additionally, has posted a short video from Madonna's covershoot for the magazine:

One last bit of newish Madonna info ... here are a few more screencaps from her music video 4 Minutes which features Justin Timberlake:

Directors Jonas and Francois have confirmed on their official My Space profile that this video WILL DEBUT ONLINE on 04.04 at precisely 4:44pm local time at

And the Madonna promo train continues to roll on ...